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‘100 per cent’ fit Bryan Oviedo ready for Everton action

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first_img Everton defender Bryan Oviedo 1 Everton midfielder Bryan Oviedo wants a run of games to finally prove his form and fitness to manager Roberto Martinez.The Costa Rican midfielder has spent three seasons at Goodison, after joining from Kobenhavn in 2012, but has started just 11 Premier League games.The 25-year-old has endured a miserable run of injuries during that time, most painful a broken leg he suffered in 2014 and the most recent a broken foot, but he wants to finally get his career on Merseyside going after playing the final 23 minutes against Watford at the weekend.“The most important thing for me is to continue playing minutes to continue progressing,” Oviedo told Everton’s website. “I think its important to play but I need to be careful with my fitness.“I think it’s a good moment for me to start playing games but at the moment I need to concentrate and focus on staying 100 per cent fit.“My foot and my fitness are 100 per cent now, so I’m training with the team normally and working hard to get a place in the first team.“I need to train hard and do everything well to show the manager that I am ready to play.”last_img read more

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OK franchises for black SMMEs

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first_img30 April 2004Shoprite Holdings and the Department of Trade and Industry’s Khula Enterprise Finance have signed a groundbreaking agreement to grant a limited number of retail franchise concessions, back by outfitting, training and mentoring support, to black entrepreneurs.The agreement, signed in Cape Town on Wednesday by Shoprite chief executive Whitey Basson and Khula managing director Xola Sithole, will grant successful small business (SMME) applicants a number of OK Franchise concessions on negotiable terms.OK Franchise and Khula will provide dual guidance in terms of outfitting, training and mentoring the SMMEs in a deal that promises to deliver maximum viability for the new businesses.Shoprite and Khula will also share the capital investment and risks associated with promoting the black economic empowerment (BEE) initiative, with Khula providing loans to concession holders to acquire equipment and furnish their stores.Shoprite, for its part, will supply stock without soliciting securities from concession holders, especially on the first stock consignment.“The issuing of a limited number of franchises by Shoprite will serve as the initial pilot project on whose successes and lessons the future expansion of this project will rest”, Basson said.“The strategic importance for SMMEs lies in their access to retail space in Shoprite’s multi-national retail chain.”Sithole said partnership with Shoprite would be a model for future partnerships between government agencies like Khula and the private sector for addressing the economic challenges facing the country.Khula, he added, would be launching similar joint venture initiatives across different industries such as mining and petroleum.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

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Mandela Day aiming for 160 countries

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first_imgThe buy-in for Nelson Mandela International Day keeps growing, and this year the seven-year-old campaign aims to be marked in even more countries. This year’s Nelson Mandela International Day may be the biggest yet, with organisers aiming to get 160 countries involved in various acts of goodwill. Mandela’s former private secretary Zelda la Grange, above, will be joining 42 bikers on a ride across the Eastern Cape and Western Cape to raise awareness on rape and domestic violence. (Image: Shamin Chibba) • South African app brings out Madiba spirit in us all • Remembering Nelson Mandela – a visual quiz • Mandela’s peers reflect on his legacy • Mandela Day has improved South Africa’s generosity • How does Mandela Day inspire you? Shamin ChibbaIn 2009, Nelson Mandela International Day took place in just two cities: Johannesburg and New York. This year, if the Nelson Mandela Foundation gets its wish, it will be observed in 160 countries.Mandela Day was officially launched at the foundation’s offices in Johannesburg on Monday, 6 July in front of media and charity organisers. The latter pledged their time and effort for the coming event, which in South Africa has been expanded into Mandela Month over the whole of July.Brand South Africa used the launch to announce the Play your Part for Madiba campaign. Brand South Africa board member Geoffrey Rothschild said the campaign aimed to build pride, patriotism and a spirit of active citizenship.“We want to galvanise citizens into embodying the values and spirit of Madiba. We’ve all heard it before that his three principles throughout his life [were]: free yourself, free others, and serve every day.”Although Mandela Day was on a Saturday this year, said LeadSA founder Yusuf Abramjee, people should still be charitable. “I know some people are saying Mandela Day falls on Saturday and it’s the day after companies are closed, the schools are on holiday. That should be no excuse. We must make sure that we do our bit. No activity is too big or too small.” The Grammy Award-winning Soweto Gospel Choir were on hand to launch Nelson Mandela International Day. (Image: Shamin Chibba)Mandela Day uniting peopleSince the first Mandela Day seven years ago, the campaign has proved that strangers can come together for a good cause regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds. The founder of 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day, Caroline Steyn, said she witnessed this unity when hundreds of people gathered at the Union Buildings in Pretoria to knit the largest blanket in the world in April this year.“It was quite incredible the way people came together on 21 April at the Union Buildings. That was the week when xenophobic violence was at its height and people from Ghana, Zambia and DRC [Democratic Republic of Congo] came together to create the biggest blanket in the world. And it was just so warm and fuzzy how strangers were connecting.”This year, Stop Hunger Now will host the million meal challenge in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban on 17 July. Having packed 800 000 meals last year, the organisation aims to pack up to 1.5 million this year. Its chief executive, Saira Khan, said it would be a world first if they achieved it.“What that will do is feed 600 kids for an entire year every day. Hunger has the impact of stripping your dignity. It is the only condition where you will do whatever it takes, even if it means going the wrong way. It’s almost like a genocide of the mind.”Bikers ride for MandelaMandela’s former private secretary, Zelda la Grange, will join 42 other motorcyclists on the sixth annual Bikers for Mandela Day. They will ride through Eastern Cape and Western Cape educating communities on acting against abuse, particularly the abuse of women and children.“Someone said the other day that if you created a special occasion to remember someone, that person who was deceased would become a member again,” said La Grange. “So we will try and remember Mandela on this journey like we do every year.”On 16 July, the group, which includes construction workers, a doctor, artists, radio and television personalities, businesspeople, academics, a former rugby player and La Grange herself, will set off for Beaufort West on the first leg of the trip.They would visit organisations that work with raped, abused and vulnerable women. At each project they would hand out whistles to women and girls under the Blow the Whistle initiative, and would encourage them to keep the whistle and blow it whenever they felt they were in danger, said La Grange.last_img read more

