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SoundCloud Is Reportedly Considering Selling Their Company For $1 Billion

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first_imgOnline streaming giant SoundCloud has been in financial trouble for some time now, and it seems the company’s founders are considering drastic steps to maintain their product. According to a news item in Bloomberg, the owners of the German-based company are mulling over the option of selling their company for a steep $1 billion sum.Though Bloomberg’s sources wished to remain private during any potential negotiations, SoundCloud is indeed “exploring strategic options” for the business. While they may ultimately opt not to sell, it appears as though serious measures will need to be taken in order to make SoundCloud profitable. The streaming site found a niche as a place for anyone to share and discover music, such as their recently-introduced premium service with fewer ads and increased access. There are also premium accounts for artists, based on storage space and additional features.If SoundCloud is priced at $1 Billion, we can only hope that any corporate entity looking to take over the site doesn’t change it for the worse.last_img read more

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Week Starts Off Cool, Warm Up Likely By Mid-Week

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first_imgWNYNewsNow is a proud Ambassador for the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation program.Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Photo Credit: NOAAJAMESTOWN – It will feel more like Autumn on Sunday, rather then early summer. Temperatures will eventually warm by mid-week, but with increase chances for rain. Sunday will feature plenty of sunshine across the region, although with a very cool air mass in place, temperatures will be struggling to reach 60. Temperatures will hover in the mid to upper 50’s.Another cool night for tonight. Partly cloudy skies with lows in the ranging from the upper 30’s well inland to the lower 40’s near the lake shore.Monday will be a bit warmer with highs in the mid 60’s with plenty of sunshine. A warm front will move into the area late Monday. This will allow the temperatures to reach the lower 70’s for Tuesday and mid to upper 70’s by mid to late week. With the warm front, chances for rain increase for Tuesday and Wednesday.last_img read more

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Bar panel encourages minority attorneys to get more involved

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first_imgBar panel encourages minority attorneys to get more involved Bar panel encourages minority attorneys to get more involved Gary Blankenship Senior Editor Florida Bar officials and representatives from minority and speciality bar associations agreed recently that more needs to be done to draw a broader cross- section of the Bar’s membership into its activities.The best ways to do that occupied much of the discussion at the recent meeting of the Membership Outreach Committee. The panel, chaired by Bar President-elect Alan Bookman, was created by President Kelly Overstreet Johnson to work on recommendations from the Bar’s Diversity Symposium held last April.The symposium made recommendations pertaining to the judiciary, law schools, the legal profession, and the Bar, and set an overall goal of having the Bar membership reflect the state’s diverse population by 2014.“What I’d like this committee to do is review this report [from the symposium], see how it fits within this committee’s structure, and make recommendations on what other sections and committees should look at this,” Bookman said at the start of the meeting.Johnson noted that the Bar’s Student Education and Admissions to the Bar Committee and the Law Related Education Committee will be studying part of those recommendations, as will the Equal Opportunities Law and the Public Interest Law sections.Bookman added he saw the committee’s role as looking at the symposium recommendations affecting the Bar, and coordinating the work of the other sections and committees.Johnson reiterated her frustration — expressed in other venues — with not getting enough minorities to apply for Bar positions.“I basically put a minority on every committee that I could, but I had to go out and recruit people,” she said. “We have to have people willing to volunteer and then we have to have people actually willing to come and participate.”Committee member Allison Bethel, who works in the Ft. Lauderdale Attorney General’s Office, suggested the Bar compile a list of minority and speciality bar meetings, including their special functions such as scholarship dinners. Then Bar leaders, including Board of Governors members, should be encouraged to attend as many as possible.“Make your presence known,” she said. “You need to know what’s going on. It’s got to be a concerted effort where you see white people from the Bar at all of the events you have. People then say, ‘Hey, you’re really sincere.’”Bookman agreed, adding, “This applies to all bar associations, not just black bar associations.”Johnson noted she and Bookman are already attending as many speciality Bar functions as they can as a show of their commitment to improving diversity in Bar operations. She also said she wants to reach out to other segments of the Bar, such as rural, small town, and government lawyers.Among suggestions made at the meeting:• Leon County Judge Judith Hawkins noted that African Americans have had trouble winning contested elections to the Board of Governors. She said having “protected” spots on the board would encourage more minorities to run and participate.• After Johnson said the Bar has had trouble attracting minority applications for judicial nominating commission openings, National Bar Association Florida Chapter President Ben Crump agreed with the president that communication needs to be improved from both sides. He said the NBA would arrange for applicants from every circuit where it has members. Added committee member Ardyth Walker of the Equal Opportunities Law Section, “A lot of the problems and hurt feelings on both sides came from a lack of communications. If you really want to be serious about increasing diversity, this is the sort of miscommunications you cannot afford.”• There is a need to get better demographic information about Bar members. Bar Executive Director John F. Harkness, Jr., said Bar information indicates that membership on its committees generally reflects the ethnic and gender makeup of the Bar membership as a whole. But he noted that the Bar does not have demographic information on more than 23,000 of its members, and those are mostly younger members who tend to be more diverse in gender and ethnicity.Several committee members said they would like to get that information, but Harkness noted it’s not an easy process. He said the Bar sent e-mails requesting that data to about 30,000 members without demographic information. About 9,000 members sent the info, but several expressed hostility that the Bar would ask for such data, he reported.The Bar is also considering asking the Supreme Court to allow the Bar to get the information from the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, something the court has rejected in the past. Harkness noted that if the Bar did get some demographic information, it would be public record. That would mean anyone could request the gender and ethnic background of any Bar members, or ask for a list of all Hispanic or African American members, he said.As of September 30 the Bar’s data showed 62 percent of its membership are white males; 25 percent are white females; 4 percent are Hispanic males; 3 percent are Hispanic females; 2 percent are African American females; and 1 percent are African American males. On committee memberships, 57 percent are white males; 30 percent are white females; 4 percent are Hispanic males; 3 percent are Hispanic females; 3 percent are African American females; and 1 percent are African American males.Both Johnson and Bookman said they plan to hold follow-up diversity symposiums during their presidential years, but also that they want to do more than just repeat the discussions of the first one earlier this year, convened by immediate past Bar President Miles McGrane.Bookman also said the committee will meet again in January at the Bar’s Midyear Meeting, and may hold a teleconference meeting before then. November 1, 2004 Senior Editor Regular Newslast_img read more

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Chris Mack

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first_imgI am wondering if Chris Mack did the right thing when he left Xavier for Louisville.  It is certain that his wife likes the move since her family still lives in the Louisville area.  Chris’ bank account will also like the move since he will be making $4 million for each of the next 7 years.The downside of the move is that he is leaving a program that is very stable, and for the most part, lacking NCAA scrutiny.  He is going to a program where the alumni seemingly will stop at nothing to get a recruit to choose Louisville.  While Rick Pitino was at Louisville, there was always an NCAA investigation.  Mack will have to clean up this part of the program immediately.  Once you get the NCAA on your back, they watch every move no matter how minor.  Chris is a nice guy, so I hope he is tough enough to stand up to the alumni pressure.last_img read more

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