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NFL Picks, Week 11: Raiders find an oasis in Arizona

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first_imgLong story short, here are my NFL picks for Week 11, with a guarantee the 49ers will not to lose (on their bye):Raiders 20, Cardinals 17: Maybe Cards coach Steve Wilks gave the Raiders “impressive” pass rush the vote of confidence it needed. Line: Oakland +5 1/2Packers 27, Seahawks 24: What’s more likely, Aaron Rodgers falls to 0-5 on the road or the Seahawks lose their third straight home game? Stick with the Seahawks’ skid at CenturyLink, where their Dec. 2 prime-time kickoff against the …last_img

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GBA Prime Sneak Peek: Plan Ahead for Insulation

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first_imgRELATED ARTICLESInstalling Fiberglass RightHow to Install Cellulose InsulationHow to Install Rigid Foam SheathingHow to Design a WallHow to Build an Insulated Cathedral CeilingHow to Install Rigid Foam On Top of Roof SheathingInsulating Low-Slope Residential Roofs Editor’s note: GBA Prime subscribers can read comments posted on the behind-the-paywall version of this blog here: Plan Ahead For Insulation. All GBA readers, including non-subscribers, are welcome to post comments below.Martin Holladay’s previous blog: “All About Indoor Air Quality.”Click here to follow Martin Holladay on Twitter. GBA Prime subscribers have access to many articles that aren’t accessible to non-subscribers, including Martin Holladay’s weekly blog series, “Musings of an Energy Nerd.” To whet the appetite of non-subscribers, we occasionally offer non-subscribers access to a “GBA Prime Sneak Peek” article like this one.For decades, designers and builders of wood-framed homes didn’t spend much time thinking about insulation. The usual approach — still followed in much of the U.S. — was to fill the stud bays with fiberglass batts, and, once the ceiling drywall was installed, to unroll some fiberglass insulation in the attic.Because of this decades-long legacy, it’s not unusual for a designer, builder, or homeowner to post the following question on Green Building Advisor: “We just finished framing, installing windows, and roofing. Now we have a few questions about the best way to insulate.”My usual reaction is, “Really? You’re asking now?”These decisions need to be made earlyIn many cases, these insulation questions are posted a few weeks too late. Why?Once the windows have been installed, it’s usually too late to install any rigid foam on the exterior side of the wall sheathing.Once the roof trusses have been installed, it’s too late to order raised-heel trusses (which are needed to make sure there’s room at the perimeter of the attic to install enough insulation between the top plates of the exterior walls and the roof sheathing).Assuming the house has some cathedral ceilings — and these days, many designs do — it’s too late to install any rigid foam on the exterior side of the roof sheathing once the roofing has been installed.center_img Why would builders leave these decisions to the last minute? Well, some builders think, “We’ll either fill the stud bays with fiberglass batts — or, if the homeowner wants to pay for an upgrade, we’ll just use spray foam.” The trouble with that approach is that a wall with insulation between the studs has a lot of thermal bridging through the framing. If you care about this thermal bridging, you really need to include exterior rigid foam insulation or exterior mineral wool insulation — or frame a double-stud wall.So this important decision — about how to address thermal bridging — has to be made at the design stage, before the walls are framed.You have to plan ahead for roof insulation, tooIn most climates, cathedral ceilings are also best insulated with exterior rigid foam. But the decision to install rigid foam has to be made before the roofing is installed.True, it’s possible to thoroughly insulate a cathedral ceiling without installing any exterior rigid foam. But if you install enough insulation to meet minimum code requirements, you may have to lower the ceiling — and a lot of homeowners don’t want to do that.GBA regularly receives questions from readers with poorly performing cathedral ceilings. Problems include high energy bills, temperature stratification problems, and ice dams. In almost all cases, the best solution includes the installation of exterior rigid foam. On an existing house — especially one with skylights — this is very expensive work. On a new house, the work is much simpler and cheaper — but you have to plan ahead for this work.And why would anyone who is planning a vented unconditioned attic forget to order raised-heel trusses? I don’t know. But it happens all the time.Other examples of not planning aheadPlenty of projects have gone off the rails due to the failure to plan ahead. Delays in figuring out where the insulation will go is just one example. Another example: failing to make the mechanical room big enough.Mechanical equipment for a typical house may include some or all of the following:A furnace, air handler, or boiler.A water heater.A water pump and a pressure tank.A water softener.An HRV or ERV, along with associated ductwork.Some of these appliances have access panels, so the designer of a mechanical room has to provide enough room for service personnel to get to those panels. The manufacturers of these appliances all specify how much access is needed for proper servicing of the equipment. Failure to follow manufacturers’ installation instructions is a code violation.Finally, the designer of a mechanical room has to consider where all the ducts are going, and has to leave plenty of room to install these ducts.How often do residential designers do a good job of designing a mechanical room? In my experience, less than half the time.What happens when these issues are left to the last minute? The builder posts a question on GBA: “We’ve decided to install an HRV, but we’re not sure where to put it. Can we install an HRV in the garage or the attic?”Where do the ducts go?Sometimes a designer or owner-builder does a good job of designing the mechanical room. There’s plenty of room for the furnace, the HRV, the water heater, and all the rest of the equipment. But no one has thought about how to run the ducts, and everyone now realizes that there is a major beam in the way.Or maybe the designer thought about the supply air system, but forgot about the need to install return air ducts.Suddenly, everyone on the team is discussing trade-offs: What’s worse, a duct soffit or an imperfect duct system?Hire an architectIf you are an owner-builder, you will probably make some mistakes — even if you’ve read this article. (They’ll just be different mistakes from the ones mentioned here.)If you hire an architect or a residential designer, ideally one with gray hair, you won’t regret the decision.That said, even if you hire a gray-haired architect, you may still encounter problems. The worse-case scenario is as follows: the chosen architect has spent decades working in a region of the U.S. where builders and homeowners rarely pay much attention to energy efficiency or green building. Once the house is designed and construction has started, the homeowners discover Green Building Advisor. Now they’re running to the architect every week with new requests — for example, “We’ve decided that we need an HRV.”Sometimes, changes can be made. Other times, it’s too late. All the homeowners can do then is post a new comment on GBA: “I wish I had discovered your web site three months ago.”last_img read more