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LinkedIn Has Learned New Skills: Images And Documents

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first_imgFor years, LinkedIn has been trying to break past its reputation as a job-seeking site that’s all about posting your online resume.If today’s news – that LinkedIn is allowing users and companies to post images and documents in status updates – doesn’t get that message through, we’re not sure what will.(See Also: 5 Ways To Use LinkedIn That Aren’t About Finding A Job.)LinkedIn was slow to get visual. It took more than four years for LinkedIn to allow something we take for granted now on almost every social site: posting a profile photo. But with last year’s acquisition of SlideShare and the introduction earlier this month of a visual “portfolio” section to the profile, LinkedIn showed it was becoming a visual learner. owen thomas Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Tags:#collaboration#File Sharing#LinkedIn#social networks Like it or not, this is a way a lot of people like to communicate online. So perhaps LinkedIn is smart to embrace it. But after LinkedIn and Twitter broke off their partnership last summer, requiring people to post updates directly on LinkedIn rather than porting their tweets into LinkedIn, the quality of LinkedIn’s stream of status updates improved markedly, since people primarily posted professional updates without personal updates from Twitter mixed in.Putting images in LinkedIn’s stream could go sideways, so we have to hope its product team is watching what users do closely and adjusting accordingly. Dropbox And Box In LinkedIn’s Sights?One interesting aspect to LinkedIn’s update is that it’s also allowing companies to post images and documents to their company pages.The ostensible reason for this is to appeal to the people who follow a particular company on LinkedIn, who are typically employees, job seekers, customers, or other interested parties. One obvious way a tech company might use this, for example, is to post white papers about a new product it’s rolling out.One has to wonder, though, if this isn’t also a move to carve out part of the document-sharing business that Dropbox, Box and YouSendIt have so far dominated. That’s the public-facing sharing, where you’re not sending a document to a particular person but merely alerting people to a place from which it can be downloaded.We don’t see LinkedIn swerving from its media-focused strategy right now. But LinkedIn’s mission isn’t to be a media company – it’s to help people succeed in their professions. So if at some point it decides sharing and collaboration around documents is part of how it accomplishes that mission, Box and the rest should worry.For now, it’s just an interesting option LinkedIn could pursue down the road, for which it’s laying the groundwork now. Related Posts center_img A Risky PictureThe danger LinkedIn faces is that its stream of work-related content will become cluttered with the kind of vapid visual noise that has taken over Facebook’s News Feed. Facebook, in the hopes of spurring people to post better pictures of moments in their lives, started giving photos larger display. Instead, people posted picture quotes and memes.LinkedIn seems to be more or less rolling with this particular consumer behavior: It even shows an example of someone posting an inspirational quote image. The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

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DaVinci Resolve Being Weird? This Is Probably Why

