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Warrant issued for Notre Dame student’s arrest for four counts of fraud

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first_imgKatherine Jin, a Notre Dame junior, was charged Friday with four felony counts of fraud related to the theft of credit card information at Au Bon Pain’s on-campus location, the South Bend Tribune reported.Jin was charged with four Level 6 felonies. She has not yet been taken into custody.According to the report, Jin was employed at Au Bon Pain from January 20, 2018 to May 24, 2019. Four customers who made purchases at the restaurant in April reported suspicious charges on their credit cards for large purchases of clothing and artwork. The artwork was delivered to Jin’s home address in New York.“The transactions were all made electronically from an IP address that can only be accessed on Notre Dame’s campus,” the article said.The article reported that Jin is still currently enrolled as a student at the University.Tags: Au Bon Pain, Crime, Fraudlast_img read more

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Local Roundup: Del Norte ousts Arcata to claim first solo Big 5 title since 2009

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first_imgCrescent City >> They’ll be no “co-” attached to this championship banner.The Del Norte Warriors are the outright Humboldt-Del Norte League Big 5 champs for the first time since 2009 after defeating the Arcata Tigers 26-24, 25-19, 23-25 and 25-15 on Thursday in Crescent City.Claire Smith had a game-high 19 kills while blocking three shots and recording nine digs for Del Norte (23-2 overall, 7-0 Big 5). Kaleya Sanchez added 13 kills while Antonia Alcala totalled 11 digs for the Warriors. …last_img

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Chris Shaw’s bat leads Giants to win, glove pushed aside

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first_imgSAN DIEGO–As rookie left fielder Chris Shaw leaped to snag a flyball at the Petco Park outfield wall, a fan reached out and made contact with Shaw’s glove, thrusting it away.The fan may have taken the ball away from Shaw, but no one could take away his bat.And in the end, that’s what the Giants needed to secure a 5-4 comeback win over the Padres.Shaw hit 24 home runs for Triple-A Sacramento and owns the furthest home run hit by a Giants player this year, but his two-run single in the eighth …last_img

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Opening bank accounts by mobile ‘app’

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first_img29 July 2011 The initial focus is not only on rural areas, but also includes testing the process in high foot-traffic areas like commuter points, shopping centres and at company premises, factories, and other workplace environments – where there are also opportunities to provide banking access to new customers. High foot-traffic areas Accounts become active once an initial deposit has been made at either an ATM or Point of Sale device. This remote account opening system replaces previous, cumbersome processes involving a bulky set of laptops, barcode scanners, thermal printers and card writers – as well as more than one interaction with the customer. The on-device “app” scans a prospective customer’s ID book to identify and verify details, captures all the relevant information and enables the imaging of supporting documents. It then interfaces with Absa’s systems to conduct the relevant screening processes and complete the opening of the account. Importantly, the app allows us to access and control key functionality on the device – to record the GPS coordinates that allows us to build customer and sales data, and access the camera and data encryption functionalities. “Research into the field of financial inclusion shows that an increase in the number of people interacting with the formal economy stimulates economic growth at a national level, and positively contributes to poverty reduction.” SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo material “This innovative use of mobile technology allows us to extend our reach in many of South Africa’s most poorly serviced areas from a banking perspective, and enables greater numbers of our population to access the formal economy and all the associated benefits of having a bank account,” Absa Retail Bank CEO Gavin Opperman said in a statement last week. “The remote account opening facility is a crucial ingredient in our branchless banking strategy – where we seek to provide alternative delivery solutions to customers situated in areas where traditional banking infrastructure is not viable,” notes Opperman. Most appropriate strategy Developing a mobile app of this nature is the most appropriate strategy, adds Opperman, since android is regarded as one of the most dominant mobile operating systems and is used to power a number of different smartphone and tablet devices. The smartphone/tablet apps scales easily to cater for demand, since new devices can be acquired relatively easily and placed “in the field”, while its high-tech imaging and optimised communications technologies dramatically reduce the time it takes to serve the customer. Only one interaction with a client is required. South Africa’s Absa Bank has extended its service reach with the launch of an innovative application for Android-based smartphones and tablet devices that allows its sales consultants to open accounts and issue debit cards to new customers in under 10 minutes.last_img read more

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Solar Decathlon: The Search for the Best Carbon-Neutral House

