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Schuster/Moorhead win election

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first_imgPhoto Courtesy of McKenna Schuster Incoming student body president McKenna Schuster (right) and vice president Sam Moorhead (left) will take office April 1.Schuster said the duo’s goals for the upcoming year can be encapsulated by three words: communication, involvement and sisterhood.“That’s the bottom line of our platform, and it pretty much summarizes what we want to emphasize throughout the year,” she said. “Our major points are firstly transparency between the student government and the student body, along with better communication amongst all members of SGA.”Next, she hopes to inspire more students to be more involved in clubs, sporting events and other campus activities that apply to the student body as a whole and tie together the sisterhood of the College.“There are so many opportunities at Saint Mary’s, and by encouraging students to attend new things, more women can come to know how great Saint Mary’s really is,” Schuster said.The pair also said they would like to plan special events during first-year orientation, for that is where students’ love for Saint Mary’s first begins.“We aren’t just working for our senior year, but for the whole student body for years to come,” Schuster said. Moorhead, who will serve as the upcoming student body vice president, said she has been involved in SGA for the past couple of years and is looking forward to having a bigger leadership responsibility.“I have gotten to see how the systems work,” Moorhead said.  “I think I’m most excited to start working on our new ideas and deciding what will be the best structure for SGA in the future, and to then implement these great ideas and work to improve the system that already exists.“I think McKenna and I will make great contributions, and we can’t wait to get to know everyone on campus a little better.”Current student body president Kat Sullivan said both Schuster and Moorhead know what needs to be improved in campus life and in student government as a whole.“They have good heads on their shoulders and are very articulate, and they see the importance of giving students a voice,” Sullivan said.  “I am excited to see how they apply that to their administration.”Sullivan said her and current vice president Maddy Martin’s three main goals of communication, transparency and building community will also be at the core of Schuster and Moorhead’s administration.“Maddy and I always thought building the community was most important, not only in our student government board but also in Saint Mary’s as a whole,” Sullivan said.  “I think [Schuster and Moorhead] understand this, too.“Moorhead did a great job organizing Love Your Body Week this year, with so much student participation in all of the events.  I’m really excited to see how they increase that sense of community next year.”Martin said by working with both Schuster and Moorhead in SGA in the past, she knows they are extremely determined young ladies.“I’m excited to see how they continue to develop student government, in particular the senate,” Martin said. “I hope that they continue to strive to make Saint Mary’s a proactive presence in the greater South Bend community.”Vice president of student affairs Karen Johnson said she is proud of the students for taking the elections so seriously and knows the new leadership will do an excellent job.Tags: moorhead, schuster, sga, sga elections, sga student government elections, SMC, SMC Elections, vp and president The results of the Saint Mary’s Student Government Association (SGA) election for student body president and vice president were announced Tuesday morning after an all-day voting period Monday on OrgSync.Juniors McKenna Schuster and Sam Moorhead won the election over juniors Nicole O’Toole and Marissa Pie’, director of student involvement Stephanie Steward-Bridges announced in a schoolwide email.Steward-Bridges said more than 500 votes were cast in this election, tripling last year’s voter participation.Schuster, who will serve as student body president, said she received the news via text from running partner Moorhead before giving a presentation in class.“I was so excited,” Schuster said. “I called my parents right away. I am looking forward to the upcoming year, [because I have been] hearing more and more great ideas from people that make me look forward to actually be able to do something about them.“I can’t wait to get the ball rolling.”last_img read more

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Boys Area Basketball Sectional Scores (3-6)

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first_imgBoys Area Basketball Sectional ScoresFriday  (3-6)Class 1A-Sectional 60 @ Southwestern ShelbyMorristown  53     Rising Sun  39Oldenburg  63     Jac-Cen-Del  43Class 2A-Sectional 44 @ North DecaturNorth Decatur  66     Milan  60    South Decatur  76     Triton Central  63Class 3A-Sectional 29 @ ConnersvilleGreensburg  65     Connersville  49South Dearborn  63     Batesville  60    Class 4A-Sectional 14 @ Columbus NorthEast Central  67     Bloomington North  55Bloomington South  59     Columbus North  49Class 4A-Sectional 15 @ SeymourFloyd Central  61     Jeffersonville  47Jennings County  44     Bedford North Lawrence  43Class 3A-Sectional 30 @ Corydon CentralMadison  67     Scottsburg  59Silver Creek  69     North Harrison  50Class 2A-Sectional 45 @ Southwestern HanoverSouthwestern  53     Henryville  30Providence  53     Switzerland County  43last_img read more

