The future development path of Shanghai Longfeng occupation

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Shanghai Dragon: stick to

type editor of Shanghai dragon

We can see the

daily work positions such as: the chain Commissioner, editing, uploading the information commissioner are editing Shanghai dragon, as well as some areas of the Shanghai dragon optimization division are also classified to edit the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon does not need such superb technology, as long as familiar with the code, write articles, send the chain, change friends of the chain, belongs to the shallow layer of Shanghai Longfeng in Shanghai Longfeng Er workers. Of course there are higher order groups, they have a group of senior Internet observers, the style of sharp and long-term perspective, the trend of development of the Internet to see very thoroughly, the major site of love these people very much, most of them belong to people from the media. read more

How to do the chain of sustainable quality

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3. text links:

registered B2B platform after submission, many B2B platform can add Links, > Links the role

2.B2B, classified information platform:

2. hyperlink:

common type of submission website such as: A5, Chinaz and so on, can be combined with the need to optimize the content of Shanghai dragon industry write quality articles, to his own experience, what experience for everyone to share, end with keywords and links. The examination will be a large number of different types of website reprint your article, so you will take over the link, so the chain is someone to help you do, but also the different time of IP, but also the quality of the chain. Of course, the premise of your article must have read and write, to help users.

believe that Shanghai dragon friends all know, the chain is the Shanghai dragon essential work, many Internet companies have their own chain of the commissioner. The Commissioner of the chain work every day to send the chain and the chain, put his original a chain machine. Collected every day a few soft belt links posted to countless section, regardless of whether it is included, just to the number. read more

100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know (nine)

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1, Shanghai love weight is third party Webmaster Tools simulation love Shanghai algorithm given website rating, although the algorithm is not accurate enough, but still be able to simulate some site rating. But in order to prevent other people’s weight is brush up, ranking at the time of purchase to view the website main keywords.


83, why does a spider come every day, and not update

love Shanghai snapshot is a cache of a time data, different page caching time is not the same, the search engine has a caching mechanism, corresponding in time snapshot keyword search site when different would be different, because the search engine keyword index according to different establishment the different cache, so there are a number of snapshots is normal.

spider come every day, you need to see whether the spider crawling does not grasp, if only to climb that catch content or problems, to increase the intensity of the original. In addition the spider grab will not soon update, this is a process, the weight to shorten the process first to accumulate website, second timing quantitative update high quality article won the trust of the search engine. Finally, the spider come every day, that is exactly what the spider come? Not all of the website will be updated to the spider, right down here, so we need to analyze the web log, understand the search engine spiders. Refer to the "love Shanghai" read more

Based on the analysis of the advantages of Shanghai dragon three legged

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Figure The

Trust: Trust

keyword research is often a difficult optimization process, through a number of keyword research tools to gain insights, you cannot believe that a lot of the time, they will let you enter a keyword misunderstanding, accumulate more experience in this area in the usual work, even in the early stage with the main keywords to optimize your people what is the use of the site, so that your work will become very easy.

and small business they have no weight to make up for the problem domain. Large enterprises can get a lot of, in terms of technology they have stronger advantage. The landing page, iframes, session ID, text in the picture, indexable content, meta tags and URL robot structure and so on, I believe you know everything has its own story and we can share.

this is obviously related technical problems. If the search engine can’t find your page or reading your content, you think this site has a significance difference? This relationship is to have a website to transfer the semantic information search engine and a website that correct language, most of the proposed many webmaster to Shanghai dragon is to improve the "optimization" to improve look at your station users, but I don’t think this is right, because not only is the Shanghai dragon page users and search engines. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is so simple for enterprises not what value

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two, key words: any one site has its own theme, also has its own specific user group. According to the website of the theme positioning and user groups to the location of the keywords, how to choose keywords, how to do the location before has repeatedly mentioned, comply with the principle is to ensure that the keyword and website related keywords, search volume, avoid bidding, competition big general words and popular words, choose the way of general peer website quiz website, search, search engines and social networking platform, this is no longer described. (good table records)

, a domain name, and the space program is the basic work of Shanghai Dragon: most practitioners are taking over the old website, or has set up a new website good. In fact, the Shanghai dragon optimization, from the choice of the domain name, space, buy program options are the most basic content. As for how to choose the good domain name, how to choose suitable space is not much to say. For this program, in order to the security guard and other reasons, Yuan Kun recommend the best use of the official program, do not use after two times of development. read more

Google Nexus mirror factory and source code and high end dispute

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Nexus 7, codenamed "Razor", listed in the United States last month. Now buy the products to consumers, can enjoy the brush, customized, or meet any of their equipment for changing your mind.

factory images and source code files is to restore the original set of basic equipment. This is almost a necessity for Android game player. When they continue to brush when they need to file the factory just in case, because of an error or equipment can not only solve the factory image to restart.

The latest version of

NetEase Francisco August 11th message, according to technology blog TNW reported that Google has finally released a new Nexus 7 mirror factory. Previously, because with the chip maker Qualcomm dispute, responsible for the management of open source project director has resigned, has solved the problem with Qualcomm to. read more

Stock exchange Links 6 tricks

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1. + technology + boring waste of time — this trick to delete the

4. nofollow > wicked webmaster attribute

has included many webmaster think there is weight, this is indeed the right. But if put an apple cut into half and then to 100 people, that everyone can eat much? The day accidentally opened the mailbox, several PR5 website managers actually want to change and my new friend chain. I hastened to check the site, there is a special Links page. I found no Links home page link, only to see the Links page links in the site map. In fact, this website structure makes the page weight is much lower than that of the home page, with hundreds of people to share, to share what is fundamental. If want to change, at least PR50? Or the above statement, this special Links page change is not recommended. read more

Learning to high weight website increase the strong correlation between static search page for the w

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as a statement of love, I often went to the table here the net million watches, but if only in accordance with the list of the view, it is easy to lead to a variety of different brands, different styles, different price watch appeared in my eyes, this dazzling choice, although you can make eye-opening the author, but also very easy to produce because of too many varieties and feeling at a loss, so the author in order to understand their favorite styles of watches in the shortest time, naturally into the selection from the brand, price, movement, and other aspects of the case (Figure 1). At this time through such refinement options, will square meter net I search for a series of products at the same time I want to know, this link has become a static search page, when love Shanghai or other large number of search engines included the static search page, it will have to square meter net weight further promotion. read more