Are organisations neglecting the potential talent in their midst?

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first_imgAre organisations neglecting the potential talent in their midst?On 21 Aug 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Only a third of large employers around the world regularly use high-flierschemes, despite their importance in succession planning. These schemes within work organisations identify staff with potential forleadership and management positions and help them prepare for future roles. Many larger organisations will use a development centre to assessdevelopmental needs and ascertain potential for high-flier schemes. Feedback from the centre will be used to create a developmental plan,including work experiences that will prepare employees for future roles, suchas job rotations and secondments. In the countries surveyed, a median of only about one-third of employerswith 200 or more staff report regular use. The biggest uptake is by France andSweden, with 55 per cent regularly using high-flier schemes. The UK is wellbelow the median at 24 per cent. The figures mask private and public sector differences. In most countries,public-sector organisations are less likely to have high-flier schemes. In theUK, private-sector usage is at 30 per cent compared with 13 per cent in thepublic sector. Only in Japan, Slovenia, and Tunisia are public and privatesector usage roughly equal. Although many organisations need to consider whether they are planning theirleadership succession effectively, this data suggests that many are not. Ofcourse, employers could be relying on external recruitment or they could bedeveloping high-fliers more informally. A more formal approach will be moreeffective and send a positive message to talented employees about internalpromotion. Gene Johnson is a business psychologist with Interactive Skill   Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

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Woman lose out on achieving work-life balance

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first_imgWoman lose out on achieving work-life balanceOn 10 Jun 2003 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Working women are still missing out on work-life balance because theycontinue to carry the main burden of domestic duties at home. New research from The Work Foundation, in association with Employers forWork-Life Balance (EfWLB), shows that, for many women, when one working dayfinishes, another begins at home. The Work Foundation report, About Time for Change, finds employers areresponding to the case for better work-life balance – three out of five peoplesay their employer would support all employees, with or without children, beingable to work flexibly. But, the report shows that within the home, women still shoulder the greatershare of domestic responsibility. They are more than three-and-a-half times more likely than men to reportthat they do most of the household tasks themselves, and over 12 times morelikely to report they do most of the childcare. However, the report, based on a survey of 500 respondents, shows coupleswhose salaries and career priorities were equally matched tended to sharedomestic responsibilities more evenly. Will Hutton, chief executive of The Work Foundation said: “This[work-life balance] is not just about civil society, individual sanity orallowing women to juggle their lives better. It is increasingly relevant toworkplace performance and productivity.” Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

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EC decision on 48-hour opt-out before Christmas

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first_img Comments are closed. EC decision on 48-hour opt-out before ChristmasOn 9 Dec 2003 in Personnel Today The decision by the European Commission on whether to recommend a ban on UKemployees working longer than a 48-hour week is due to be announced beforeChristmas. The recommendation could dramatically change the way UK employers,especially in industries such as logistics, catering and construction, rosterstaff. David Yeandle, deputy director of employment policy at the manufacturers’organisation EEF, said while he expects a document before Christmas, he doesnot know what it will contain. “There is a lack of clarity [about] the contents and the status of thedocument – it is not known whether it will be viewed as a general consultationdocument or as the first stage of formal consultation,” he said. Currently, the Working Time Directive – which was adopted in 1993 – allowsstaff to opt-out of the limit, but its use has been under review by Europeafter fears that UK employers were abusing the clause. An independent report by Cambridge academics found “evidence of theopt-out being included as a standard term of employment contracts and so, ineffect, being compulsory”. However, the report also notes that the conciliation service Acas feels theopt-out “has not created significant industrial relationsdifficulties”, and that the T&G union believes “the freedom towork overtime rather than employer pressure was the major incentive”behind opt-out agreements. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

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Social care gains surge of graduates

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first_img Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Social care gains surge of graduatesOn 17 Feb 2004 in Personnel Today The crisis in social care recruitment could be coming to an end with newfigures showing a surge in students studying for the ‘caring’ professions. Statistics from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Services (Ucas)show that the number of social work candidates entering university this summerwill rise by 94.6 per cent to 22,101. Research by the Employers Organisation for local government (EO) shows thatlocal authority spending on social services increased by 159 per cent lastyear, but the average number of job vacancies still stand at 8.4 per cent. Vacancies remain highest in occupational therapy posts (20 per cent) andchildren’s social workers (12.6 per cent). London has the greatest number ofshortages in the UK, with the eastern region and the South West suffering thelowest vacancy rates. David Mellor, chief research officer at the EO, said the very marked risewas extremely encouraging. However, he warned that continual action was needed to ensure the professiondid not start to haemorrhage trainees as it did in the late 1990s. last_img read more