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Mike Messere has been the architect of West Genesee’s success for more than 40 years

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first_img Published on April 20, 2017 at 12:06 am Contact Matthew: [email protected] | @MatthewGut21 Editor’s Note: SU’s men’s lacrosse team has consistently been a national powerhouse. The Daily Orange took a look at the local high schools that feed players to the program. You can view the series here.Rain lashed against Mike Messere’s jacket as he hopped out of his red Dodge Ram on a chilly Saturday morning in March. A slight breeze greeted him while he strolled toward the West Genesee (New York) High School locker room, beside the field named after him. Half an hour before 8:30 a.m. practice, an old, wooden bench served as a desk for the winningest coach in the history of high school lacrosse.Messere opened two lockers, where he stores a couple of old sticks, a few sets of cones and some lacrosse balls. Several thousand times, he has prepared for practice the same way. He sat down, sighed and contemplated what’s behind him: the past four decades on the sidelines, each filled with state titles, All-Americans and a winning tradition unmatched in the sport. He pulled out a wrinkled piece of paper outlining that day’s practice plans.“Too long,” he joked about his career, before tensing up a bit. “I just worked hard to win games. It’s all gone by so fast. It perpetuated. You just do the best you can.”Messere has left fingerprints all over central New York, and all over the game. He has led West Genesee, where he graduated in 1962, to 15 state titles, eight runners-up, a first place finish in the year-end national rankings eight times since 1990, a career .911 winning percentage and 819 victories since he took over as head coach in 1976, he said. He estimates only 10 of his players have not gone on to play lacrosse in college.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textSome of his most decorated stars have played for the university 10 miles down the road, including seven starters (and MVP Bradley Kotz) on Syracuse’s 1983 national championship team, four-time All-American John Zulberti, SU head coach John Desko, assistant coach Kevin Donahue, All-American Dylan Donahue and one current player for the top-ranked Orange in preseason All-ACC sophomore defender Nick Mellen, who hasn’t played this year due to injury. There’s another one for the future: West Genesee sophomore attack Max Rosa. Dozens of Messere’s graduates have played at SU, and several coach at Division I schools today.On Thursday afternoon, Messere will coach in his 900th career game. His 42-year run ends after the 2018 season, which will double as his 50th year coaching in the West Genesee school district and 50th anniversary with his wife, Barbara. He is retiring next June, three months after he turns 74.Messere’s West Genesee squad was one of 251 high school boy’s programs nationally in 1976. By 2015, there were 2,752. Even as the fastest growing sport has taken off and Messere said West Genesee’s enrollment from grades 10-12 has decreased about 40 percent during his tenure, shrinking the lacrosse talent pool, the coach has sustained a winning culture.“He’s the best coach I’ve ever seen,” said West Genesee alumnus, former SU All-American and SU assistant coach Kevin Donahue. “He teaches the pieces and it all comes together in the end. Brilliant coach.”One of the most respected names in lacrosse does not own a cell phone, but can recount how his teams fell in each of his 80 career losses and lives with the same wife on the same 40-acre property in Camillus that he has for a half-century. He hardly reads books, instead opting to study film of his unit and its opponents. A third of his basement is lined with game tape and folders with notes from nearly every West Genesee lacrosse game since 1990, and he doesn’t idolize any famous leaders in particular.Messere is most known for his vivid memory of both past events and player personalities, as well as discipline. Players must walk on and off the team bus in two single-file lines. If their socks aren’t pulled up or shirt untucked, they run. Over the years, Messere developed a reputation for similar disciplinary measures to keep players in check. Hair cannot dangle outside of the helmet.About 25 years ago, West Genesee alumnus and current Air Force head coach Eric Seremet remembered Messere calling a huddle at the start of practice. Despite a 10-goal win the day before, the coach was infuriated.“You guys played like —,” he said, pointing to the legs of one of the team captains. His socks were around his ankles, not pulled up.“That’s how powerful he was,” Seremet said. “It’s a father-like disappointment.”While creating a powerhouse at West Genesee and feeding Syracuse with some of his top talent, Messere also has coached more than 100 players who have become coaches at the college or youth level. One of his closest connections is Syracuse’s Kevin Donahue, who remembers a five-hour road trip with Messere in the back seat of a van, riding down Interstate-81 to Baltimore for a lacrosse convention. The two discussed everything offensive schemes: the six-on-six, man-up, clears, scoring and passing.