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first_imgIf you don’t know how to use them, DaVinci Resolve’s Auto Select controls can trip up your workflow. Here’s everything you need to know about this highly useful (but sometimes tricky) tool.Whenever you jump headfirst into new software, there’s always that one feature that keeps tripping you up, and it usually takes a bit of time to figure out what is going wrong. In DaVinci Resolve that feature is the Auto Select control.It might be one of the most important functions on the timeline because it will directly cause edits on the various tracks on your timeline to perform differently. The Auto Select is a multipurpose control that can increase the efficiency of an edit. What does it do? Its function is to allow editors to specify which tracks will undergo changes during an edit to multiple tracks.For example, in the screenshot below, I want to make an insert edit with the video and audio from the source monitor. I want the media to land in V1 and A1, so I have selected those tracks. I want the current media on those tracks to ripple forward, and I also need the score on A3 to remain as it is, and for the clip in V2 to continue the fade out.However, when I do so, the insert edit has affected all of the tracks with clips that extend through the marked area. It’s separated the video on V2, along with the score on A3, even though I was only inserting it to tracks V1 and A1. This is because the Auto Select is on for all tracks (it’s on by default). Now, let’s deactivate the Auto Select by turning off the Auto Select button on the track tools.Here, I’ve turned Auto Select off on tracks V2 and A3, and now when I insert edit, something a little different happens.Both the video and audio from the two deactivated tracks have been omitted from the process.We can see from this very simple edit that the Auto Select controls can be ideal for editing multiple tracks — or cause headaches if you only want to affect one track.An obvious question is Why not just lock the track? When you lock a track, you completely remove the ability to perform any edit on the track or the individual clips. There may be some circumstances when this is the better tool to use — perhaps locking down a score to remain in place. But this is precisely the point of Auto Select: you are not disabling edits, you’re just removing the track from a multi-track operation — and there are plenty of operations that will respond differently depending on the state of Auto Select:CuttingRipple cuttingCopyingDeleting clipsDeleting gapsSelecting edit pointsSelecting clipsMarking clipsMatch framePasting clipsPaste insertInsert editRipple overwrite editFinding gapsUsing the Selection Follows Playhead function.Further, you can also manually override the Auto Select function by manually clicking on a clip on a track that doesn’t have Auto Select active — an operation that isn’t possible with a locked track.If you’re an editor who loves to keep your hands on the keyboard as much as possible, you’ll be happy to know that you can manage up to eight video and eight audio tracks with shortcuts. You can turn each video track’s Auto Select on and off with keyboard shortcuts F1 through to F8, and audio tracks Ctrl+shift+F1 through to F8 (Option+CMD if you’re using a mac).Last year, when I was undergoing training on Resolve 12.5, the course leader said that Auto Select is one of those edit functions that you have to try and perform to understand how it works, and I want to echo those words. As with the Slip and Slide trim edits, Auto Select controls can be a little confusing when you’re simply reading about them. But once you open Resolve and perform a few multi-track edits with the Auto Select, you’ll see how beneficial the control is. If you’re here solely because your timeline has been playing up and you’re not sure why, well, now you have an answer.Lewis McGregor is a certified BlackMagic Design DaVinci Resolve Trainer.last_img read more

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Ind vs WI 3rd Test: Dhoni puts India in command

