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Activity and dormancy in relation to body water and cold tolerance in a winter-active springtail (Collembola)

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first_imgCeratophysella sigillata (Collembola, Hypogastruridae) has a life cycle which may extend for >2 years in a temperate climate. It exists in two main morphs, a winter-active morph and a summer-dormant morph in central European forests. The winter-active morph often occurs in large aggregations, wandering on leaf litter and snow surfaces and climbing on tree trunks. The summer-dormant morph is found in the upper soil layers of the forest floor. The cryobiology of the two morphs, sampled from a population near Bern in Switzerland, was examined using Differential Scanning Calorimetry to elucidate the roles of body water and the cold tolerance of individual springtails. Mean (SD) live weights were 62 +/- 16 and 17 +/- 6 mug for winter and summer individuals, respectively. Winter-active springtails, which were two feeding instars older than summer-dormant individuals, were significantly heavier (by up to 4 times), but contained less water (48% of fresh weight [or 0.9 g g(-1) dry weight]) compared with summer-dormant animals (70% of fresh weight [or 2.5 g g(-1) dry weight]). Summer-dormant animals had a slightly greater supercooling capacity (mean (SD) -16 +/- 6degreesC) compared with winter-active individuals (-12 +/- 3degreesC), and they also contained significantly larger amounts of both total body water and osmotically inactive (unfrozen) water. In the summer morph, the unfrozen fraction was 26%, compared to 11% in the winter morph. The ratio of osmotically inactive to osmotically active (freezable) water was 1 : 1.7 (summer) and 1 : 3.3 (winter); thus unfrozen water constituted 59% of the total body water during summer compared with only 30% in winter. Small, but significant, levels of thermal hysteresis were detected in the winter-active morph (0.15degreesC) and in summer-dormant forms (0.05degreesC), which would not confer protection from freezing. However, the presence of antifreeze proteins may prevent ice crystal growth when feeding on algae with associated ice crystals during winter. It is hypothesised that in summer animals a small decrease in freezable water results in a large increase in haemolymph osmolality, thereby reducing the vapour pressure gradient between the springtail and the surrounding air. A similar decrease in freezable water in winter animals will not have such a large effect. The transfer of free water into the osmotically inactive state is a possible mechanism for increasing drought survival in the summer-dormant morph. The ecophysiological differences between the summer and winter forms of C. sigillata are discussed in relation to its population ecology and survival.last_img read more

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The Experts in Property

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first_imgHome » News » Agencies & People » The Experts in Property previous nextAgencies & PeopleThe Experts in PropertyThe Negotiator9th March 20170791 Views The Experts in Property network of independent estate agencies across the South West has strengthened its presence in London with Hammersmith and Fulham’s leading independent estate agency, Lawsons & Daughters joining the group as an affiliate member.As part of the new partnership, property for sale with all 80 Westcountry offices in the network will be promoted to potential buyers in the prestigious high street offices of Lawsons & Daughters, ideally positioned, close to Sloane Square, Knightsbridge and Chelsea.Like all members of the Experts in Property, Lawsons & Daughters is an independent estate agency, established for 30 years.Gary Newman, with 25 years in the property industry, including running his own successful estate agency in Cornwall before returning to work in London, has recently been appointed Sales Manager at Lawsons & Daughters.Brian Corson, Director, said, “There is a steady flow of people relocating from London to the South West, families and retirees, as well as entrepreneurs and creatives, who seek the opportunity to combine their home and their income. We are delighted to become one of only a handful of South West specialists in the South East and to have the opportunity to fulfil these dreams for our local buyers.”Steve Moir, Chairman of the Experts in Property, said, “Lawsons & Daughters is a very professional and efficient agency in a fantastic location. Our exhibitions there have been highly successful, attracting visitors looking for a diverse mix of property, from small boltholes to country estates. I speak for all 80 offices in officially welcoming Lawsons & Daughters to the network.”Lawsons & Daughters affiliate member The Experts in Property March 9, 2017The NegotiatorWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021last_img read more

