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as a statement of love, I often went to the table here the net million watches, but if only in accordance with the list of the view, it is easy to lead to a variety of different brands, different styles, different price watch appeared in my eyes, this dazzling choice, although you can make eye-opening the author, but also very easy to produce because of too many varieties and feeling at a loss, so the author in order to understand their favorite styles of watches in the shortest time, naturally into the selection from the brand, price, movement, and other aspects of the case (Figure 1). At this time through such refinement options, will square meter net I search for a series of products at the same time I want to know, this link has become a static search page, when love Shanghai or other large number of search engines included the static search page, it will have to square meter net weight further promotion.

search page? Figure 1

strong correlation search page is static, and themes are closely associated with the page, as shown in Figure 1 is a typical, after all, million net table as a watch dealer network, not only has knowledge of a large number of pages to watch, but there are many on the watch static search page, both constitute the main body of the site, at the same time the page content does not exceed the range of watches, the correlation is very strong.

day, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee has had a notice which said the content is too much static if a website search page relevance is not strong, love also is prone to punish Shanghai, because these are not related to static search and website content page can enhance the site included, thus a large number of long tail words appear to push up, to get search engine traffic.

What is the

, a strong correlation between the static

however, there are many websites in order to improve their website weight of the platform, the.


so we should consider the problem from this aspect, all love Shanghai banned from the search engines of the project, we should study, one could let yourself the opportunity to make mistakes, to understand the specific details of these cheating, to see if there is anything worthy of their own use, after all, everything there are two sides by certain skills can produce a large number of static search page, not only enhanced the amount included in the site, but also can bring search engine traffic to the site, which has been recognized and loved Shanghai to stop, but Shanghai is not love does not agree to increase the static website search page, but against static search page site "does not increase the number of relevant".

?The so-called In September 6, 2013

two, what is the static search page is not strong correlation

want to know the static search page for users, not only have effect, but if handled well, then the effect is very obvious, we can from the following this simple example to understand.

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