“When I got out of the van, I knew everything I needed to know about offense,” Donahue said. “I spent the entire convention in my room pouring through the notes. I never went to one seminar because I was too busy deciphering what we talked about and figuring out how I was going to implement it into the college game.”Several college coaches said Messere, a member of the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame, has mastered the craft of teaching the game. From 1981-84, he tied the national record with a 91-game winning streak. That ended with a 6-5 loss to Yorktown (New York) High School in the 1984 state title game. He recalled that the Huskers goalie played well, and that with 20 seconds left, Yorktown scored on a man-up after the Wildcats couldn’t convert on a series of shots from point-blank range. Moments later, he instructed his players to stand in a straight line, sticks held high. The Wildcats won their next 44 games, giving them 135 wins in 136 outings.He countered Yorktown’s strong transition game by observing the West Genesee basketball team practice. From that, he developed several fast-paced drills and weaves. His most famous drill to come out of it is a three-on-two transition drill, named “West Gene” and run by high school and college programs across the country.Ally Moreo | Photo EditorThrough 899 games, Messere has not once been ejected. “That would be horrible.” Messere has never received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and he remembers the one technical foul he was assessed on many years ago, because of what he saw as a series of bad calls in a sectional game. For his players to show any sign of disrespect, they would face punishment. Messere once walked out of practice because players did not wear the correct color shorts.Another time, a few players didn’t participate in gym class, so Messere brought desks in his office and sat them down to do homework during practice. Sometimes, he sees players’ report cards before players see them. When he heard a player had skipped practice to hunt, he had that player bring the dead bird to practice. Messere wrapped it around his helmet that day.“Everyone feared being late,” said former player Joe Fletcher, now director of lacrosse operations at Loyola. “Being on time was being there 30 minutes early.”Messere and Bob Deegan, his assistant since 1983, love quotes. Their favorite links to picking up ground balls, a West Genesee staple. Baseball Hall of Famer Satchel Paige once said, “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.” They use it to remind players not to look back when chasing down a loose ball.Early in his career, he drove his Corvette by players’ homes to enforce curfew. He’d rev his engine to see curtains zip up, shadows appear and players run for cover. In more recent years, he has resorted to calling homes. One year, he caught an All-American under 21 at a bar. He threw him off the team.“We haven’t changed much,” Messere said. “It all makes a difference.”Emma Comtois | Digital Design EditorOne weekend per year, the night following a school social event, he holds practice around 6 a.m. because he does not want his players to go out and get in trouble. Many of them sleep on the turf that night. When Messere tells a player something, he cannot respond with, “I know.” The phrase is banned from the program because if you knew it, you would do it.“He looms in silence,” Mellen said, “but you know there’s always so much going on inside his head. He has an aura that’s intimidating. Motivating, almost.”Years ago in a sectional playoff game, the Pittsford (New York) High School team took the field with several Division I commits. As the game grew neck-and-neck, their coaches ran up and down the sideline barking plays and orders. Farther down the sideline, by West Genesee, stood a stoic Messere, arms crossed and not muttering a word. At one pivotal moment, he leaned over and whispered a small nugget in a player’s ear.“You miss a shot, and he tells you it’s because your stick is one inch too high or you should take one extra step,” Dylan Donahue said. “The next play you do it and the ball goes in. Incredible.”There is no playbook. He speaks with his teams for only a couple of minutes at halftime, and he hardly raises his voices in games. Only occasionally will he call a player over to him. From an in-game adjustment standpoint, other coaches say Messere is second-to-none.Messere dishes out game film from the 1990s and 2000s, urging his players to study how Zulberti created space between he and his man, how the Smith brothers initiated offense or how a player reeled off consecutive faceoffs in a state game.A decade ago at a US Lacrosse convention, when Messere surpassed 600 wins, he was called to receive a plaque. The announcer said he had won 623 games and lost 34. As Messere stood up from his seat, he leaned over and looked at Cornell head coach Matt Kerwick. “It’s 29 losses,” Messere quipped.That type of demand for excellence and perfection endures. Messere has coached fathers and their sons. Along the way, he vaulted himself and a program into national prominence. He leaves little to chance, ensuring that neither odds nor limits catch up to him. Facebook Twitter Google+center_img Commentslast_img read more