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“Too many homosexuals in Parliament” – Oxford MEP candidate

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first_imgJesus College Equal Opportunities rep Douglas Cameron-Hobbs, however, remained cautious about giving Gasper’s comments publicity. He said, “A balance needs to be struck; whilst we need to expose such abhorrent bigotry for what it is, we must also be careful to prevent people like Dr Gasper from using the media as a forum to air their despicable views.”Meanwhile, seperate comments made on Dr Gasper’s blog with regards to Amnesty International have attracted criticism from their supporters within the University. Last month, she accused the charity of having been “hijacked […] by dubious people with a range of increasingly dubious agendas”.She launched an impassioned attack on the charity’s support of reproductive rights (including abortion), and their decision to oppose the criminalization of sex work. She stated online that, “Instead of campaigning for victims of political tyranny, it started to follow trendier causes of the permissive era”.Addressing the charity’s stance on prostitution, she claimed, “Amnesty has now gone so far downhill it is hardly recognizable. It has published a new policy document calling for the legalization of prostitution world-wide. It is calling prostitution ‘Human Rights’. In this document, we find a gruesome hotch-potch of left-wing euphemism and ethical deformity”.She also alleged, “Equal right of access to prostitution is now proclaimed to be a Human Right! Yes the old, the ugly, the poor and the disabled must according to the new Amnesty, get their rightful entitlement to some ‘sex services’ from ‘sex workers’ to enhance their ‘quality of life.’ The grossness of this is beyond belief”.A spokesperson for Oxford Univresity Amnesty International told Cherwell, “We fully support Amnesty International’s protection of reproductive rights and the rights of sex workers.“Amnesty is primarily focused on the protection of human rights, of which both reproductive rights and the rights of sex workers are key. This is relevant to the decriminalisation of prostitution as this helps to reduce the persecution of and violence towards sex workers themselves”.Gasper, declaring that she “didn’t want anything to do with the Cherwell newspaper”, refused to comment on her various claims. Former Oxonian and Oxford MEP candidate Julia Gasper has infuriated members of the University with her comments that there are “far too many homosexuals in Parliament”.Gasper, who is an MEP candidate for South East England, also stated that networking application Grindr should be banned, having previously called the gay rights movement a “lunatic’s charter”.Dr Gasper, who studied for a D.Phil in English Literature at Somerville College, had previously been a UKIP chair in Oxford, and stood down in January 2013.The comments, which appeared on her blog ‘Newsflash from UK’ in April, were made in reference to allegations that Grindr was used during the 2011 Tory Party Conference to advertise a sex party. She also claimed that, “There are far too many homosexuals in Parliament. Even the Speaker of the House of Commons, Nigel Evans is under investigation for sexually harassing other men.“They are only 1.5% of the population, a proportion that justifies about ten MPs in total, yet there seem to be hundreds of them, all in important positions and giving each other favours. That is a violation of democracy”. She continued, “I call for the banning of Grindr and similar networks that damage public health.”OUSU’s LGBTQ rep Dan Templeton voiced the disappointment of University members, stating that it is “unfortunate that candidates such as Julia Gasper feel as though homophobic comments will help their election campaigns, especially in the light of previous comments made by political figures in Oxfordshire.“Incidents such as this remind us that though we can celebrate the advances of the LGBTQ community, there are still those that hold alarming prejudices and wish to actively discriminate against LGBTQ people.”As well as describing her statistics on the percentage of gay people as “absurd”, Templeton responded to her previous comments that LGBT History Month organisers exaggerated the level of persecution of gay people in the Holocaust, and that gay people need to “stop complaining about persecution” and start expressing “gratitude to straight people, on whom they are reliant to be born”. He told Cherwell, “Perhaps she should instead focus her efforts on helping a demographic that were murdered during the Holocaust, and which continues to face prejudice in the modern day, and also on improving the representation of all sections of society in Parliament”.last_img read more

