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Who determines one’s suitability for office at GECOM?

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first_imgDear Editor,When the new GECOM Chairman was sworn in, he raised the Holy Bible and gave testimony that he would carry out his duties in a fair and above-board manner, so help me God! This was a declaration, or at least “should have been” his resolve, to the people of this country: that he would be true to his calling. However, subsequent revelations have proven him a liar.Coupled with this fact is that the chairman in question is a high ranking church officer who holds a position of trust and supposedly high moral integrity — qualities that should enhance the position he holds; but, here again, he has a failing grade. So, in fair assessment, is Mr Patterson an honest or fit and proper person? The answer is no; this individual cannot — and I repeat: cannot, be trusted to hold office.As a Christian myself, I believe Patterson should have sworn on another book, and not the Bible, because lifting up the Good Book then openly lying brings not only Patterson, but Christians on a whole, into disrepute. I do not know if Patterson has feelings of remorse, but I am ashamed for the guy; yes, I really am.So, let’s examine the latest fiasco at GECOM. The position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) was soon to be filled, and the choice of Mr Vishnu Persaud was shunned for a virtual newcomer, Roxanne Myers. Mr Persaud, who held office there since 2001, is duly qualified, experienced, and moreover, his work carries an unblemished record.Qualifications and experience — or meritocracy, as they put it — was thrown aside for someone who is inexperienced and less qualified. The only qualities she may have had above his is that she is Afro-Guyanese and is purportedly a PNC party hack, all new and very interesting criteria for office at GECOM.As per normal, Vincent the Liar, Vincent the notorious, came on board to defend Patterson’s decision. In fact I should say Alexander came on board unveiling his sinister plan in getting rid of Persaud.Just like he did with Dr Gocool Boodhoo, you degrade, then fire.Let us pause for one moment and ask: Why is Alexander doing all the talking? Why is a party-appointed commissioner making these definitive statements? Isn’t this the work of the chairman? Why is a known, corrupt party hack like Alexander speaking on sensitive matters at GECOM? Why?Mr Alexander is totally out of place, and most certainly out of order. But it all goes to show who this man is, and what are his plans for a PNC-dominated, PNC-controlled GECOM.So the name Persaud says it all, and the real cause for concern for Alexander. He was forever uncomfortable with an “Indian” being in the inner sanctum of the decision-making at GECOM. He does not want any Vishnu, Persaud Singh or any sounding ethnicity around him. He is playing his shameless game safe; he does not want anyone to expose the shenanigans of a corrupt PNC GECOM.Like Gocool Boodhoo, he wants a “clean” job for that planned one-seat victory for The PNC again.So, Alexander is in fact the Chairman de jure of GECOM, and not Patterson. His actions directly reveal who is the powerhouse behind all decisions taken at the commission.  It is Vincent Alexander again; he is the one calling the shots.Patterson has found himself in an awkward position, to wit, being a puppet on a string juggling to the tricks of Alexander.  So my advice to this fossil is: Do not denigrate yourself and become a fossilised embarrassment.My advice to you, dear sir, is please respect your age and go into voluntary retirement to live a life of respect. At your age and in your profession, dignity and decorum should be the hallmarks on your curriculum vitae. Don’t be cornered into a position of public disgrace. Your party is making a fool out of you, sir.Finally, someone rightly remarked: no wonder Guyana — Georgetown in particular — is overrun by liars, bandits, thieves and con artists; because these are the meritorious qualities required for office under this administration.Sincerely,Neil Adamslast_img read more

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