The future development path of Shanghai Longfeng occupation

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Shanghai Dragon: stick to

type editor of Shanghai dragon

We can see the

daily work positions such as: the chain Commissioner, editing, uploading the information commissioner are editing Shanghai dragon, as well as some areas of the Shanghai dragon optimization division are also classified to edit the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon does not need such superb technology, as long as familiar with the code, write articles, send the chain, change friends of the chain, belongs to the shallow layer of Shanghai Longfeng in Shanghai Longfeng Er workers. Of course there are higher order groups, they have a group of senior Internet observers, the style of sharp and long-term perspective, the trend of development of the Internet to see very thoroughly, the major site of love these people very much, most of them belong to people from the media.

C comments: this work position is to find, if the salary requirement is not high very quickly posts, and the work is simple, very little pressure. Weakness is unable to adhere to, boring work, if the force is not enough in Shanghai dragon will not ascend, belong to the people at the bottom of Shanghai dragon er. Here refers to the one hand, if you have enough patience and perseverance, strong learning ability and you.

Occupation choice

Shanghai dragon are some people who have persistence, insisted that victory in the Shanghai dragon industry is the true saying, many of the most commonly used term Daniel novice reply is "adhere to". The early development of Shanghai Dragon: editing to Shanghai dragon optimization division, common in this area of Shanghai Longfeng positions, perhaps before 2013 there is a very popular position: the chain Commissioner, with the improvement of engine search algorithm, this occupation is gradually classified in the editor. Have ambitious basically died in Shanghai Longfeng Road starting line, Shanghai dragon is a long-term accumulation of industry slowly, anxious basically live tomorrow morning, Shanghai dragon no technology at all, adhere to is the Holy grail.



any occupation to a certain extent will be enhanced, this is called occupation prospects. Shanghai dragon is the same, the 3 part here to Shanghai dragon small C occupation choice is divided into: Shanghai Longfeng, technical editor of Shanghai Longfeng, marketing Shanghai dragon. Each position has different characteristics, small C are described in detail below:

Early : advanced Shanghai Dragon

a few days did not write the keyboard are rusty, when chatting with friends today about Shanghai dragon how to deal with the future trend of development, the Shanghai dragon occupation will not disappear? Before I tell Lu Songsong when it comes to Shanghai dragon’s existence in the future, so he said to me: "with the development of mobile Internet, Shanghai the dragon industry will gradually from hot to dull, but will not disappear." Shanghai dragon road although rough but will not disappear, Shanghai dragon attached to a variety of search engine, search engine does not disappear, Shanghai dragon will not disappear.

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