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West New York to crack down on drunk driving through January

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first_img× WEST NEW YORK — The town of West New York will be ramping up enforcement against drunk driving, as part of the statewide, year-end “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign.From Dec. 8 through Jan 1, the WNY Police Department will work with state law enforcement in conducting saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints, to find potentially intoxicated motorists.“During the last five years New Jersey has experienced nearly 40,000 alcohol-involved crashes resulting in more than 750 fatalities,” said West New York Mayor Felix Roque, in a press release. “This is a critical law enforcement program that can save lives during a time of the year when impaired driving traditionally increases by nearly 10 percent.”If you plan to drink, WNY Police advise you to have a designated driver, use mass transit, take a taxi, ask a sober friend to take you home, or spend the night at the house the activity is happening at.If someone you know is drinking, do not allow them behind the wheel under any circumstances.last_img read more

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Members of the Tri-Military Reserve Officer Training Corps honored at annual ceremony

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first_imgThis Wednesday evening, members of the Tri-Military Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) assembled in Stepan Center for the annual Pass in Review, a ceremony honoring ROTC students’ work and excellence over the past year. While the ceremony is a tradition among all branches of the military, Lt. Col. Christopher Pratt said it is relatively rare among ROTC programs.“It’s an opportunity for the commander, and in this case the president of the university, to view his cadets and midshipmen,” Pratt said. “We’re probably one of a select few that do it, mainly because we have a [tri-military] here, which means you have a lot larger corps of cadets.This is something you would see at Texas A&M, at [Virginia Military Institute], at the Citadel, at the Academies, but not so much at a typical university.”The Pass in Review has been a Notre Dame tradition since the 1950s when thousands of students marched in dress uniform before University President Emeritus Fr. Theodore Hesburgh on South Quad. This year, the students presented themselves to University President Fr. John Jenkins and Capt. Mark A. Prokopius, this year’s Tri-Military Commanding Officer. The ceremony honors all ROTC members and presents awards to seniors who have gone above the high expectations set for them.“Each award has a history with it, has a story behind it,” Pratt said. “This is mainly recognizing those seniors who have had significant and lasting contributions with the program.”In an interview before the ceremony, Pratt expressed great pride in this year’s class of Army ROTC seniors. Nine of the 15 were named Distinguished Military Graduates, placing them among the top 20 percent of all ROTC students in the nation. The best part of the ceremony, Pratt said, is watching students he had built relationships with over the past three years receive the honor and respect they deserve.“That’s not afforded to just anybody and any student, so for them to have that public recognition from Fr. Jenkins, that’s a really big deal and it’s very important to the students and that’s really the best part of it for me, seeing that interaction between the university president and his cadets and midshipmen here,” Pratt said.Following the playing of the National Anthem, Fr. Peter Rocca, rector of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, delivered an invocation, expressing love, gratitude and pride for Notre Dame’s students who will go on to serve as officers in the United States military, as well as their commanders and professors.Jenkins and Prokopius honored 18 cadets and midshipmen from all three ROTC units who have demonstrated excellence in areas of leadership, character, academics, compassion, service and many others. Students were presented with military sabres, plaques and other awards, many of which were created in the name of Notre Dame alumni who also served in the armed forces.Following the awards, Jenkins delivered a speech expressing his pride in and hope for the ROTC members and called on them to carry with them the spirit of integrity and service instilled during their time at Notre Dame. Jenkins emphasized the importance of the engraved statement over the eastern door of the Basilica: God, Country, Notre Dame.“It’s almost become a motto here at this institution,” Jenkins said. “What it says is that our lives should be more than about ourselves. It should be about service to God, to country, to our University. In a way that’s the very heart of leadership: not the mere exercise of authority, but in serving. Serving a mission that’s bigger than yourself.”Jenkins lauded the students’ leadership in all aspects of their lives on campus and called on them to continue their tradition of excellence and embody the virtues they have learned in their years at Notre Dame.“As you go forth into this service and beyond, I ask you always to remember the values you learned here and represent those values well to all you meet,” Jenkins said. “You’ve contemplated the morality of warfare, and embraced the virtues of peace. Highest among those virtues are courage, justice, faith, hope and love.”Jenkins concluded by thanking the ROTC units for their service and dedication, and assured them that they will remain in the minds and hearts of the Notre Dame community forever.“May God bless and keep each one of you and wherever your service to this great nation may take you in whatever circumstance, know that at Notre Dame, you will be in our prayers. Wherever you go, you will make us proud,” Jenkins said.Finally, the President’s Cup was presented to the winner of the annual tri-military competition, comprised of a football tournament in the fall, basketball in the winter and soccer in the spring. The Army ROTC won the cup for the second year in a row with an undefeated record.Rocca gave a final benediction, in which he expressed the hope he saw in the members of the ROTC students in attendance and prayed for their safety and success. To conclude the ceremony, the band played the official songs of each branch of the military while the units stood at attention.Tags: Air Force ROTC, Army ROTC, navy ROTC, Pass in Review, Pass in Review Ceremonylast_img read more