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… in brief

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first_img… in briefOn 23 Mar 2004 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. This week’s news in briefWinning ways Personnel Today reader Peter Fonseca, organisation development manager atStanley Europe in Sheffield, is the lucky winner of a trip to Seville and aplace at the MCE Global HR Management Conference – Europe’s largest HR event.The theme for this year’s event, which takes place on 21-23 April, is the‘Future of Work’. tribunals Recruitment consultancy Huntress and law firm CKFT are running a series ofmock employment tribunals, targeted at increasing the knowledge of HRprofessionals. Attendance is free and there is specific reference to currentlegislation on data protection, employee working status, e-mail monitoring anddiscrimination. To book e-mail: [email protected] in hiding The number of company directors receiving special treatment from the DTIbecause they are ‘under threat of violence or intimidation’ has doubled in thepast year. Normally directors must file a ‘usual residential address’ atCompanies House, but those claiming they need to hide their details forsecurity reasons has risen to 3,549 – up from 1,800. fear worst The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has warned that the Government’sdecision to increase the adult national minimum wage to £4.85 could lead torecruitment problems and job losses in the sector. BRC director of retailservices Amanda Miller said: “We are only relieved that the wage did notrise above the Low Pay Commission’s recommendations.” Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

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Councils must share services to cut costs

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first_img Comments are closed. Councils must share services to cut costsOn 22 Aug 2006 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Shared-service centres that run back-office functions such as HR will become “the norm” in local government by 2009, the Public Sector People Managers’ Association (PPMA) has predicted.Last week, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham signed a £120m, 10-year deal to set up London’s first local government shared-services centre from 1 October. The centre aims to run back-office functions for other London councils.The PPMA said the need for the public sector to make savings, driven by the government’s Gershon efficiency agenda, would mean more local authorities moving towards this model.Alan Warner, past PPMA president and corporate director (people and property) at Hertfordshire County Council, said there was great potential for local authorities to offer a range of services to other councils. “This is the direction of travel for HR in local government,” he said. “We will see some real changes within the next three years.”NHS organisations are also taking steps in adopting the shared-services model. The Department of Health is on the verge of providing funding for a pilot project.For more on shared serviceslast_img read more

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Matthew Perry parts with Malibu beach house for $13M

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first_imgTagsCelebrity Real EstateMalibu Matthew Perry and 25438 Malibu Road (Getty, Redfin)It’s one Los Angeles property down and another to go for Matthew Perry.The “Friends” star sold his beachfront home in Malibu for $13.1 million, but is still looking to unload his larger Century City penthouse, the Los Angeles Times reported.The two-story Malibu home at 25438 Malibu Road is 5,500 square feet, and has four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. Both levels open up to decks on the beach-facing side of the house. Perry listed the home for $15 million in August. The closing price was just a little more than the $13 million he paid for the property in 2011.Last year, Perry bought a home in Pacific Palisades that’s about half the size of the Malibu property.His 9,300-square-foot penthouse at Related Companies’ The Century in Century City has been on the market since August 2019. Perry first listed it for $35 million then dropped the ask last year to $27 million. The unit encompasses the entire 40th floor of the 42-story tower. [LAT] — Dennis LynchADVERTISEMENT Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlinkcenter_img Share via Shortlinklast_img read more

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Oxygen uptake in an Antarctic collembole Cryptopygus antarcticus

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first_imgThe relationship between length and weight was investigated for the Antarctic springtail, Cryptopygus antarcticus Willem. The range of individuals from juvenile to adult was divided arbitrarily into five size classes, whose lengths ranged from 440-1,990 μm, and live weights from 2.2-119.5 μg. Measurements of oxygen consumption of individuals were made using a Cartesian Diver micro-respirometer at +2°, +6° and +10°C, and mean rates were calculated for each size class at each experimental temperature. These varied from 10.52-75.91 μ l× 10-4/individual and hr at +2°C, 41.40-78.04 at +6°C, and 120.81-136.60 at +10°C. These respiration data are discussed in relation to live weight and temperature, and to other work on temperate and Antarctic collembolalast_img

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Model plasmasphere calculations for L-values near 2.5 at the longitude of Argentine Islands, Antarctica

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first_imgA model of the terrestrial plasmasphere that includes an eccentric dipole geomagnetic field has been developed. Calculations are carried out for tubes of plasma at the longitude of Argentine Islands, Antarctica (64°W). Results for L-values around 2.5 are compared with those obtained in VLF experiments at Faraday that detect whistler signals from NAA and NSS stations in the north east U.S.A. Calculated group delay and Doppler shift of whistler signals are analysed by the usual technique employed by experimenters at Faraday to deduce meridionalE×Bplasma drift and rate of change of plasma tube content (i.e. ionosphere-plasmasphere flux). The deduced drifts and fluxes are compared with those from the model.last_img

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Rapid procedure for the isolation and analysis of fatty acid and fatty alcohol fractions from wax esters of marine zooplankton

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first_imgA rapid and simple method for the isolation of fatty acid methyl esters and fatty alcohols from the lipid fraction of marine zooplankton is described. Wax esters are the dominant lipid class in most calanoid copepods and trans-esterification results in a high fatty alcohol content in the analytical extract. Current procedures for the separation and purification of lipid classes by preparative thin-layer chromatography are time-consuming and are subject to low recovery of the analytes. In this method, fatty acid methyl esters and fatty alcohols were separated by liquid chromatography using silica or honded amino-silica as the stationary phase. The procedure is equally applicable to the analysis of zooplankton with low wax ester (and hence fatty alcohol) content, for example, a number of species of euphausiid and, generally, for samples of low mass.last_img read more

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