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How High School Students Use Facebook To Fool College Admissions Officers

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first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting dave copeland Tags:#privacy#web College admissions officers have learned to check applicants’ Facebook profiles, and what they see there can have a negative impact on the students’ chances. Guess what? The kids are a step ahead of them.Parents, teachers and guidance counselors warn high school students that what they post on Facebook could hurt their chances of getting into college. And according to a Kaplan survey of college admissions officials released last week, it’s not an idle threat: More than one in four respondents said they check Google and Facebook for information on applicants, up from one in 10 when Kaplan started tracking the trend in 2008.Of those who check, 35% said they have found information that negatively impacted an applicant’s chance of acceptance, up from 12% last year.“It doesn’t matter,” my 15-year-old niece said over dinner last weekend. “The seniors in my school just hide their profiles or make up a new name and then change it back when they get accepted to college.”It’s not just the students at her school. My own college-aged students, students at other high schools, and teachers and guidance counselors say that hiding profiles under aliases is just one of the tricks students use to dodge scrutiny during the college application season. Some deactivate profiles, others amp up their privacy settings. And still others are set up a second Facebook profile they call their “ideal self” account.Admissions Jiu Jitsu“Why say you went to a party on a Friday night when you can say you volunteered at a soup kitchen? Why say you spent the weekend playing Xbox when you can talk about the new art opening at the museum?” said Brent Busboom, an English teacher at Reno High School and Northern Nevada’s 2007 Teacher of the Year. Reno High is one of the best public high schools in Nevada and many of its students go on to top-tier colleges.Some contents of ideal-self profiles are legitimate. Others, however, are embellished or exaggerated. Students don’t see an ethical problem, Busboom said. It’s just “admissions jiu jitsu.”“Since students don’t volunteer this information to the admissions office, they don’t see it as lying,” he said. “Instead, they feel that if admissions officers are going to dig up dirt on them by prying in their personal lives, then they are going to game the system and create fake personas for them to discover.”Silly Rabbit, Tumblr Is For KidsFacebook is still popular enough that a college admissions official will raise a red flag if a kid claims he or she isn’t on Facebook. And the ideal-self profiles come in handy with certain scholarship sponsors, which have started requiring applicants to accept Facebook friend requests as part of the review process.Busboom’s account of rampant ideal-self profile setups was confirmed by Sedgrid Lewis, who owns Spy Parent, a company that helps parents monitor their teens’ online activities. It also may partially explain why teens are spending less time on Facebook and adopting other social networks like Twitter and Instagram, or simply favoring the old, reliable SMS message. “It started a couple of years ago when adults started taking over Facebook,” Lewis said. “This is why you are seeing more teens cross over to Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. Auntie and Grandma are not on those pages.” A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

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Narendra Modi can’t leave aside his PR even for five minutes: Rahul