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Nicholas Christopher to Replace Christopher Jackson in Hamilton

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first_imgNicholas Christopher (Photo: Sam Rudy Media Relations) from $149.00 View Comments Related Showscenter_img Hamilton Before he heads to Miss Saigon, Nicholas Christopher, who covered the role of George Washington this summer, will officially begin performances as the character in the Great White Way’s Hamilton on November 15. He steps in for Tony nominee Christopher Jackson, who is scheduled to play the part “One Last Time” at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on November 13.Christopher’s other New York theater credits include Lazarus, Whorl Inside A Loop , Motown The Musical, Rent and Hurt Village. He is set to remain at Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning tuner through the end of 2016. Further casting will be announced later.The current cast of Hamilton also features Javier Muñoz as Alexander Hamilton (with Michael Luwoye stepping in for select performances), Brandon Victor Dixon as Aaron Burr, Lexi Lawson as Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, Mandy Gonzalez as Angelica Schuyler, Seth Stewart as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, Jasmine Cephas Jones as Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds, and Rory O’Malley as King George.last_img read more

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first_imgCOLCHESTER, VT-August (DAY), 2007 In a world where vegetables are a child’s mortal enemy and junk food calls alluringly from every corner, parents fight a never-ending battle to help their kids eat healthy. Problem is, what’s healthy isn’t always what a kid finds tasty. Enter and Missy Chase Lapine, author of The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals. is the web’s only retail grocery social networking website, devoted entirely to parents of young children. Lapine has become a celebrity chef among concerned parents through her strategies to get kids to eat what’s good for them and love it. Together, Lapine and are using the power of the web to bring the sneaky word to parents across the United has chosen to work exclusively with Lapine as their only chef partner in childrens health area. Lapine will provide parents with helpful recipes, tips, and advice to both help get kids the nutrition so crucial for their growing bodies, and fight the threat of childhood obesity. Through the clever use of purees, Lapine is able to sneak fruits and vegetables into the most unexpected meals. For instance, cauliflower and carrots can be mixed into macaroni and cheese, and the picky eaters are none the wiser. Rebecca Roose Marketing Manager at MyWebLink and Project Manager for, is excited about the new addition, saying, “Missy is a wonderfully inventive, enjoyable person with such a creative mind. We can’t be more excited about introducing her to retail grocery customers. They’re going to be able to converse with her, learn from her, and feed their kids healthier food as a result.”The Sneaky Chef will have its own cubby on the user’s home pages, featuring a weekly tip. Recipes will be featured in a special Sneaky Chef section. Lapine will also have her own members page where users can send her messages and ask for advice on how to please the toughest of critics, namely, their kids.Lapine, in addition to holding workshops and doing personal coaching, is on the Culinary Arts faculty of The New School in New York City. She said of the new partnership with, “I’m passionate about bringing this powerful health and wellness solution to families. Together with, we can really spread the health and get families eating better than ever.” For more information about, please go to is external) . For more information about Missy Chase Lapine, please go to is external) .About The Sneaky Chef: The Sneaky Chef is the brainchild of Missy Chase Lapine, whose New York Times bestseller, The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids Favorite Meals (Running Press, March 2007) inspired a whole new brand in the healthy eating/lifestyles category. Missy is the former publisher of Eating Well magazine and the founder of a natural baby product line Baby Spa®. She is currently on the Culinary Arts faculty of The New School, in New York City, and operates The Sneaky Chef workshops, which is a program of cooking classes and demonstrations that teach families how to eat healthier. She is also a collaborator with The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a partnership between the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, helping schools serve healthier lunches. Her highly-anticipated second book, The Sneaky Chef: How to Cheat on Your Husband in the Kitchen, debuts in 2008.About MyWebGrocer: MyWebGrocer has been helping grocery retailers find profit in the online shopping world since 1999. Based in Colchester, Vermont, MyWebGrocer is the industry leader in providing web services solutions to 80 grocery chains such as Lowes, ShopRite, Brookshire Grocery and King Kullen. “We Make Online Shopping Work” is the companys slogan. Founded by Rich Tarrant, MyWebGrocer institutes e-commerce programs, provides web site design, hosting, creates e-mail campaigns, and furnishes online circulars and recipes for more than 80 leading grocery chains. For more information please visit is external).last_img read more

