How to do the chain of sustainable quality

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3. text links:

registered B2B platform after submission, many B2B platform can add Links, > Links the role

2.B2B, classified information platform:

2. hyperlink:

common type of submission website such as: A5, Chinaz and so on, can be combined with the need to optimize the content of Shanghai dragon industry write quality articles, to his own experience, what experience for everyone to share, end with keywords and links. The examination will be a large number of different types of website reprint your article, so you will take over the link, so the chain is someone to help you do, but also the different time of IP, but also the quality of the chain. Of course, the premise of your article must have read and write, to help users.

believe that Shanghai dragon friends all know, the chain is the Shanghai dragon essential work, many Internet companies have their own chain of the commissioner. The Commissioner of the chain work every day to send the chain and the chain, put his original a chain machine. Collected every day a few soft belt links posted to countless section, regardless of whether it is included, just to the number.

Anchor text: The quality of the chain


so you can really enhance the site’s ranking? I don’t think so, I personally think that the chain is important, but only on the quality of the chain. But too much garbage outside the chain will only become a search engine to punish you for. The chain like people, divided into lower grade below, first introduced the quality chain, type:

after the hyperlink anchor text, link the benefits is convenient for users to click, not only transfer the weight also brings traffic can usually leave hyperlink website can do the anchor text, so it is recommended that you do the anchor text. Except exception.

, a type of the chain:

The effect of 1. to

anchor text effect in the chain is the best of the chain, the anchor text with the benefits of not only is a connection, or a key vote. The search engine is the most harmonious, can be very good weight transfer. Recommended to do when the chain made the best anchor text.


The quality of the chain:

is a text link chain is the most common, and do most of the chain, because most types of sites are not allowed to leave the anchor text and hyperlinks, so text links will be focus on the object of the chain. The weight of text links bring two slightly worse than before, I teach you a method of keywords is around the text link with you to optimize, such as search engine crawling text link will observe the surrounding text, and around the keywords you want to optimize, this will tell search engines this link content.

webmaster portal website submission:

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