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The latest on the COVID-19 vaccination effort in Indiana

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first_img (Photo supplied/Berrien County Health Department) Indiana is expanding coronavirus vaccinations for the second time in as many days.After dropping the eligibility age to 55 on Tuesday, the state health department has lowered it again to anyone 50 and up. Anyone over 50 can now sign up for vaccination through the state portal.And teachers of any age are eligible for a separate federal program by signing up through Kroger, Meijer or Wal-Mart.State health department chief medical officer Lindsay Weaver says the approval of the new Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and the arrival of more than 50-thousand doses in Indiana, made the rapid expansion possible. The department plans to administer 12-thousand of those doses in a three-day mass vaccination effort at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway starting Friday morning.Among those getting vaccinated Friday at the Speedway is Governor Eric Holcomb. At age 52, the latest expansion makes him eligible. He’ll be joined by Senate President Pro Tem Rod Bray (R-Martinsville) and Minority Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis); Indiana Black Legislative Caucus Chair Robin Shackleford (D-Indianapolis); and the father of Congressman Andre Carson (D).The lineup highlights the department’s efforts to overcome vaccine skepticism, especially among African-Americans. Health commissioner Kris Box says the department is watching vaccination data and reaching out to community leaders where they see gaps. Gary Health Department director Roland Walker says the infamous Tuskegee experiment, in which researchers allowed Black patients with syphilis to go untreated without telling them, still contributes to hesitancy in the African-American community. But Walker says he’s gotten his shot, and says he’s urging Gary’s heavily minority population to not only get vaccinated, but do it quickly to stay ahead of the virus’s mutations.The city and state are finalizing plans for a mass vaccination event at Calumet High School March 20 and 21. Vaccination drives are already scheduled for the weekend of March 12 at the Ivy Tech campus in Sellersburg, and at Notre Dame the weekend of March 26.The Johnson and Johnson vaccine requires only one dose instead of two, which Walker says will make it easier to vaccinate the homeless and others without ready access to health care. But Box says the federal government has advised not to expect additional doses the next couple of weeks, though shipments of the two-dose Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will continue. She says she hopes to be able to lower the minimum age for vaccination to 40 by the end of the month.Patients with a handful of underlying health conditions are already eligible regardless of age, and Weaver says the department is assessing whether to add others. But she says lowering the age to 40 will take in nine out of 10 people with the conditions the Centers for Disease Control lists as risk factors for COVID-19. Weaver says people in their 40s are three times as likely as younger patients to be hospitalized if they catch the virus, and 10 times as likely to die of it.Box says the next group will be people 40 and up. She hopes that’ll happen this month, but after a first shipment of the new Johnson and Johnson vaccine this week, she says the state’s been told not to expect more of that vaccine the next couple of weeks.State health commissioner Kris Box says she hopes to reach people in their 40s by the end of the month. And a separate federal program will allow teachers of any age to get shots at Kroger, Meijer or Wal-Mart. Google+ By Jon Zimney – March 5, 2021 0 214 Facebook WhatsApp Twitter The latest on the COVID-19 vaccination effort in Indiana Pinterest Pinterest CoronavirusIndianaLocalNews Google+ Twitter Previous articleCollege Goal Sunday is set for Sunday afternoonNext articleMadness of college basketball watch party at Four Winds Field on March 19 Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney. WhatsApp Facebooklast_img read more

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BIG Something & The Fritz Team Up For A Jam Throwdown [Gallery]

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first_imgBIG Something and The Fritz convened last weekend, treating fans at the Charleston Pour House in Charleston, SC to an explosive display of jam rock music. The evening started with a set from The Fritz, the funky crew based out of Asheville, who even included a start/stop jam session where they would freeze in the style of the mannequin challenge! The night continued with BIG Something, another quickly-rising jam group out of NC. They worked covers of “Burning Down The House” and “Sympathy For The Devil” into their setlist. Woo woo! They also were joined by Fritz’s Jamar Woods on a rendition of “My Volcano,” bringing the house down with the great collaboration.Check out a full gallery from this exciting night of music, courtesy of Ellison White Photography, and the BIG Something setlist below.Setlist: BIG Something | Charleston Pour House | Charleston, SC | 11/26/16Burning Down The House (Talking Heads), Blue Dream, Megalodon, My Volcano* w/ Jamar Woods, Passenger, Tumbleweed, Song for Us, Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones), UFOs are Real, Bbm Funk (B flat minor), Love Generator, Julia BrownE: Give It to Me Baby (Rick James), Pinky’s RideNotes: Entire show with Todd Pettit on percussion Load remaining imageslast_img read more