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2 Men Sold California Marijuana on Long Island, DA Says

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first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Two men have been arrested for allegedly receiving about 80 pounds of potent, high-grade strains of California-grown marijuana deliveries monthly on eastern Long Island, where they resold it, Suffolk County prosecutors said.The alleged ringleader, 27-year-old Brian Poole of Bellport, and a suspect that authorities identified as his chief reseller, 29-year-old Eric Gomez of Calverton, were indicted this week on charges of criminal possession of marijuana, conspiracy and other counts.“[Poole’s] profits averaged from $500 to $800 per pound, depending on the strain of marijuana,” District Attorney Thomas Spota said.Prosecutors said the suspects’ June 10 arrests came after investigators executed search warrants on Bellport and Bay Shore homes Poole allegedly used to prep the marijuana for street sales.During the raids, detectives seized hundreds of pounds of 11 different strains of marijuana with names such as “Girl Scout Cookies,” “Death Star,” “Jack the Ripper” and “Green Crack.” They also seized a stun gun, a defaced, loaded handgun and more than $200,000 in cash, authorities said.Gomez’ BMW was also was found to have vanity license plates that spell out “LIFTD,” slang for getting high, next to the anti-drug message “Keep Kids Drug Free.”Poole was ordered held without bail and Gomez was released without bail.The case is the result of a joint investigation with the Suffolk County police Narcotics Section and the Office of Homeland Security.last_img read more

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Improve decisions through slower thinking