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first_imgDrawing inspiration from California’s state flower, the drought-resistant and diurnal California poppy, this home (above) is designed by a team of college students from Orange County. The home opens during the day to let in light and increase living area. It then closes at night to maintain a comfortable temperature more efficiently. The house also has a rainwater collection system that stores water for use during earthquakes and other emergencies. Inspired by the need for secure emergency housing after a deadly tornado struck their state, students from Crowder College and Drury University in Missouri are developing an emergency response home (above) that can be delivered to disaster sites and assembled quickly. Students at the Stevens Institute of Technology are constructing a resilient house suited for the rising tides and strong storms inherent to coastal environments. The house sits on a bed of pilotis or piers, which raise it slightly above floodwaters, and the outer layers of the house create a waterproof shell. What’s the latest in well-designed, energy-efficient solar homes? The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has invited teams from colleges across the country to design and build solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive.The model houses designed by 15 collegiate teams will be on display and open for public tours this October in Irvine, California, where the DOE’s seventh Solar Decathlon will be taking place. In addition to functioning as comfortable homes — each must produce plenty of hot water, for example, and have working appliances for cooking, cleaning, and entertaining — the houses must produce at least as much energy as they consume.This year’s competition will also emphasize affordability. To earn the highest marks, each team is aiming to build a home that costs less than $250,000.Below are renderings of some of this year’s entries. These houses have been engineered not only to embrace energy efficiency and sustainable design, but also to meet the diverse needs of their future inhabitants, from food production to storm protection. RELATED ARTICLESTeam Austria Wins 2013 Solar DecathlonPraise for the Czech Team’s Solar Decathlon EntrySolar Decathlon Opening Is Scheduled for October 3University of Maryland Wins the Solar Decathlon2011 Solar Decathlon Resource GuideVirginia Tech’s Lumenhaus Wins at Solar Decathlon EuropeThe Solar Decathlon 2011 LineupSolar Decathlon Winners Embrace Passivhaus StandardA 2009 Solar Decathlon Sampler With a structure based on repurposed shipping containers, the home designed by the Missouri University of Science & Technology team (above) can expand as a family grows. Containers can be added or subtracted to accommodate up to two children and their parents. The team from New York City College of Technology is also working on emergency housing — their house (above) is suited to a high-density urban environment. Stackable units are designed to quickly provide low-cost, single- and multifamily housing after disasters such as catastrophic storms. The house designed by students at the University at Buffalo in New York aims to grow most of the fresh produce its occupants will need. It features a glass-enclosed solarium that creates ideal growing conditions for plants and vegetables, while also passively heating the house in winter. Cloth shades on the roof and southern façades will help cool the home during summer. Crystal Gammon is the web editor at Yale Environment 360, where this post was originally published.last_img read more

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Making Changes: An Invitation to Learn through Change

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first_imgBy: Bari Sobelson and Hannah HydeThe field of dietetics is rapidly changing.  New information is often emerging on how to best manage diet. Additionally, dietary trends are changing with a lot of incorrect information circulating which can be difficult for our patients to navigate. It is crucial that we stay current on all of the changes, as it is our responsibility to help our patients translate science into action.  As dietitians, we work with patients and clients to change behaviors that are a part of their daily lives and this is not always an easy task! Remember though, if the changes that our patients and clients were trying to make were easy they wouldn’t be coming to us! While our jobs center on getting others to change their behaviors, some of us may struggle with change within our personal lives because of perceived lack of time for activities, such as self-reflection and care.  We help others change, but we acknowledge, recognize, and accept that change is hard for everyone. If this blog speaks to you from both a professional and personal standpoint, then we have an opportunity for you that you won’t want to pass up! If you are interested in learning how to navigate through change, join us for our free four-day virtual conference to LEARN strategies for managing change, GROW your understanding of your capacity for change and begin to THRIVE as you connect with colleagues facing similar challenges.  To learn more information about this exciting opportunity, click here.This blog was written by Social Media Specialists Bari Sobelson of the MFLN Family Development Team and Hannah Hyde of the MFLN Military Caregiving Team.  Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.last_img read more

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DaVinci Resolve 15 Video Crash Course — Working with Audio on The Edit Page