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CECAFA 2017: Basena calls 8 KCCA stars but overlooks ‘deadly’ Shaban

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first_imgUganda’s head coach Moses Basena focus has now turned to CECAFA.Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  Uganda Cranes head coach Moses Basena has named a 26-man squad to start training on Wednesday ahead of their defence of the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup in Kenya.Champions KCCA FC have eight players in the squad, but Shaban Mohammed who has struck six in his first three matches, was overlooked. Club sources say he is being preserved for the U20 COSAFA team.The CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup, which brings together all the national teams of the 13 member countries, will be held December 3 to 17, 2017.Uganda are the current champions having won a record 14th title in Addis Ababa in December 2015 after beating Rwanda 1-0 in the final. Cranes squad has:Goalkeepers: Isma Watenga (Vipers SC), Benjamin Ochan (KCCA FC), Nicholas Sebwato (Onduparaka FC) Ikara Tom (Kirinya Jinja SS)Rest of team: Wadada Nicholas (Vipers SC), Kiyemba Ibrahim (Sc Villa Jogoo), Isaac Muleme (KCCA FC), Aggrey Madoi (Police FC), Juuko Murushid Simba-Tanzania), Timothy Awanyi (KCCA FC), Savio Kabugo (Proline FC), Bernard Muwanga (Sc Villa Jogoo), Tom Masiko (Vipers SC), Mutyaba Muzamiru (KCCA FC), Tadeo Lwanga (Vipers SC), Albert Mugisa (Police FC), Karisa Milton (Vipers SC), Mucureezi Paul (KCCA FC), Allan Kateregga (KCCA FC), Allan Kyambadde (Sc Villa Jogoo), Nelson Senkatuka (Bright Stars FC), Derick Nsibambi (KCCA FC), Hood Kaweesa (Police FC), Batte Seif (Bright Stars FC), Saddam Juma (KCCA FC), Daniel Isiagi (Proline FC), Basse Methodious (Mbarara City FC).**Source FUFA.CO.UGShare on: WhatsApplast_img read more

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Thurston EDC Hosts Expanding Your Business in China Workshop June 29

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first_imgFacebook8Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Thurston County EDCThurston EDC is hosting an “Expanding Your Business in China Workshop”  June 29, 2018 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 4220 6th Avenue SE, Lacey.With the world’s largest population, China is the second largest economy as well as the second largest importer and consumer in the world. China has now entered a new development stage when consumption keeps increasing, indicating enormous potential for the growth of imports.In the next five years, China is expected to import products and services valuing more than 10 trillion U.S. Dollars, which provides a historic opportunity for enterprises across the region to enter the huge Chinese market.last_img

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The Streaming Video Market Is So Messed Up It’s Scary

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first_imgTags:#Fanhattan#Streaming video 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout Fanhattan just put up a somewhat amazing post on its corporate blog describing how hard it is to find specific movies or TV shows on various streaming video services. Sure, this is why Fanhattan exists – it’s an app that lets you scan a bunch of streaming sites to find what you want. But I had no idea how crazy things are in the world of streaming content.To make a point, Fanhattan looks at horror movies (“screaming media,” nyuk nyuk) that you might want to watch on Halloween. There’s lots of stuff online, but it’s scattered all over the place.Fanhattan reckons there are 2,300 horror movies that can be streamed right now. However: “About 71% of the horror movies currently available are exclusive to a single digital media source and more than 22% can be accessed on only two sources.” Of the 100 top Halloween movies curated by Fanhattan this year, about 65% are available from just one source, and about 25% are available from only two sources.  4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App Worse yet, even specific horror franchises get split up and spread across different streaming platforms, so if you want  to watch an entire series you need to deal with a bunch of different services. Says Fanhattan: “Hostel is available for rent on Amazon Prime and purchase on iTunes. But Hostel: Part II is only available on iTunes right now. Hostel: Part III is available with a Netflix subscription and for sale on iTunes.”But wait, it gets even worse, because all of this is changing all the time, as content providers keep moving stuff around. So a movie might show up on one service this week but be gone next week. That’s why Fanhattan exists. The app pulls together content from 16 video distribution services. “Our aim is to simplify what has become strikingly complex – finding what’s on,” a spokesperson says.Someday maybe Hollywood and its streaming partners will get their act together. Until then, Fanhattan has a market opportunity.Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Fanhattan. 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… Related Posts dan lyonslast_img read more

