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Benchwarmer: Hysteria Over Tanaka’s Velocity Is Comical

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first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York [dropcap]N[/dropcap]othing screams “Welcome!” to the opening week of the 2015 Major League Baseball season like manufactured crises.That’s right, New York baseball fans—after suffering through a hellish winter and before that an autumn baseball season devoid of New York’s two clubs, you were neglected the optimism-filled Opening Day you so desired and deserved. (It was a different story for Mets fans until they lost their closer before the opener and then fell to the Nationals two days later in D.C. only to bounce back with their ace Matt Harvey on Thursday.)Thought you’d make it through the opening week without doomsday predictions and impending disasters hanging over your head? How naive! Forget it, folks. This is New York. And with tabloid sales plummeting faster than Congress’ approval ratings, you better believe there’d be plenty of incentive for writers to jump right into midseason form and make immediate judgments without taking the appropriate time to reflect on what’s at stake after one game: absolutely nothing.The fevered pitch panic that threatened to bring the Yankees empire to its knees after only four innings at Yankee Stadium on Monday was a direct result of a poor outing by Yankees ace Masahiro Tanaka, who was an early Cy Young contender last year before he partially tore his UCL—an injury that sometimes leads to the dreaded Tommy John Surgery. No doubt, Tanaka was ineffective Monday. He surrendered five hits, five runs (four earned) and walked two Blue Jays over four frames. How dare he! Some observers were so incensed that they all but demanded he go under the knife right there on the mound. Why not? It’s not their bodies.It’s no shock that Tanaka’s initial start following an injury-shortened rookie season in the Bronx was scrutinized the way it was. When you invest $155 million in a player with a seemingly fragile elbow that could explode at any time, it’s understandable that scouts and media would react to a disappointing outing. But the reaction, even by New York standards, verged on hysterical. View image | View image | All spring, the talk centered around Tanaka’s perceived reduced velocity, which he attributed to throwing more two-seam fastballs rather than the more common four-seam fastball, which typically travels at greater speeds. On Monday, his fastballs hovered in the low 90s, sometimes topping off at 93 mph. Tanaka has never been a flamethrower, and his fastball will never be confused with fellow Yankee pitcher Dellin Betances’ upper-90s heater or even Andrew Miller’s mid-90s fastball, for that matter. Last season, Tanaka’s fastball averaged 91.1 mph and his two-seamer 91.7 mph, according to Those are hardly Randy Johnson-like averages. Still, the media, and even former aces (See: Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling) are obsessing over the pace of those two pitches.Until Tanaka makes his next start—and appears every five days after that—we won’t truly be able to form an informed opinion on the heralded Japanese ace’s post-partial-UCL-tear Pinstripes career. Despite two poorly located fastballs—one was deposited in the left field seats and the other smashed through the second base hole—Tanaka, as he did last year, had success with his devastatingly effective splitter. He even managed to strike out six Blue Jays Monday.Was Tanaka’s miserable outing due to something as simple as poor location, or is he holding back out of fear of further damaging his $155-million elbow? Or is he really injured and just too stubborn to reveal problems with his arms out of fear of missing more time? If there is something wrong with his arm, we’ll surely find out in the coming weeks. You can’t stop nature from enforcing its will.But for some observers, instead of preaching patience, they saw it prudent to blow one start out of proportion.Of course, it’s necessary to question whether the Yankees and Tanaka acted appropriately last year when they sided with doctors who suggested the right-hander rehab his injury instead of succumb to a procedure that would’ve sidelined him for at least 12 months.But until Tanaka’s arm blows up, which it may not, let’s at least give Tanaka a shot to show the Yankees he’s still the dominant pitcher he was the first half of last season and during his decorated career in Japan.What a novel idea.last_img read more

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Synergy of tourist boards in action, not just on paper. Bravo for the tourist boards of the island of Pag

