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UTPB Philharmonic to perform Sunday

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first_imgUTPB Philharmonic. Local NewsEducation Pinterest Facebook UTPB Philharmonic to perform Sunday WhatsApp Twitter utpb logo words OR USE THIS ONE Thomas Hohstadt, former conductor of the Midland Odessa Symphony, will present a concert with the UTPB Philharmonic Orchestra at 4 p.m. Sunday in the main hall of the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center, 1310 N. Farm to Market Road 1788.Featured soloist will be pianist Shari Santorelli performing the Grieg Piano Concerto. The Philharmonic will be featured, as well, in the orchestral favorite “New World Symphony.”The university is offering this concert free to the public.More Informationcenter_img By admin – April 5, 2018 Pinterest Facebook WhatsApp Twitter Previous articlePet vaccination clinicNext articleCity Pipe expands amid soaring pipeline demand adminlast_img read more

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Gen. Colin Powell shares roadside good deed encounter on Facebook

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first_imgDaniel Zuchnik/WireImage(WASHINGTON) — Retired four-star Gen. Colin L. Powell took to Facebook and called on the nation to “take care of each other” after a roadside encounter with one former Afghanistan civilian employee.Powell was driving down Interstate 495 on his way the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center when his left front tire blew out, according to his Facebook post. He said that he was attempting to change his tire but was having a little trouble due to the cold weather and tight lug bolts when a car suddenly pulled in front of him.As the man, now identified as Anthony Maggert, exited his car Powell noticed that he has a prosthetic leg.“He said he recognized me and wanted to help me,” Powell said. “He grabbed the lug wrench and finished the job as I put the tools away.”After his tire was changed, the two took a selfie and both hurried away to appointments at Walter Reed, according to the post. Powell didn’t get any information from Maggert but said he received this message from him later that evening.“Gen. Powell, I hope I never forget today because I’ll never forget reading your books. You were always an inspiration, a leader and statesman. After 33 years in the military you were the giant whose shoulders we stood upon to carry the torch to light the way and now it is tomorrow’s generation that must do the same. Anthony Maggert.”Powell said that this encounter not only made his day but was reassuring.“You touched my soul and reminded me about what this country is all about and why it is so great,” Powell posted. “Let’s stop screaming at each other. Let’s just take care of each other.”Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

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Portland Has Its Own Splash Brothers

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CJ McCollum40.7–– Even in the area where the duos are most similar — long-range sniping — they are still markedly different because of the disparate ways the players come by their threes. Lillard and McCollum have almost exact inverse splits between the percentage of their 3-point makes that have been pull-ups vs. catch-and-shoots over the past four years, per Second Spectrum, while Curry and Thompson’s splits have not lined up quite as cleanly. Despite the fact that these guard pairings have carried similar usage rates them over these past four years (30.7 percent and 26.7 percent for Lillard and McCollum; 31.1 percent and 25.4 percent for Curry and Thompson), the above figures show that they have come by that usage in vastly different ways. This is further driven home by the fact that Curry and Thompson have been assisted on their baskets far more often (52 percent and 82 percent) than have Lillard and McCollum (29.6 percent and 38.5 percent).These differences naturally stem from the high-end talent disparity between the two teams. Curry and Thompson have had the benefit of playing alongside Green and Andre Iguodala for the entirety of their run, and they’ve had Kevin Durant as an additional wingman for the past three years. Lillard and McCollum, meanwhile, have spent the majority of their time playing alongside Moe Harkless and Al-Farouq Aminu, as well as one of big men Mason Plumlee, Jusuf Nurkic and Enes Kanter. Those three are all nice players, and they have each proven incredibly valuable for Portland at different times, but none of them brings anywhere close to the brilliance of Durant or Green, none has the versatility of Iguodala, and none is the caliber of playmaker any of the aforementioned Golden State players are.The Warriors thinned out their bench in their series against Houston, but not to the point that Curry and Thompson had less help on their side than Lillard and McCollum do — and anyway, Portland is not Houston. The Blazers don’t have the ability to go small as often or as dangerously as the Rockets did when they put P.J. Tucker at center, which means that Andrew Bogut, Kevon Looney and even Jordan Bell can be on the floor more often. As good as Lillard is, the Blazers don’t have a singular player who has broken the game quite in the same way James Harden. And they don’t have the deep wellspring of wing shooters Houston has, either.What they do have is a star guard tandem and a deep group of players who have supported Dame and CJ on this run to the conference finals. That construction has generally not been enough for teams to beat the Warriors in the past. It may not be now, either. But the Splash Brothers Lite will try to make it work.Check out our latest NBA predictions. Stephen Curry46.7–– This, of course, is the natural result of the contrasting job descriptions of these players, which flow from the differing roster constructions in Portland and Golden State.Thompson is a classic shooting guard like you might have seen in the early 2000s. He works almost exclusively off the ball, flying off pin-downs and flare screens, spotting up when Curry runs pick and rolls or making split-cuts when Draymond Green has the ball in the post. Curry, meanwhile, may be Golden State’s point guard, but he is more of a co-lead ball-handler, along with Green and Durant, because that structure allows the Warriors to better weaponize his shooting abilities.By contrast, Lillard is essentially the prototype of the modern-day attack guard who is at the controls of the offense at all times, while McCollum splits his time: working off the ball alongside Lillard, on the ball as a de facto backup point guard in certain lineups and off the ball again in bench-heavy units alongside Evan Turner or Curry’s brother Seth. By wading into the tracking data on, we can see that in each of the past four seasons, the ball has been in Lillard’s hands for a greater share of his time on the floor than Curry and Thompson’s shares combined, and McCollum has had the ball in his hands nearly as often as Curry and usually more than twice as often as Thompson. * Calculated by dividing the number of minutes the ball was in a player’s hands by that player’s total minutes played during a given season.Source: Second Spectrum ––51.3 2017-1821.512.316.04.9 Average22.612.915.84.9 Source: Second Spectrum Damian Lillard60.5%–– The NBA’s splashiest backcourt outside Oakland resides in Portland. Trail Blazers stars Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum have combined to make 1,645 threes over the past four seasons, more than any duo in the league besides Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.1The four-year period starts when McCollum was elevated to the starting lineup — after the offseason departures of LaMarcus Aldridge, Wesley Matthews and Nic Batum — and became the Robin to Lillard’s Batman. Steph and Klay are also the only backcourt in the league to average more collective points per game over that span of time than Dame and CJ.The Splash Brothers are still (somewhat obviously) the superior pairing. Curry and Thompson are widely considered two of the greatest shooters of all time, and they completely warp opposing defenses. Thompson is also far and away the best defender of the four players. But when the quartet squares off in the Western Conference finals, which begin Tuesday night, the Blazers won’t just be bringing an inferior version of the Splash Brothers to the table. The Splash Brothers Lite are mostly just different — and there are even a few things Dame and CJ do a bit better than Steph and Klay.For starters, Portland’s guards attack off the bounce far more often than their Northern California counterparts. Lillard averaged 13.3 drives per game this season, per Second Spectrum tracking data on, and his 7.7 points per game on drives ranked 17th among the 353 NBA players who appeared in at least 40 games. McCollum, meanwhile, averaged 9.4 drives that created 6.3 points per game, a figure that tied for 28th among the same group of players. Each of the Blazers’ guards averaged more drive-points per game than the Warriors’ backcourt duo combined.2Curry’s 7.7 drives per game created 3.9 points per game, (73rd) while Thompson’s 4.4 drives created 2.1 points per game (132nd), which means they combined for only 6.0 points per game off the drive.This isn’t a new phenomenon, either. The Blazers’ guard duo has consistently been more aggressive in attacking the paint than the Warriors have been — both before and after Golden State acquired Kevin Durant prior to the 2016-17 season. ––84.8 2015-1624.5%15.2%16.9%5.1% Portland’s guards handle the ball moreThe time of possession rates* for each pair of players, 2015-16 to 2018-19 ––36.1% 2018-1921.710.014.14.6 Klay Thompson14.0–– YearLillardMcCollumCurryThompson The Splash Brother pairs shoot their threes in different waysShare of made 3-pointers in the regular season that were pull-up vs. catch-and-shoot, 2015-16 to 2018-19 ––58.7 Pull-upCatch-and-shoot 2016-1722.513.615.94.9 read more