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DaVinci Resolve Being Weird? This Is Probably Why

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first_imgIf you don’t know how to use them, DaVinci Resolve’s Auto Select controls can trip up your workflow. Here’s everything you need to know about this highly useful (but sometimes tricky) tool.Whenever you jump headfirst into new software, there’s always that one feature that keeps tripping you up, and it usually takes a bit of time to figure out what is going wrong. In DaVinci Resolve that feature is the Auto Select control.It might be one of the most important functions on the timeline because it will directly cause edits on the various tracks on your timeline to perform differently. The Auto Select is a multipurpose control that can increase the efficiency of an edit. What does it do? Its function is to allow editors to specify which tracks will undergo changes during an edit to multiple tracks.For example, in the screenshot below, I want to make an insert edit with the video and audio from the source monitor. I want the media to land in V1 and A1, so I have selected those tracks. I want the current media on those tracks to ripple forward, and I also need the score on A3 to remain as it is, and for the clip in V2 to continue the fade out.However, when I do so, the insert edit has affected all of the tracks with clips that extend through the marked area. It’s separated the video on V2, along with the score on A3, even though I was only inserting it to tracks V1 and A1. This is because the Auto Select is on for all tracks (it’s on by default). Now, let’s deactivate the Auto Select by turning off the Auto Select button on the track tools.Here, I’ve turned Auto Select off on tracks V2 and A3, and now when I insert edit, something a little different happens.Both the video and audio from the two deactivated tracks have been omitted from the process.We can see from this very simple edit that the Auto Select controls can be ideal for editing multiple tracks — or cause headaches if you only want to affect one track.An obvious question is Why not just lock the track? When you lock a track, you completely remove the ability to perform any edit on the track or the individual clips. There may be some circumstances when this is the better tool to use — perhaps locking down a score to remain in place. But this is precisely the point of Auto Select: you are not disabling edits, you’re just removing the track from a multi-track operation — and there are plenty of operations that will respond differently depending on the state of Auto Select:CuttingRipple cuttingCopyingDeleting clipsDeleting gapsSelecting edit pointsSelecting clipsMarking clipsMatch framePasting clipsPaste insertInsert editRipple overwrite editFinding gapsUsing the Selection Follows Playhead function.Further, you can also manually override the Auto Select function by manually clicking on a clip on a track that doesn’t have Auto Select active — an operation that isn’t possible with a locked track.If you’re an editor who loves to keep your hands on the keyboard as much as possible, you’ll be happy to know that you can manage up to eight video and eight audio tracks with shortcuts. You can turn each video track’s Auto Select on and off with keyboard shortcuts F1 through to F8, and audio tracks Ctrl+shift+F1 through to F8 (Option+CMD if you’re using a mac).Last year, when I was undergoing training on Resolve 12.5, the course leader said that Auto Select is one of those edit functions that you have to try and perform to understand how it works, and I want to echo those words. As with the Slip and Slide trim edits, Auto Select controls can be a little confusing when you’re simply reading about them. But once you open Resolve and perform a few multi-track edits with the Auto Select, you’ll see how beneficial the control is. If you’re here solely because your timeline has been playing up and you’re not sure why, well, now you have an answer.Lewis McGregor is a certified BlackMagic Design DaVinci Resolve Trainer.last_img read more

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U.S. qualifies for U-20 World Cup with win over Costa Rica