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first_imgCongress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he can’t leave aside his public relations exercise even for five minutes.The Congress chief was addressing a public rally in Dhule district of north Maharashtra.“Our prime minister tells the media that India is united after the Pulwama terror attacks, but immediately targets Congress,” Mr. Gandhi said.“India’s prime minister can’t leave aside his public relations [exercise] even for five minutes. That is the difference between him and us,” Mr. Gandhi said.The Congress leader accused Mr. Modi of misusing solemn occasions to target the Congress.“He [Modi] does the same [engage in PR exercise] at the war memorial opening,” Mr. Gandhi said, referring to Mr. Modi opening an all-out attack on the Congress during the opening ceremony of the National War Memorial in Delhi recently.Mr. Gandhi also ridicules Anil Ambani on the Rafale aircraft deal, saying the industrialist can’t even make a paper plane.Slamming Mr. Modi over the Rafale deal, Mr. Gandhi said under the Chowkidar’s watch, Rs 30,000 crore went into Anil Ambani’s pockets.last_img read more

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first_imgNow that the community touch season for Juniors draws to an end in many parts of Australia, it is time to consider planning for the next season, particularly if you are considering starting a junior competition, growing an existing one or allowing 5 – 8 year olds to be a part of your competition. It’s been four years since the introduction of the AusTouch program, and it continues to play a fundamental role in the development of touch football for juniors with success and growth all over the country.AusTouch is the basics of touch football in a fun and progressive program, which builds on the skills, concepts and rules over the sessions.  If you local school or affiliate/club is not yet involved then this is the perfect opportunity to have a look at the program with Development Staff all over Australia starting to plan their activities for the upcoming months to roll into a bumper Summer Season.    Please see the link below for an example for an implementation plan that has been previously been developed and executed.  This can be used as a guide to starting your Centre; you can take this document and adjust it to suit your own requirements. Implementation PlanFor more information about AusTouch or running an AusTouch program please click on the AusTouch icon on the left hand side of the page. Small sections that maybe relevant are included below:    What is AusTouch?Includes benefits, implementation and promotional footage of the program. HighlightsAre practical applications of the program in a variety of models and methods. in SchoolsHighlights the versatility of the program and its use as a Leadership Model in a school framework. AusTouch Centre AdministrationSorts of information that can assist in the administration of a Centre and a sample of information contained on the AusTouch Leader Resource Kit.’t forget also that affiliates are able to purchase the AusTouch Leader Resource Kit, which is a DVD and CD Rom which can assist with ideas for junior coach’s in doing training sessions.  This can be purchased through the Canberra Touch Football Australia Office by calling 02 6212 2800.last_img read more

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10 months agoDONE DEAL: Brighton send Arce, Kerr away on-loan

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first_imgTagsTransfersLoan MarketAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say DONE DEAL: Brighton send Arce, Kerr away on-loanby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveBrighton winger Billy Arce has returned from his loan at Segunda Division club Extremadura UD.The 20-year-old signed for the Seagulls in August 2018 from Ecuadorian side CSD Independiente Del Valle, and moved straight to Spain on a loan deal.Arce made three substitute appearances in the Segunda Division, but played 90 minutes in the Copa Del Rey, as Extremadura were narrowly beaten 1-0 by Alcorcon.Meanwhile, Brighton under-23 defender Josh Kerr has joined Derry City on a six-month loan deal.The 20-year-old has linked up with the SSE Airtricity League side for the remainder of the season.Under-23 coach Simon Rusk said, “This is a good loan move for Josh, and one that will allow him to play first-team football on a regular basis.“We will keep a close eye on his progress, and wish him well for the rest of the season.” last_img read more

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3 days agoReal Madrid encouraging Arsenal, Man City offers for Isco

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first_imgReal Madrid encouraging Arsenal, Man City offers for Iscoby Paul Vegas3 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveReal Madrid are encouraging offers for Isco.The Spain midfielder has been on the outer of coach Zinedine Zidane’s plans this season.And AS says Real are eager to find a buyer in January.Arsenal are keen and hope to repeat the same move that landed Dani Ceballos, on-loan to the end of the season. But Manchester City have been following Isco long-term. City boss Pep Guardiola has long appreciated the midfielder and sees him as David Silva’s successor. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img

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Only a foolish government will disclose def secret PC on PMs Mission

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first_imgNew Delhi: Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Saturday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for announcing that India had demonstrated anti-satellite missile capability, saying only a “foolish government” would make such a disclosure and “betray” a defence secret.In an address to the nation, Modi had on Wednesday announced that India had demonstrated anti-satellite missile capability by shooting down a live satellite under ‘Mission Shakti’, describing it as a rare achievement that puts the country in an exclusive club of space superpowers. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’Slamming the announcement by the prime minister, Chidambaram tweeted, “The capability to shoot down a satellite has existed for many years. A wise government will keep the capability secret. Only a foolish government will disclose it and betray a defence secret.” The former finance minister also questioned the motive of the government in making the announcement. “Besides, why was it done now in the middle of an election campaign? Only to boost the sagging fortunes of the BJP,” Chidambaram claimed. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KFollowing the prime minister’s speech, several Opposition parties had complained to the Election Commission alleging violation of the model code of conduct. The Election Commission, however, said on Friday night that Modi’s address to the nation on the successful test-firing of an anti-satellite missile did not violate the model code of conduct. Chidambaram also sought answers from the prime minister on high unemployment rate and job losses, citing data from the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO).last_img read more

