Shanghai Longfeng optimization is so simple for enterprises not what value

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two, key words: any one site has its own theme, also has its own specific user group. According to the website of the theme positioning and user groups to the location of the keywords, how to choose keywords, how to do the location before has repeatedly mentioned, comply with the principle is to ensure that the keyword and website related keywords, search volume, avoid bidding, competition big general words and popular words, choose the way of general peer website quiz website, search, search engines and social networking platform, this is no longer described. (good table records)

, a domain name, and the space program is the basic work of Shanghai Dragon: most practitioners are taking over the old website, or has set up a new website good. In fact, the Shanghai dragon optimization, from the choice of the domain name, space, buy program options are the most basic content. As for how to choose the good domain name, how to choose suitable space is not much to say. For this program, in order to the security guard and other reasons, Yuan Kun recommend the best use of the official program, do not use after two times of development.

Localization of

The analysis of

three, website structure: for the structure of the web site, if you can use the official program not what problems, if used many years ago or two times the development of web application program, need to have the relevant technical personnel into.

is it really? If you really find Guardian yuan Kun think so, can explain the enterprise or practitioners to fully understand Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. Think of Shanghai dragon is equal to the ranking and traffic, think Shanghai Longfeng job is to identify keywords, update the article, release some of the chain. Just contact Shanghai dragon new optimization that most of these things is Shanghai dragon, so simple. So often for a period of time after the website ranking dropped, the weight of webmaster tools was given, the site is not included for various reasons, but we cannot solve these problems.

novice to do Shanghai dragon operation may just staring at the rankings included and update the content, to think of every day, released a large number of the chain is good. But for a proficient, we will start from what Shanghai dragon? We look at the whole working process of Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon really is not easy, Shanghai dragon is a kind of thinking and technology. So just contact for the enterprises and practitioners, to participate in the training of learning is the best way. A friend said I self-study can also ah, how many words can be self-taught? And how long it will take, and the enterprise will have time to let us slowly learning


said many companies are now Shanghai dragon optimization is not willing to do, did not always feel what effect. The majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, Shanghai dragon is not content, keywords, value chain? In view of the present situation of this industry, we all feel Shanghai Longfeng optimization is so simple, not what the value for the enterprise.

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