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first_imgMute and DimThat’s pretty much all of the audio aspects that we’ve previously covered. Now, let’s take a look at what audio features we have here on the edit page. Underneath the video track area, is, of course, our audio timeline. If you right click on a track menu, you can change the audio track type from mono to stereo to 5.1 and so on. We can also mute and solo the track. I know this is a crash course covering just the basics, but I won’t tell you which buttons do what. I’ll leave that mystery up to you.However, if you ever want just to mute the entire timeline you can click the mute icon here. Likewise, you can simply lower the volume.The difference between muting or lowering the volume using this tool is that it only affects Resolve as a software operation. It’s a means of silencing the edit while you work or playback your material without having to mute Resolve from the OS volume bar. It doesn’t affect the audio levels on the timeline. So, if you render a video with the mute icon active, you still have audio on the given video.Next to the mute volume button, we have a dim button. This is useful when playing back your edit to someone. By hitting dim, the audio will slightly reduce in volume, allowing you to proceed with the edit at a more audible level. When clicked again, the audio will return to the normal levels. Again, this is non-destructive, and if you render your edit with this active, the audio will render at the levels set by the track mixer, not dimmed. In part 4 of our six-part video series The DaVinci Resolve 15 Crash Course, we take a look at what you can do with your audio on the edit page.Welcome to part four of the PremiumBeat Resolve Editing crash course. In this episode, we look at audio features on the edit page.Audio is often regarded as more important than visuals. An audio slip-up is easy to hear, whereas a visual slip-up can go unnoticed. After all, how often do we notice a crew member in the corner of the frame until someone points it out to us on YouTube.For a year or so, we’ve had the addition of the Fairlight audio page with a page dedicated to professional audio mixing. Not to be deceptive, but this isn’t going to be our primary focal point of the episode, and  the same goes for the fusion and color pages. We’ll touch upon some features in our final chapter. Audio Feature RecapSo, there are a few audio features on the edit page that we haven’t covered. We’ll look at those but first, in episodes 1-3, we touched upon a few audio-related elements. Let’s quickly recap:If you want the audio element from a video clip currently in the source viewer, you just hover over the lower third of the video. Then, click and drag the audio waveform icon onto an audio track.On the timeline clips themselves, you can create a fade-in or -out by dragging the white handles inward. Then you can increase or decrease the audio level by moving this bar up or down. Or, if you open the inspector, you can adjust the volume with more control.If you find that your audio clips aren’t showing audio waveforms, don’t worry. You may have turned off the waveform display. To turn that back on, you just hit the timeline view options and make sure the audio waveform icon is highlighted white.center_img Track MixerNow let’s have a look at how the track mixer functions on the edit page. As I mentioned in the initial tour of the edit page, you open the mixer by hitting the audio mixer button.If you initially only see a set of audio meters, click the ellipses and select mixer. If you’ve used an older version of Resolve, you may remember that we also used to have a clip mixer here. But, that feature has been removed.Here you’ll have an array of track mixers, and they’ll correspond to how many tracks you have on the timeline. However, there will be an extra mixer called main. You can use it to increase or decrease the levels of the overall mix.There’s no wizardry about using the levels. Merely push the fader knob up or down to increase or decrease them. On the Premiumbeat blog, we have a handy guide on what levels you should have your audio set to, so be sure to check that out if you get lost. Meanwhile, you’ll see that the audio levels are color coded to give you a visual indication of where your levels sit. Green is low, yellow is high, and red is very high, with probable clipping.Clipping is essentially when your audio is too loud to be properly audible. The audio waveform on the clips will give you a visual indication of when part of a clip is too high by changing the peaks to a lighter shade of the clip’s color.Pan MixerAbove the level mixer, we also have a basic pan mixer. Here you can pan the audio so it appears to be coming from a different direction.There are two ways you can use this tool. First, you click inside the box and then drag the blue square in the direction you want. So, if I want my audio to appear as if it were coming from the rear left, I drag the blue square to the bottom left of the square. Of course, to hear this exact pan, you need a monitor setup or headphones that can adequately hear the positioning of the audio. Otherwise, it sounds like it’s just coming from the left.If you double click the pan square, you are greeted with a pop-out pan display. This will offer further settings to fine-tune the effect. You can pan a specific clip by clicking on the audio clip, opening the inspector, activating the pan keyframe, and then animating as you see fit.EQ FunctionFinally, we have an EQ function on the mixer panel. However, this specific button was rendered useless in the latest update and to use it we need to head to the Fairlight audio page. But, we do have a basic EQ and pitch tools in the inspector.On the edit page, the effects and transitions for audio are on the effects panel. Now realistically, there are only a few ways to transition audio, such as a crossfade. To bring one onto the audio clip, drag and drop the transition onto an audio clip. As the name states, the only area you can position a transition is at the start or end of an audio clip. You can also press control T to have the default transition apply to the selected edit point. This shortcut works for the default video transition too. To make a transition the default, right-click and choose save as default.The audio effects work similarly. Find the needed effect in the effect’s library, then drag it onto the audio clip. You will be greeted with a pop-out user interface unique to the effect. For example, when we use reverb, we have a visualization of the reverbs effect on the frequencies of the audio signal.If you close the audio effects user interface but later want to adjust the parameters of the effect, you select the clip, open the inspector, and you’ll find the effects adjustable properties at the bottom. If you want to open the interface again, just hit this button.This pretty much covers the audio elements of the edit page. It’s pretty simple, right?Interested in the tracks we used to make this video?“Relaxing in Vermont” by Chill Study“Brooklyn Drive” by Chill StudyLooking for more on DaVinci Resolve? Check out these tutorials.How To Create A Sub Mix In DaVinci Resolve 14 – Video TutorialVideo Tutorial: How to Configure The ADR Panel In Resolve 15DaVinci Resolve 15 Video Crash Course — The Media PageDaVinci Resolve 15 Video Crash Course — The Edit PageDaVinci Resolve 15 Video Crash Course — The Edit Toolslast_img read more

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London Olympics: Brazil’s Sarah Menezes wins gold in judo

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first_imgWorld number two Sarah Menezes of Brazil overcame defending champion Alina Dumitru of Romania to win the women’s 48kg judo title at the London Olympics on Saturday. Three-time world bronze medallist Menezes pulled off a waza-ari to beat Dumitru. She had a disappointing 19th finish in Beijing four years ago, Xinhua reports.Hungarian Eva Csernoviczki pushed aside favourite Tomoko Fukumi of Japan for the bronze.last_img

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