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Strictly business Charged up at the jewelry counter

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first_imgOMG.That’s text slang for “oh my . . . goodness,” just in case you’re a non-phone-texting reader.Anyhoo, OMG was my under-the breath reaction after a recent experience in the jewelry department of a regional variety store. The transaction got off to a great start, with smiles exchanged all around when I first stopped by the jewelry counter. I’d come to ask about getting a replacement battery for my old wristwatch, even though I’d love to go out and buy a new one.The sales associate’s “Sure, no problem” response was the kind every consumer wants to hear in a world where we’re often ignored.And her next statement, “I can have your watch ready in about 10 minutes,” sounded like a sweet melody to my ears. (I had a bascart filled with grocery bags and some perishable items, and wanted to make just a quick stop before heading home).“That would be great,” I said.Alas, the meeting turned sour at the cost of the battery and its installation. Oh, the $14 price was quite reasonable for parts and labor. But when the sales associate next offered a free battery and repair if I opened the jewelry store’s credit card, I was stunned.SMH. That’s text code for “shaking my head.”Well, before I knew it, the application form and pen were on the counter in front of me.“Just fill this out while I fix your watch,” she said, as if I had no choice.For a moment, it made sense to me. After all, who would choose to pay $14 for a free service?But I quickly realized that’s how a credit debt — often carrying interest rates as high as 20 percent — starts, dear readers. And I had just finished paying off most of my holiday spending and was in no mood to start paying again.last_img read more

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