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Lecturer promotes revised campus dating culture

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first_imgFor the second installment of the Theology on Tap series, Bree Haler, assistant director of evangelization for the Office of Campus Ministry, talked about the “lost art of dating” at Legends on Wednesday night.Although she said she has only worked at Notre Dame for a semester, that time has allowed her to make some observations on the way people romantically relate to one another on campus. She said dating, or a lack thereof, tends to hold three separate forms: pseudo-marriage, hooking up and opting out.The pseudo-married couples are the people who always seem to be together, she said. Their relationship seems to exist in a vacuum, or they lack meaningful relationships outside of the emotional intimacy they share together.The hook-up culture, on the contrary, lacks any emotional intimacy, Haler said.“It involves physical intimacy where emotional intimacy does not exist, and I think it’s a purposefully vague word,” she said.Haler said some people “opt out” of dating by staying busy, pursuing academics, working and volunteering.“Hooking up doesn’t really speak to our nature, for what we’re created for, for what our hearts really desire,” she said. “Pseudo-marriage in a vacuum is kind of just as isolating as hooking up and opting out. Opting out kind of just forfeits both kinds of intimacy and says, ‘I’m not really going to try because I don’t believe what I want and desire exist.’”The reality is that we are created for more than these extreme styles of relationships, Haler said.“Many people are just really confused about the meaning of love and the purpose of sex,” she said. “I think many of us are searching for the meaning of life and love, but we don’t realize that the answer is actually right in front of us.“I think the key to finding that love is really hidden in God’s original design for our bodies and our souls. God is actually hidden in our design as males and females, a key and secret to love. The point in sharing it is that our desire to be in relationship with others is in our nature.”Haler said hook-up culture distorts this and makes people feel bad for wanting more than a meaningless hook up. Today’s society even expects the Church to bend to the moral laxity of secular culture or to soften its moral doctrine, she said.“The Church’s teaching on sexuality is not in place for enforcing rules or control over us, and I don’t think it’s meant to come from this place of rigidity or to keep us unhappy,” Haler said. “I think the Church’s teaching on sexuality is not meant to confine us but to really liberate us to love others and to give us the capacity to give of ourselves freely in the way that we were designed to do.”Haler said utilitarianism is a key issue in society today, and relates to the dating scene as well. She said people pursue comfort, advantage and benefit because they want whatever maximizes pleasure and minimizes pain.“Utilitarianism is so much a part of our modern world that many people today, even good meaning and well-intentioned Christians, may approach relationships in terms of how useful a person is in helping me achieve my goals,” she said.This is neither a way of existing or loving, Haler said. To combat this problem, she proposed dating.“Our hook-up culture makes it seem like it’s impossible to date and expressing interest in somebody and then asking them out is like a marriage proposal,” she said. “We take it so seriously and it’s so ripe with anxiety that we just avoid it.“[But] the more we get to know people we’re interested in, the more we realize the type of person we want to be with in relationship exists. If we date more, the breadth of our experience alone allows us to discover what we’re really looking for and what it is that we need in a companion to be compatible.”Her rule is to ask somebody out and to do it in person, Haler said.“We are a Facebook, Snapchat, text message generation, so most of our communication is not in person,” she said. “But if we cannot risk vulnerability in asking somebody out and putting ourselves out there face to face, then we never lay the foundation for communication in a relationship.”In addition to her rule, Haler recommended three phases to the dating process. She said phase one involves dates one through three, and date one must be a “phase one” date.“No alcohol. You have to be able to speak soberly,” she said. “And no physical interaction. Also, if you ask, you pay. If the girls are asking, the girls are paying. It’s considerate, and it shows that you care to then pay for the date.’Gathering information, revealing interesting traits and showing interest in the other all within the time cap of an hour and a half are incorporated in phase one, Haler said. Phase two involves dates four and onward.“What you’re doing here is really getting to know this person better, revealing things about yourself,” she said. “Phase two dating is exclusive. In phase two dating, everyone is still responsible for their own feelings. No one is bearing the burden of anyone else’s heart yet.”Finally, phase three dating involves the “define the relationship” (DTR) talk, she said, and finally, the relationship.“The more we put ourselves out there, the more we realize that what we want and what we desire in relationship — it exists,” Haler said.Tags: Dating, Theology on Taplast_img read more

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