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first_imgThe United States qualified for the 2019 U-20 World Cup by defeating Costa Rica 4-0 on Friday in the Concacaf U-20 Championship. The U.S. took the lead 15 minutes in when Frieburg midfielder Alex Mendez ripped a left-footed drive from distance past the Ticos goalkeeper. WHAT. A. RIP. 😱Alex Mendez fires from 30 yards away to give the 🇺🇸 a 1-0 lead vs. 🇨🇷! — U.S. Soccer YNT (@ussoccer_ynt) November 17, 2018 Just five minutes later, LA Galaxy academy product Ulysses Llanez doubled the lead with a low strike to the near post. Just Uly doing Uly things! 🤷🏽‍♂️Ulysses Llanez scores his 7th (!) goal of #CU20 to double the 🇺🇸’s lead! — U.S. Soccer YNT (@ussoccer_ynt) November 17, 2018 Unfortunately for Tab Ramos’ side, Lllanez was forced off with an injury shortly after scoring his team’s second goal, and his seventh of the tournament so far.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! In the second half, Juan Pablo Torres and Ayo Akinola added insurance goals for the USA, who cruised to an easy win. One more for insurance.Ayo Akinola takes flight for the 4-0 advantage against Costa Rica at #CU20 ! — U.S. Soccer YNT (@ussoccer_ynt) November 17, 2018 The U.S will face Honduras on Monday night, with a win or draw sending the team to the Concacaf U-20 final on Wednesday to defend its title.More importantly though, Friday’s win means the U.S. will be at the 2019 U-20 World Cup, which will be hosted by Poland between May 23 and June 15 of next year.last_img read more

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The Pacers Are Better Than the Heat At Least When It Comes

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The Indiana Pacers held on to Game 5 by a fingernail clipping, defeating the Miami Heat 93-90 and forcing the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals back to Miami for a Game 6. After the Pacers’ Game 4 loss, spearheaded by potent small-ball lineups from the Heat, the onus was on Indiana to make an adjustment. Indiana coach Frank Vogel’s adjustment was mostly to refuse to adjust: He didn’t do anything new; he just did more of what’s been working.This is the third consecutive year that the Pacers and Heat have met in the playoffs, and — although Lance Stephenson has taken over for Danny Granger the past two seasons for Indiana — a consistent pattern has emerged: Indiana’s starters can more than hold their own against the Heat, but things rapidly fall apart when the Pacers go to their bench.Indiana Pacers’ Point Differential vs. Miami HeatIn Game 5, Vogel essentially eliminated Rasual Butler and Ian Mahinmi from the Pacers’ rotation, instead playing his starters for 31 minutes. As a group, that’s the most minutes they’ve played in this series, and it’s more minutes than they played in Games 3 and 4 combined.The point differential numbers in the table above shows how even a few extra minutes from the Pacers’ starters can make a huge difference. To put those per 100 possession numbers in context, the San Antonio Spurs led the NBA this season with a per 100 possession point differential of +8.1. The worst mark in the league, belonging to the Philadelphia 76ers, was -10.7.There were extenuating circumstances last night. The Pacers’ Paul George poured in 31 second-half points, many of which came on difficult shots. According to the NBA’s SportVU Player Tracking Box Score, he made 10 of 18 contested shots in Game 5, or 55.6 percent. He had made just 32 percent of his contested shots in the series over the first four games. The Heat’s LeBron James also picked up five fouls in just over 23 minutes, about five times his normal foul rate. He sat for almost the entire second and third quarters, and the Pacers’ starters were just even with the Heat while he was on the floor.The Pacers’ starters aren’t going to outplay the Heat in every stint on the floor or overwhelm every small lineup Miami coach Erik Spoelstra dreams up. But Indiana’s starting five is orders of magnitude more effective than any other lineup the Pacers have. read more

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A FiveThirtyEight Crash Course In Basketball Stats

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Hot Takedown More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS If you’re a fan of our podcasts, be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts and leave a rating/review. That helps spread the word to other listeners. And get in touch by email, on Twitter or in the comments. Tell us what you think, send us hot takes to discuss and tell us why we’re wrong. Welcome to the latest episode of Hot Takedown, our podcast where the hot sports takes of the week meet the numbers that prove them right or tear them down. On this week’s show (Dec. 29, 2015), we bring you the latest edition of “Stat School.” Last time, Statman, aka Neil Paine, talked to us about NFL running back stats. This week, he brings us basketball 101. Neil guides us through three hoop-centric stats: points per game, true shooting percentage and usage rate.Stat one: Points per gameA player’s average number of points scored per game played.Stat two: True shooting percentageA statistic used to gauge scoring efficiency that takes into consideration a player’s shot attempts (including field goals and free throws) and points scored. The result is the average points the player scored when he ended a possession by shooting.Stat three: Usage percentageA metric that estimates the percentage of a team’s possessions that a player “uses” while he is in the game. As players “use” more possessions, their overall efficiency tends to drop.Stream the episode by clicking the play button, or subscribe using one of the podcast clients we’ve linked to above. Listen to Statman and you just might be able to eke out a statistical advantage in your holiday pick up games. read more

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