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Clever bat experiment explains why plants tend to produce dilute nectar

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center_img (—A clever, exhaustive experiment created and carried out by a combined team of researchers from Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. has explained why some nectar-producing plants produce dilute nectar in spite of a highly sugared preference by bats. In their paper published in the journal Science, the researchers describe their experiment and what they found. Hamilton Farris with the Louisiana State University School of Medicine offers a Perspective piece on the work done by the team in the same journal issue. Journal information: Science Explore further More information: Vladislav Nachev et al. Cognition-mediated evolution of low-quality floral nectars, Science (2017). DOI: 10.1126/science.aah4219AbstractPlants pollinated by hummingbirds or bats produce dilute nectars even though these animals prefer more concentrated sugar solutions. This mismatch is an unsolved evolutionary paradox. Here we show that lower quality, or more dilute, nectars evolve when the strength of preferring larger quantities or higher qualities of nectar diminishes as magnitudes of the physical stimuli increase. In a virtual evolution experiment conducted in the tropical rainforest, bats visited computer-automated flowers with simulated genomes that evolved relatively dilute nectars. Simulations replicated this evolution only when value functions, which relate the physical stimuli to subjective sensations, were nonlinear. Selection also depended on the supply/demand ratio; bats selected for more dilute nectar when competition for food was higher. We predict such a pattern to generally occur when decision-makers consider multiple value dimensions simultaneously, and increases of psychological value are not fully proportional to increases in physical magnitude.last_img read more

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Rep Reilly named vice chair of JCAR and Financial Liability Reform Committees

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first_img Categories: Featured news,News,Reilly News 26Jan Rep. Reilly named vice chair of JCAR and Financial Liability Reform Committees Tags: #SB center_img House Speaker Tom Leonard today announced state Rep. John Reilly, of Oakland Township, will serve on five House policy committees, and as vice chair of two of those committees.Reilly will vice chair the House Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) and vice chair of Financial Liability Reform.JCAR is responsible for the legislative oversight of administrative rules proposed by state agencies and on Financial Liability Reform oversees the state’s long-term financial obligations. “I am humbled by Speaker Tom Leonard’s confidence in assigning me this expansive legislative portfolio,” Rep. Reilly said. “I will immediately immerse myself in these policy areas and I look forward to working with stakeholders to craft sound policy and vote in the best interest of the people of North Oakland County.”Reilly has already reached out to local education officials to discuss legislation.  After consulting with school superintendents, he co-sponsored a bill to allow all students in 11th and 12th grades to receive course credit for internships.  It was the first bill he co-sponsored as a freshman lawmaker.Reilly will also serve on the committees on Energy, Regulatory Reform, and Education.“The Michigan Legislature has accomplished many great things to turn our state around over the past six years,” Reilly said. “I will work very hard to improve the quality of our schools, to make energy more affordable, and to make it easier for all Michiganders to start a business or get a job.”The Oakland County lawmaker can be reached at [email protected] and at (517) 373-1798.######last_img read more

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