Stock exchange Links 6 tricks

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1. + technology + boring waste of time — this trick to delete the

4. nofollow > wicked webmaster attribute

has included many webmaster think there is weight, this is indeed the right. But if put an apple cut into half and then to 100 people, that everyone can eat much? The day accidentally opened the mailbox, several PR5 website managers actually want to change and my new friend chain. I hastened to check the site, there is a special Links page. I found no Links home page link, only to see the Links page links in the site map. In fact, this website structure makes the page weight is much lower than that of the home page, with hundreds of people to share, to share what is fundamental. If want to change, at least PR50? Or the above statement, this special Links page change is not recommended.


many sites have special union page, so many webmaster if you do not want to let the head page included not can not give each other with weight? Many people have to regularly check the chain, but the lack of knowing what you see is a meaningless page. The simplest way to deal with is whether the page included weight, see. This small robots file is used to make the page cannot let the spider away, is a novice webmaster neglect. But I don’t suggest you exchange the chain, because the chain is not only for the weight, but also a key to import traffic.

2. can not be included in the Links page

this trick generally have attentive webmaster can be found very common in pediatrics. This method is for stations, stations and other enterprises no long-term management of the website. After a few days later today to exchange links, soundless and stirless disappeared, resulting in weight itself is not high site to others do one-way links, made a big loss. Although it is easy to find, but there are still people fooled. You can often use a tool to check whether the link back to the site, the best to see whether there is a link back to see if there is no statistics, to bring traffic, so relatively safe. For this kind of webmaster, we do not have so much theory, immediately delete. But if the other site or is relatively large because of website and other temporary delete, this valuable website is worth the webmaster to ask a.

exchange Links is many webmaster every day to do, especially some new Adsense exchange links that is the site of the main body, but not because of the exchange of the site analysis, often deceived, even senior webmaster is no exception. However, most of the owners still hope to have a stable link, link, change the content of honest. But there are still some owners love to play tricks, cheat temporary chain. Now, I hated these boring and secret tricks.

exchange, Ming

3. novice webmaster easy special skills, reduce the weight of the page

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