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Spice rack: Cinnamon

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first_imgCinnamon is the dried bark of an evergreen tree that is grown in Sri Lanka, Southern India and the West Indies. It is available in small sticks or ground into a powder. The sticks are usually used to make an infusion, for example warmed in milk for custard tarts.Generally, when baking, it is best to buy and use ground cinnamon, as the sticks are difficult to grind to a smooth enough powder. It goes very well with many autumn fruits, including apples, pears, plums and damsons. If making crumbles with these fruits, add some cinnamon to both the filling and the topping. Make a plum or rhubarb and pecan streusel cake by putting either plums or rhubarb on top of a cake mixture and covering with a strongly cinnamon-flavoured pecan streusel mixture before baking.Cinnamon also mixes well with other spices such as ginger, nutmeg and cloves and will easily take either a starring or supporting roll in the line-up of spices in a particular product. Another good combination is with chocolate, so try adding a little cinnamon to both chocolate cakes and tarts.Try making chocolate and cinnamon kisses by adding cinnamon to the basic chocolate mixture and sandwiching together with a chocolate and cinnamon butter cream.Fiona Burrell, co-author of Leiths Baking Bible, from the world-famous Leiths School of Food and Winelast_img read more

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This Mind-Bending Audiovisual Dome At Coachella Made Everyone Lose Their Shit [Watch]

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first_imgThis year’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival offered no shortage of entertainment value, including performances by Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead, Lady Gaga, award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer, and many more, along with various art installations and other festival grounds fare. But perhaps the most awe-inspiring sensory display at the popular California desert event was “Chrysalis,” an 8-minute psychedelic experience projected onto a massive geodesic dome. The 360° audiovisual spectacle starts with a “Shamanistic rite-of-passage ceremony,” and embarks from there on a breathtaking cosmic odyssey.Obscura Digital, the firm responsible for the exhibit, is a San Francisco-based creative technology studio that orchestrates entertaining, informative, and educational experiences with interactive installations, large-format architectural projections, and immersive environments that generate a sense of awe and inspiration for live audiences. Thanks to the Obscura, you can watch footage of the entire light show below (though, of course, a conventional video can’t really come close to capturing the full Antarctic Dome experience):You can also watch Obscura Digital’s official recap video from the installation, which gives some added perspective on the awesome scale of the spectacle and the dumbstruck reactions of its thoroughly satisfied patrons:As the project’s Creative Director Joshua Pipic explained to Vice, “The power of it is that it’s not just a VR headset—it giant and powerful and really takes up all the space in front of your eyes. People overuse the word ‘immersive,’ but it’s the most immersive thing I’ve ever worked on.” And when Pipic says this is the most “immersive” project he’s worked on, you can trust it’s coming from a reliable source: Obscure has designed and brought to life innovative audiovisual exhibitions on the facades of such iconic structures Empire State Building, St. Peter’s Basilica, The Sydney Opera House, and more. You can check out more of Obscura’s incredible work on their website.[h/t – Vice][Cover photo via Obscura Digital]last_img read more

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Ahead of the London Games new research says that

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first_imgAhead of the London Games, new research says that 13% of Britons will watch coverage from the Olympic Games live online.The UK public broadcaster the BBC has the TV and online rights and is making a raft of content available live online and for catch-up viewing. However, analysis from sports marketing agency MEC Access suggests a relatively small proportion will watch content online. It found that 11% of respondents to its survey will watch highlights footage online and just 3% will watch clips and video on a cell phone.
The researchers also surveyed viewers in China, which held the last summer Olympics, and the proportion planning to watch online footage was far higher than in the UK. MEC found that 53% of respondents plan to watch coverage live online, 38% plan to watch highlights online and 31% will view clips on a cell phone.last_img read more

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