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Mexico: Casino Royale attack mastermind killed

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first_imgBy Dialogo April 05, 2012 MEXICO CITY — One of the alleged plotters of a deadly Mexican casino attack in which more than 50 people died has been killed in a battle with troops, the defense ministry said. “The Mexican army repelled an attack in which Francisco Medina Mejía, aka El Quemado (The Burned), one of the masterminds of the attack on the Casino Royale, died,” the defense ministry said late April 4. Another three alleged criminals were killed in the gun battle, which took place near the violence-wracked northern border city of Nuevo Laredo. The casino attack in Monterrey last August — in which 52 people burned or suffocated when armed men set the crowded building ablaze — was one of the deadliest attacks yet in a brutal five-year crime wave. Mexican authorities have said five local leaders of the feared Zetas drug cartel, including Medina Mejía, planned the attack. The Zetas are believed to have ordered the attack after the owner refused to pay protection money. In January, authorities, who have offered more than US$1 million in reward money, claimed to have captured three of the five suspects. [AFP, 05/04/2012; (Mexico), 05/04/2012]last_img read more

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The Sea Star Festival generated more than 60 million kuna in tourist spending

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first_imgThe results of the research conducted by the regional research center “TIM” from Novi Sad, confirmed that the premiere edition of the Sea Star Festival in Umag this year has contributed to the Croatian tourism industry more than 60 million kuna.The new festival organized by Exit from the first announcement to the final opening, due to great interest has tripled the initial capacity and doubled the number of festival zones in the Umag resort Stella Maris, while according to official data of the Tourist Board of Umag, all accommodation facilities in the city and surrounding places , were filled. Thus, according to the data of the Umag Tourist Board, in relation to the pre-festival weekend in Umag and its surroundings, the number of visits increased by as much as 220%!The festival was visited by more than 25 fans from 28 to 50.000 May, and as many as 93% of them came from outside Umag, and the host city in hospitality is followed by the Istrian County, which was visited by as many as 85% of guests from abroad! The survey also found that each of these visitors spent an average of 292 euros during the festival, according to organizers, which was conducted on a representative sample of visitors with purchased tickets.The research of visitors also shows that they stayed in Umag for an average of three days, and the list of about 40 countries from which guests came to the festival includes Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and most countries on the European continent. from nearby Slovenia and Italy. Visitors from Western Europe spent a bit more, with 310 euros in the end, or 103 euros per day, and it is interesting that visitors from the countries of the region with an average of 305 euros, or slightly more than 100 euros, did not lag behind. Daily.”After the exceptional start of the Sea Star Festival, which exceeded all expectations, a historic chance was created for Sea Star to grow into one of the most important music festivals in the Mediterranean and one of the most important brands in Umag, Istria and the entire region. According to the experience from Exit, with this initial energy, Sea Star will shine on the European map of the festival for a long time”, Said the director and founder of EXIT festival Dusan Kovacevic and adds that visitors, numerous performers, both international and regional who traveled by road in Istria, and more than 300 journalists from around the world in the superlatives themselves spoke about the beauties, gastronomic offer and acceptance by the host.Also, the whole story needs to include the media value and coverage of the festival, which is certainly not negligible when we talk about branding and promotion of a tourist destination. As Kovačić points out, this year the festival received numerous awards from the world media, so some of the most influential British media aimed at the younger population, such as DJ Mag, Billboard, IQ, Mixmag, gave their recommendations for Sea Star as well as for a holiday in Umag. , Pulse Radio, Festpop and many others. Unfortunately, the real media value, ie the reach of the Sea Satar Festival, has not been done, but certainly this information, which is extremely important, should be added to the total tourist consumption.Research also shows that the highly educated make up as much as two thirds, and the average age of the Sea Star festival audience is 26,2 years, which puts them in a higher pay group. Visitors were mostly accommodated in apartments, private accommodation and hotels. The research also showed that the vast majority, over 80%, visited Umag exclusively because of the Sea Star festival, while over 95% of respondents said that their opinion of Umag improved or remained equally positive after the festival! Also, as many as 95.3% of respondents estimated that the Stella Maris complex is an excellent or good location for holding festivals.Investing in events is not a cost, but an investment If we want to have a good attendance and a good story, we must invest, ie invest money in quality content. Without content there is no story, no visitors and ultimately no interest. The goal is to offer quality products and services that visitors are willing to pay and consume, and of course the story of the event as the main motive for coming. The most important thing is to complete the whole story, both to the visitors and to the partners who are inside the festival through catering and other facilities. The event must be a win-win-win for everyone, because if only one element is missing, everything falls into the water.But the most important message is that investing in events is not a cost, but an investment, of course if we look at the long term and work on developing a large event that becomes a motive for coming. With the arrival of as many visitors as possible, such as the good example of the Sea Star Festival, a tourist overnight stay is generated as well as the most important tourist spending. If there is no spending, there is no interest, and interest is the earnings of all partners. Everything pulls one after another, so the organization of events is a serious job that consists of a lot of elements that complement each other.If you want to develop events, then you have to invest money, because one does not go without the other. Without investing in production, the whole experience and quality development, the money invested is a cost and thrown to the wind because we did not complete the whole story, ie get a sufficient number of visitors and, accordingly, not tourist spending. An excellent example is Advent in Zagreb, which achieved 120.000 arrivals and 230.000 overnight stays, and according to the conducted research, generated an estimated consumption of 390 to 438 million kuna.And don’t forget, content is king and the motive for coming.Related news:FIND OUT HOW MUCH ADVENT GENERATED TOURIST SPENDING IN ZAGREBSMALL EVENTS AS THE ESSENCE OF OUR TOURISMTHE ESSENCE OF TOURISM IN ISTRIA – SO SIMPLE AND SO INGENIOUS 100 MILES OF ISTRIA AS A GREAT TOURIST STORY THAT WILL GENERATE 5.000 NIGHTSlast_img read more

