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Ethnic majorities

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first_imgDiamond Versi’s tribunal triumph symbolises the supposed struggle between an oppressed lone minority and a white establishment ogre, such as an Oxford University college.The law, quite rightly, has been interpreted to support the underdog in such cases for the last fifty-odd years in an effort to redress the balance. And, indeed, it is not as though racism has suddenly disappeared from the shores of the new multicultural Britain, just as other forms of discrimination also linger.Our generation is perhaps free from the age-old belief in British, and Caucausian, superiority – thank God – but that of our parents can, often unconsciously, slip into what would be termed a racist attitude. For the most part this manifests itself in an unfailing instinct to categorise everyone by labels approximating to ‘British’ or ‘foreign’, or perhaps even ‘white’ or ‘non-white’. But then, all of us pigeonhole people – it’s just that the pigeonholes we put them in vary according to our social conditioning.But the tables are in danger of turning – indeed some believe they have already turned. The white middle class male, while a majority figure in this country and especially in this particular establishment, is increasingly finding himself to be an easy target.Had Diamond Versi been an old Etonian from Wiltshire, and Roger Boden an Indian from Birmingham, I very much doubt that there would have been any case for “unfair dismissal”. Maybe there would have been no cause for it, but why do we assume that racism only works one way?Nor is racism the only area in which it is useful to belong to any subsection of society which could be classified as “a minority”.I, as a woman, could very easily bring an unfounded sexual harassment charge against my boss for pinching my bottom. But how successful would I be if I wanted to file a genuine complaint against a potential employer who I believed had not hired me simply because they had already filled their middle class ‘quota’?An ideology such as that used to uphold Diamond Versi’s claims is absolutely necessary to protect those who need protecting, and often it has been, and still is, used for exactly that purpose. But it also lends itself to potential abuse, especially when you consider the bias it gives to those groups which are traditionally discriminated against.I am not suggesting that we, as a society, need to worry excessively about protecting the white middle class male – he’s hardly an endangered species, yet.But are we brave enough to acknowledge that not all cases brought by someone of ethnic origin against an establishment figure need necessarily be ruled in favour of the prosecutor? And when will we see a true precedent for cases in which a middle class man successfully files a charge against a minority defendant for positive discrimination?ARCHIVE: 0th week TT 2005last_img read more

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ADS-CELEBS 2 L(bes3)

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first_img“And if the brand makes a false claim, then the”And if the brand makes a false claim, then the celebrity is a victim of fraud, even more than the consumer and not a party to the fraudulent claim,” he said.Echoing similar view, Santosh Desai, esrtwhile adman and now managing director and chief executive of Future Brands, said, “I think it is a completely flawed co-relation that is being drawn. It is one thing to draw a co-relation and another to convert it into legally enforceable punitive action.”I think it is at best an association between two things and converting it into a hardline like a law is not fair. The advertiser has the primary responsibility and the celebrity is not competent to adjudge the technical viability of a product that he/she endorses,” he said.Brand consultant Harish Bijoor, however, feels both the company and the celebrity are liable.”Celebrities use their charm and appeal to entice consumers. Celebrities use their charisma to sell and tout. When they do that, they need to be more careful, especially so in the category of the foods and beverages, and skin care items, etc in particular. The key stakeholder is the brand owner, and then it is the brand-endorser. Both are liable.”Varun Gupta, managing director of Duff & Phelps, a valuation services firm, said, “The intent is perfectly legitimate but the implementation needs to make sure that you go after the celebrities only if you prove that they were aware of any malafide intentions and they still went ahead with the endorsement.”advertisementDesai points out that with the power of social media, people are quite vociferous in their views and use it well to let the celebrity know their displeasure.”Being a public figure, if people dont like it they will let you know but to convert that into a legal liability and responsibility is to overstep,” Desai said.Recently, cricketer M S Dhoni had to resign as brand ambassador of Delhi-based developer Amrapali, after residents of a housing society started a protest campaign against the builder and the cricketer on the social media.Gupta further says if the recommendations become a law, celebrities could start charging a higher fee while cutting back on endorsement deals.”Celebrities may start demanding higher fees, and may become more selective in what they endorse. They may also make their contracts more complicated, demanding indemnities from advertisers. It would certainly make the whole business more complicated,” he said.Bijoor, too, expects celebrities to seek full indemnity on their involvements from brand owners.”Brand endorsers will be forced to do better due diligence on brands they promote. They will show that much more care now,” he added. PTI DS BEN GK GVS PTPlast_img read more

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