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first_imgThe most important thing is that the directors of Pag’s island tourist boards agree and are a quality example of project associations that can only bring good to everyone – a satisfied guest who does not know or is interested in some imaginary boundaries, but the whole destination as the island of Pag. Such joint projects give us the wind in our sails because there are more of us with more ideas, and it is wonderful that our goal is the same: to promote our wonderful island of Pag, our moon island as an ideal destination for active vacation, points out the director of Pag Tourist Board Vesna Karavanic. Embrace of stone and wind “, a very attractive path was traced from the Pag gate to the top of Kiršin, there are also paths for Nordic walking. We have a different offer in each place and when we combine everything, we have an excellent and attractive tourist product. This project Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend is the beginning of the signing of the Agreement on long-term development of Outdoor tourism on the island of Pag, which was approved by the Ministry of Tourism and we are all happy about it.”.  And that the synergy is not only on paper, the proof is Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend !. Trainings are adapted to age groups with carefully selected concepts that will be offered by coaches and are adapted to current conditions with regard to the current situation. All participants pay a registration fee in order to have complete control and security at the trainings and records of members. “Five years ago, we started the Life on Mars, Pag Island Trail, meanwhile developed miles of new trails along the island, educated guides, organized a series of races, gained long-term sports partners such as Run Croatia, Kissa, Trekking League, extended before and post-season and jointly involve other tourist stakeholders of the destination. It is time to discover all the faces and backs of the lunar island of Pag this summer and choose an active stay in nature.”, Rizner pointed out. In the island’s tourist boards, they are satisfied with joint projects, especially this year when almost all events have been canceled, but opportunities have been opened for an ideal active vacation for which the island of Pag has phenomenal prerequisites.  Synergy of tourist boards in action, not just on paper The tourist boards of the island of Pag continue to work together on joint projects during this year’s tourist season. Bravo, bravo and bravo for the tourist boards of the island of Pag on the synergy and joint program that is certainly the motive for coming, and perfectly positions the entire island of Pag as a destination for active vacation. The next step should be one promotional platform for the entire island of Pag. Currently, the tourist community certainly has its own website as well as social networks, which is not effective in the domain of branding one destination – the island of Pag. This is especially pronounced in this case because it is an island. Likewise, this does not a priori mean that tourist boards should be shut down, it is a matter of market decision and other discussion, but outwardly they should act as one brand. Five years ago, people in Croatia laughed at him when he suggested that a running race be held on Zrće, and today the island of Pag is the first island in Croatia to have sports activities throughout the summer. ”In one day, only one sport can be held in one place on the island. In this way, active tourists are encouraged to explore the island, they are encouraged to take a dynamic vacation. This means that on Sundays Mandre have a run, and Pag kayak, Metajna SUP…. Run Croatia has provided a registration platform on which tourists register for training for 70kn. For that money, they get refreshments after training in local gastronomic centers, such as Boškinac or Na Tale. In this way, the gastronomic exploration of the island with autochthonous quality refreshments is encouraged. Records are also kept of who and where trained, so that in time in the event of COVID can react”Points out Berislav Sokač from Run Croatia. By the way, the Run Croatia platform is one of, if not the best, racing platform in the world. World, and ours. COVID19 closed festivals, so the usual summer party destination had to be quickly and deftly reoriented into a sports-recreational or active holiday destination. Thus, on weekends during July and August, a handful of sports events will be organized throughout the island such as cycling, Nordic walking, trail, sea kayaking, SUP (windsurfing), windsurfing, running, walking, quad riding (  Program active summer on the island of Pag – Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend! This time it’s about a project Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend i.e. the concept of active weeks to be held with licensed and experienced trainers in various forms of active tourism. Irena Trcol, director of TZM Stara Novalja pointed out that the Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend project was created for their island, which is so different, and yet unique that they can offer each guest a rich selection of outdoor activities. From the program itself you can see how many organized activities are offered with licensed guides so that everyone will choose something for themselves and spend, we believe, an unforgettable vacation on our island.” Namely, it was signed on the island of Pag last month Agreement on project association of local tourist boards on the island of Pag. It can be said that this is a historic moment in which all the island’s tourist boards have signed such a multi-year joint project for the first time, which is important for tourism and quality offer of the entire island of Pag.  “The island of Pag has a specific shape with many bays, fields, karst, freshwater lakes, ancient olive groves. Povljana is surrounded by stone karst, along a fertile field, near the lake and separated from the main island road and has ideal areas for sports activities such as Nordic walking. running, cycling, and due to westerly winds it is extremely suitable for surfing, sailing”, Said Neven Tičić, director of the Tourist Board of Povljana and concluded:”  That is the reason why we got involved in the project, hoping that as soon as possible the sports component will gain in importance on our beautiful and contrasting island. ” This facilitates communication, positioning and branding of the entire island of Pag as one tourist destination. That Pag is natural. We’re talking about an island. Tourism does not know the borders, especially our city, municipal or county. That is why branding of tourist regions is important. Kristina Alaburić from the Kissa Association and Berislav Sokač from Run Croatia devised the concept of active weekends on the island of Pag, which include 6 sports (running, cycling, Nordic walking, SUP, kayaking, mountaineering). He is of the same opinion Sara Čemeljić, director of TZO Kolan which emphasizes that this is the beginning of recognizing the island of Pag as a sports island. “Given that the island of Pag is known for its many gastronomic events, this is a unique project that reveals all the diversity of the island, with an emphasis on sports activities. We believe that this is the beginning of recognizing the island of Pag as a sports island, where every guest eager for recreation can find something, it was a sport on land or in the sea and introducing guests to many undiscovered beautiesSaid Čemeljić. Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend is a logical continuation of the cooperation of all communities of the island and arrives at the right time, when safety and the factor of the natural environment is first on the list of priorities of today’s guests, he points out. Marina Rizner, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Novalja and adds that taking into account the growing trend of outdoor activities, reduced number of races this year, and the desire for them, the specific lunar natural environment of Pag combined with sun and sea and excellent transport links, lead to the island of Pag. Author of photos: Posada Agencylast_img read more