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As some players leave the NBA bubble, others consider what might pull them away

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first_imgLAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. >> For the first time in months, Lou Williams had finished a competitive basketball game, and a 99-90 win no less.But his first thoughts weren’t with how long it had been, or how good it felt to get back on the court, but rather his teammates.“I want to send a shoutout to Trezz, and I want to send a shoutout to Pat (Beverley) who are dealing with issues at home with family,” Williams said. “Let them know we’re thinking about them.”The NBA bubble hadn’t been open for a week before people started leaving it. The Clippers have felt this pinch as much as any team. Clippers hope they can play to their capabilities, quell Mavericks’ momentum Alex Caruso swallowed one of those decisions over the weekend, as his sister Megan got married in Texas on July 18. ESPN was first to report that Caruso had chosen to miss out on the wedding, which Lakers officials told him he could attend, but also pointed to potential risks and the length of the quarantine process upon reentry.The Lakers are already without Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo, making Caruso’s presence all the more important in the bubble with games starting July 30. Even though his sister had originally scheduled the wedding in July to accommodate his offseason, Caruso decided to forego attending, calling it one of his “sacrifices.”“A wedding is a moment in time that I’ll probably never be able to recapture,” he said. “But the many years that I’ll have to create new memories with them is going to be just fine.”A three-month period comes with inevitable “real life” interruptions, some of them that players and staff are planning for. Boston’s Gordon Hayward has acknowledged that he will probably depart the bubble in September when his fourth child is expected.Some have steeled their loved ones to not expect them back. Kyle Kuzma said he’s missed his dog, Snoh, whom he brought in his home during the hiatus, but other than that, leaving has not crossed his mind.“It’s tough for me because, I mean, I’m trying to win a ring so I’m here,” he said. “So if anything happens, sorry in advance.”Players are expected to be able to bring family as guests (which would include a quarantine period) during the playoffs at some juncture, but so far there’s no indication that coaches will be afforded the same luxury. That means planning for various challenging scenarios and deciding when the time might be right to leave the bubble. Vogel acknowledged having those kinds of conversation with his wife, who is watching over his two adolescent daughters.“I have talked about some of that stuff with my wife in particular, if scenario A were to happen, if scenario B were to happen,” he said. “There are scenarios where personal reasons would cause you to leave the bubble, that’s just in life in general. I don’t think it’s really any different but we haven’t had those discussions and we’ll cross those bridges when we come to it.”Related Articles Clippers’ Paul George: ‘If I make shots, this series could be a little different’ What the Clippers are saying the day after Luka Doncic’s game-winner tied series, 2-2 For Lakers’ LeBron James, Jacob Blake’s shooting is bigger issue than a big Game 4 victory Game 4 photos: Luka Doncic, Mavs shock Clippers in overtime Both Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Beverly left Orlando for what have been described as emergency family matters — and JaMychal Green arrived slightly behind his teammates after the death of his grandmother, to whom he was close. The highest profile departure so far, Pelicans forward Zion Williamson, has been out of the bubble since last week and New Orleans said Wednesday there was “no timetable” for his return.All of them are expected back eventually. But re-entry is a laborious and possibly risky process that no one takes lightly.Life inside the bubble provides additional protection from the coronavirus, but outside the bubble is where life is happening. There’s the mundane, such as players and staff having to have family dinners or read to children at night over Zoom and Facetime. But there’s also the big stuff: Children are being born. Life milestones are unfolding. And as the entire country is painfully aware, people are dying.People within the bubble have to make tough decisions over whether it’s worth it to leave and potentially jeopardize their ability to play in the restart. Presiding over a team that was missing four key role players for varying reasons on Wednesday afternoon, Doc Rivers said he tries to keep aware of that how reality can intercede on the artificial environment the NBA has created at the Disney campus.“We are in an unreal life,” Rivers said. “Being in the NBA, I always tell our guys that. And then real life joins in all the time. I think the NBA is probably learning that lesson, probably seeing all the different personal reasons why guys have to leave. That’s real life.” Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

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