Based on the analysis of the advantages of Shanghai dragon three legged

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Trust: Trust

keyword research is often a difficult optimization process, through a number of keyword research tools to gain insights, you cannot believe that a lot of the time, they will let you enter a keyword misunderstanding, accumulate more experience in this area in the usual work, even in the early stage with the main keywords to optimize your people what is the use of the site, so that your work will become very easy.

and small business they have no weight to make up for the problem domain. Large enterprises can get a lot of, in terms of technology they have stronger advantage. The landing page, iframes, session ID, text in the picture, indexable content, meta tags and URL robot structure and so on, I believe you know everything has its own story and we can share.

this is obviously related technical problems. If the search engine can’t find your page or reading your content, you think this site has a significance difference? This relationship is to have a website to transfer the semantic information search engine and a website that correct language, most of the proposed many webmaster to Shanghai dragon is to improve the "optimization" to improve look at your station users, but I don’t think this is right, because not only is the Shanghai dragon page users and search engines.

site requires trust established and user and search engine three, let users on your site to maintain trust, to ensure the accuracy of the website and contact address, at the same time, the information content can be read and real effective.

here, we are not only talking about keywords, and also share the information architecture of website, I want to use this opportunity to continue my campaign. Honestly, I believe that most of the search engine optimization problem is due to a poor information system results.

content: Content

Technology: Technical

aims to explain what we see is the cornerstone of Shanghai Longfeng three factors, you will get three important aspects of the ranking in the search engine, these factors are closely related, if you are one of the factors is weaker, then you will not be able to get the ranking in the search engine.

is an extremely abstract things, we content to solve the problem, accept and meet the visitor’s curiosity, the final outcome, you made important decisions in what aspects based on.



the first key element is to get good rankings to ensure no any technical barriers, stop the search engine spiders to read and understand your website. We have seen a large number of small enterprises have some similar problems, either the website ranking, or even to pay the hard work still has no effect.

This problem is

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