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Dutch arrest three in 12bn India laundering probe

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first_imgThe Hague: Dutch investigators have arrested three former employees of a local company suspected of laundering some 1.2 billion for an energy client in India, prosecutors said on Friday. The Dutch company bought materials and services around the world for the Indian firm which has been involved in laying a gas pipeline on the subcontinent since 2006. “It is suspected that the Dutch company used to increase the amounts on the invoices for the materials and services supplied,” said the public prosecutor’s office, which did not name either company. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’The company also acted as a so-called “invoice duplicator” meaning the Indian company was able to claim costs twice from gas customers, the statement added. “The ‘profits’ earned in this way were subsequently creamed off via the Dutch company,” it said. The gains were then transferred via a complex web of businesses based among others in Dubai, Switzerland and the Caribbean, before eventually ending up at a business owned by the Indian company in Singapore. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KThe suspects allegedly received payments of up to 10 million (8.9 million euros) for their involvement. Suspicions were raised after an inspection of the books of the Dutch company, situated south of the central city of Utrecht. Dutch investigators of the elite Fiscal and Investigation Services raided the company’s premises in November 2017, seizing administrative records. The three suspects who were arrested on Tuesday are expected to appear before the Rotterdam district court on Friday. “In this case Dutch companies are suspected of assisting an Indian client to launder suspected illegal earnings,” the statement said. The real losers “were probably individual citizens in India” as the cost of production of gas is passed onto the consumer, it added.last_img read more

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Last Years World Series Didnt Wreck The Mets Rotation This Year

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A year after unexpectedly mounting a World Series run, the New York Mets are experiencing a bit of a pennant hangover in 2016. They started the season hot, with a 15-7 record, but since then have gone 49-56 — basically the same winning percentage as the lowly Phillies’ full-season mark. Even granting that World Series teams usually regress to the mean the following season,1During the 162-game era — going back to 1962 — pennant winners averaged 96.5 wins in their World Series year, and only 88.4 the next season. the Mets have backslid more than most.Searching for answers, New York manager Terry Collins pointed a finger at his team’s health woes, specifically suggesting that its playoff run last fall contributed to a spate of pitching injuries that have seen most of the Mets’ vaunted staff miss time this year.“We don’t make excuses here,” Collins said. “But I’ve had too many guys that have managed deep into the postseason tell me that there is a residual effect. And a lot of times, it’s your pitching.”He’s right that the Mets have been among the most injured teams in baseball. But the link between that fact — particularly on the pitching side — and the extra rigors of New York’s World Series run is questionable. Since the Division Series began in 1995, there’s been no relationship between the length of a team’s stay in the postseason and whether its pitchers met expectations the following season.To quantify this, I set a team’s pitching expectations — according to the sum of wins above replacement (WAR) for its staff — in a given season based on its pitchers’ WAR in the preceding year, as well as their average age (weighted by WAR) that year. The better the pitchers were one season, the better they’re likely to be the next, and younger staffs tend to improve their WAR year over year. (For example, the 2015 Mets had the sixth-most pitching WAR in baseball, and were also its 12th-youngest staff, so they figured to be very good again in 2016.)If deep playoff runs were subsequently associated with the mass disintegration of pitching staffs, we would expect a relationship between the number of postseason games a team played one year and the amount by which its staff WAR missed expectations the following season. Yet, no such relationship appears to exist: The 2016 Mets would be a curious choice as flag-bearers for a World Series pitching hangover anyway. Despite the injuries, they’ve compiled more pitching WAR than any team in the major leagues this season, wildly exceeding any reasonable expectations we might have assigned them before the campaign began. Injured or not, New York’s hurlers aren’t the problem.However, a lineup that’s scoring an anemic 3.83 runs per game (third-worst in baseball) and producing the majors’ 11th-fewest WAR (in a tie with Colorado) is. If the Mets’ pitchers have exceeded expectations in the team’s pennant defense, their position players have declined precipitously from the form that led to a World Series berth — particularly that of the late-season version that transformed itself offensively after acquiring Yoenis Cespedes at the trade deadline.So Collins probably shouldn’t get too caught up in speculating about a World Series hangover for his pitchers. Almost every team’s staff has to fight through injuries and underperformance, but deep postseason runs don’t historically tend to amplify those issues. And more importantly, if the Mets’ hitters were providing its league-leading staff with any kind of support, they wouldn’t be on the fringe of the postseason picture right now. read more

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