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Moyes questions European chances

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first_img “To win the Champions League, you need five or six world-class players,” he told several national newspapers. “Look at Bayern Munich, they have it. Look at Barcelona, who had it in the past and Real Madrid, who have maybe got it now. That’s the level you have to be at to win it. We’ve not got that yet but what we have got is experience.” The Red Devils began their Champions League campaign with a 4-2 home win over Bayer Leverkusen earlier this month and face a difficult assignment away to Shakhtar Donetsk on Wednesday. They have not enjoyed great success in either of their previous two European campaigns under former boss Sir Alex Ferguson, going out at the group stage in 2012 and losing in the last 16 to Real Madrid last season. Domestically, United’s start to the campaign is their worst since the 1989-90 season – one which ended with Ferguson’s first silverware as the club won the FA Cup. The defeat to West Brom was their first home loss to the Baggies since 1978. Manchester United manager David Moyes has questioned whether his team have sufficient class to win the Champions League this season. United have lost three of their opening six games in the Barclays Premier League under Moyes, with the latest setback coming in a 2-1 home defeat to West Brom at Old Trafford on Saturday. The Premier League champions were unsuccessful in their pursuit of a number of summer transfer targets, with interest in Cesc Fabregas, Leighton Baines and, finally, Ander Herrera all coming to nothing, and Moyes is concerned that his squad may lack the quality to challenge for Europe’s top club prize. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

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Elon Musk Suggests Ford Will Not Survive Next Recession

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first_imgIf plug-in electric car sales are any indication of what the future will holds, we are afraid Ford really will be in trouble. Sparks on the Elon Musk / Ford line again.It’s not a secret that Ford and Tesla/Elon Musk have occasional run-ins.Maybe it started when Ford registered “Model E”a few years ago, basically stealing Elon Musk’s idea of having a lineup consisting of Model S, Model E and Model X and Model Y (for “SEXY”) – or maybe it started even earlier.Regardless, while Tesla sales surge to record highs and the company becomes profitable, Elon Musk casts doubt on the financial condition of Ford, the only U.S. automaker to avoid bankruptcy during the last recession. Quoting Musk:“There’s a good chance that Ford doesn’t make it in the next recession.” Source: Electric Vehicle News See Also Ford Update: October 2018 U.S. Plug-In EV Sales Report Card Volkswagen Considers Sharing Electric Car Platform With Ford Graphing The Downturn Of Ford Plug-In Electric Car Sales: 2010-2018 Tesla sales in U.S. – October 2018Musk mentioned Apple too, which is losing its luster.“They still make great products, but there’s less of that”Maybe it’s time to start selling electric phones? Wait… scratch that. Maybe Tesla should enter the mobile phone biz?Source: Bloomberg Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on November 3, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle Newslast_img read more

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