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first_imgThe research and insights of Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist and 2002 Nobel Prize winner in economics, are extremely valuable to leaders as they seek to improve strategic decision-making. Hahnemann’s best-selling book, “Thinking Fast and Slow”, illuminates how the mind works based on his years of research.  His fascinating results can alert leaders about unconscious cognitive processes that are influencing thinking, often causing sub-optimal decision-making.  Sound decisions based on best available data are the hallmark of a leader, but the natural workings of the mind can interfere. Kahneman describes two brain processes. “Fast thinking” is impulsive, automatic, and intuitive. This legacy of human evolution had inherent survival advantages, allowing humans to take rapid action when needed.  “Slow-thinking” is thoughtful, deliberate, and analytical.  It activates when the mind faces a situation it does not automatically comprehend.  Slow-thinking involves conscious mental activities such as self-control, choice and focused attention, which are the tools of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and strategic decision-making.  Having awareness of cognitive traps gives you the ammunition you need to avoid them.  You will improve decision-making by moving away from “thinking fast” and the traps described below, whereas “thinking slow” will produce a better outcome.  We have a default tendency to make fast thinking snap judgments that oversimplify analyses of complex situations.  Shortcuts or “heuristics” allow for quick decisions, but we tend to overuse them.  With the substitution heuristic, we substitute an easier question for the one that we actually need to answer.  In hiring, for example, the tough question: “Will this person be successful in the job”, which requires significant study of their background and history of success, is replaced by the easier question: “Does the person interview well”. The availability heuristic overestimates the importance or probability of something that is most personally relevant, recently heard, or vividly remembered.  Managers working from memory in conducting performance appraisals will weigh more heavily employee behaviors that are most easily recalled, which are usually dramatic examples, whether good or bad.  Furthermore, more recent memories are automatically weighted more heavily.  There is a natural unconscious tendency to seek out and rely on information that confirms our beliefs. This confirmation bias also downplays or dismisses information that might change our minds.  The result is decision-making informed with only partial information and not all that is required. When preparing your proposals and strategies, actively seek out opposing information and viewpoints, and have your team do the same.  In meetings, you might have the person making a proposal argue against it.  An opponent of the proposal can in turn, in good faith, argue for it.  Another unconscious bias, the endowment effect, means that just owning something makes it more valuable to that person.  Along with the related loss aversion effect, people would rather leave things as they are than risk a loss. Most strategists are good at identifying the risks of new businesses, but it is much more difficult to see the risk of failing to change. Analyzing existing businesses, products and operations with the same scrutiny as a new investment will help avoid this trap.Avoidable statistical mistakes are made regularly.  As with confirmation bias, the resulting decision-making utilizes only part of the needed information.  There are numerous types of probability-related errors. Let’s examine just one.  Base rate neglect occurs when we ignore general information about a population and focus on specific information that applies only in a certain case.  Almost half of Harvard medical students made the following base rate error in an exam: A serious, but rare, the disease affects 1 in 1000 people. How worried should you be in receiving a positive determination using a test with 95% accuracy? Most people would worry that they had a 95% chance of having the disease.  Half the Harvard students thought that as well. However, because the base rate is very low (1/1000), the actual likelihood is roughly 2%, and the chance of a false positive is 98%. Traps like these can negatively impact your decisions.  Avoiding them will give your decisions more power.Would these illustrative statistics ever come to mind? People fear death from sharks, but in America cows or horses are 40 times more likely to kill (mostly kicks), and deer are 130 times more (auto-accidents). 65SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Stuart R. Levine Founded in 1996, Stuart Levine & Associates LLC is an international strategic planning and leadership development company with focus on adding member value by strengthening corporate culture.SL&A … Web: Detailslast_img read more

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Engaging ‘mobile-only’ members

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first_imgSAFE Credit Union is connecting with its “mobile-only members” to remind them to optimize their cash-back rewards, to offer prizes at ballgames and to issue other alerts and offers on the device that comes with them everywhere they go.Mobile access is popular among SAFE CU’s 235,000 members, says Danielle Juarez, AVP/digital banking strategy and innovation for the $2.8 billion Folsom, California, credit union. Of the 150,000 members who are digital-only, about 70% engage primarily through their mobile devices, and 50% rely on mobile exclusively.So it stands to reason that communicating with members via their favorite channel will enhance results. When SAFE CU sent a reminder through its mobile app for members to select their quarterly bonus category to earn 5% cash back on credit card purchases, the response increased 30% over the previous quarter, Juarez notes.Another mobile promotion connects with baseball fans who attend Sacramento River Cats games. As members arrive at the Class AAA team’s Raley Field, they receive a notification that every purchase they make at the ballpark with their SAFE CU debit or credit cards will enter them in a drawing for prizes like River Cats or San Francisco Giants tickets, autographed baseballs and on-field batting practice. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

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