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first_imgIndia skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni top-scored with an unbeaten 65 in a strong batting show as India strengthened its position in the third cricket Test against the West Indies by taking a healthy 104-run lead on day three here on Friday. Score | PhotosAs many as four visiting batsmen scored fifties as India, resuming at eight for no loss, ended the day at 308 for six while replying to hosts’ 204 all out.Dhoni shared 103-run sixth wicket stand with Suresh Raina (50) and made sure that the good work of opener Abhinav Mukund (62), VVS Laxman (56) Virat Kohli (30) does not go waste.West Indies, deprived of services of Ravi Rampaul and handicapped by a hobbling Darren Sammy, never quite wilted under a scorching sun and on a flat pitch on a day when 94 overs were bowled at Windsor Park.Nearly 90 overs were lost on the first two days of the match due to poor light and rain but no such problem emerged on Friday.India lost two early wickets of Murali Vijay (1) and Rahul Dravid (5) but thereafter steadily mounted their total without ever dominating a depleted attack.Dhoni, played his first innings of substance of tour, and when on 52 completed 3000 runs in Test cricket in the 86th innings of his 57th Test.The Indian captain has so far batted for 157 minutes and struck three fours from 109 balls. He walked in when India were frittering away the advantage, losing three wickets in the afternoon to nothing balls.Mukund, Kohli and Laxman were all guilty of poor judgment as the visitors lost three wickets in the middle session.advertisementMukund had serenely moved to his top Test score of 62 when he shaped to play a rising leg-spin from Bishoo towards mid-wicket but only edged it on to his pads and the lobbed chance was gratefully accepted by Adrian Barath at forward short leg.Kohli seemed intent on making up for his lost chances of the series and had reached 30 without much ado but poked at a harmless delivery from Sammy down the leg-side and was brilliantly caught low by wicket-keeper Carlton Baugh.Laxman’s dismissal was a freak one when he allowed a leg-spin delivery from Shivnarine Chanderpaul to go to Baugh but his backfoot lost contact with the ground for just a fraction of second, which was enough for the keeper to whip off the bails.Laxman was flabbergasted but there was little doubt that it was his own carelessness which had did him in. He shared a 84-run stand for the third wicket with Mukund and added 52 for the next wicket with Kohli.Mukund batted for 176 minutes and hit five fours from 149 balls while Laxman handled 129 balls in 207 minutes, caressing three boundaries.Dhoni, in the company of Raina, then put his head down and began rebuilding the innings with singles and twos.There was never any temptation to throw their bats at a wilting attack, or at least cart the leg-spin of Chanderpaul around the park, as the two showed intent to build a sizeable lead over West Indies.Their stand occupied the most of final session and raised 100 runs in 113 minutes from 182 balls.Raina showed uncharacteristic restraint and reached his half-century from 131 minutes of batting, hitting three fours from 103 balls.There was no further joy for West Indies but for the emergence of Rampaul from the dressing room as Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh (12) helped India reach their first 300-plus score of the series.Earlier in the day, India lost Vijay (1) and Dravid (5) within the first five overs to be 18 for two before normalcy was restored.Vijay was nearly bowled off a low full toss in Edwards’ first over, squeezing the ball between the slip cordon for a four, but his tendency to push at the ball once again proved his undoing.In Edwards’ next over, a delivery took the edge of his bat on way to wicketkeeper Carlton Baugh?s gloves.The Tamil Nadu opener is in the middle of a wretched run of scores, the sequence of his five innings in the series reading 8,0,11,3 and 1.Dravid then fell to Sammy, making the normally passive West Indian captain roar in triumph as he has not done at any stage in this series.Dravid played for an away movement at the delivery which kept coming straight and went between bat and pad to rattle the stumps.- With inputs from PTIlast_img read more

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Firhad Hakim pays visit to site where bridge is being built

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first_imgKolkata: Firhad Hakim, the state Urban Development and Municipal Affairs minister, visited Hijatullah Lane where a bridge is coming up to ease traffic movement during the Durga Puja.He was accompanied by senior officials of the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) and the city police. The KMDA is constructing two bridges and both will be opened before the Pujas. The decision was taken at a meeting held between senior KMDA officials and the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) last week. Hakim said due to the inordinate delay by the Railways to give clearance to the sub-structure drawing, the construction of Majerhat bridge got delayed by six-seven months. Initially, the deadline to open the bridge was September but because of the delay, it is likely to be opened in February 2020. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaThe bridge at Hijatullah Lane is situated beside Tolly Club and the Karunamoyee bridge. For the construction of the bridge beside the existing Karunamoyee bridge, a portion of the wall of Tolly Club will have to be pulled down. The labourer quarters of Tolly Club will have to be demolished and the employees will have to be shifted. Forty trees will have to be relocated as well. The Kolkata Police has introduced the one-way system in the area to facilitate movement of cars coming from Behala. According to the minister, the prime concern of the city police, KMDA and KMC is to ensure steady flow of traffic. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayHakim said during the Puja, thousands of people will come from Behala to visit South Kolkata. As the construction of Majerhat bridge is not yet complete, there will be tremendous traffic jam in vast areas surrounding Taratala. He added that both the bridges will help in the smooth movement of traffic. “The Kolkata Police will introduce the one-way traffic system for smooth flow of traffic.” He also added that a Bailey bridge will come up in Chetla as the Chetla Lock Gate has become weak. The movement of heavy vehicles has been stopped along the bridge.last_img read more

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Celebrity Crew Completes Hell On High Seas Charity Challenge

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first_imgSix exhausted and weather-worn celebrities have crossed the finish line of the BT Sport Relief Challenge: Hell on High Seas. Celebrity crew complete Hell on High SeasThe One Show’s Alex Jones, TV presenter Angellica Bell, comedian Hal Cruttenden, actress Doon Mackichan and TV presenters Ore Oduba and Suzi Perry sailed around the South Coast of the UK, from Belfast to London, in a feat of pure physical, mental and emotional endurance.The challenge, which is sponsored by BT – a long-term supporter of Sport Relief challenges since 2009 – has already raised £944,288.“Thank you so much to everyone for all of your support on our difficult and magnificent journey,” Alex said.During the week, the celebrities were pushed to their limits as they battled gale-force winds of 29 knots, waves of up to 10ft, relentless sea-sickness, lack of sleep and a terrifying moment on day two when the boat nearly capsized.The elements were against them from the outset and with no respite from the brutal conditions, even the most menial tasks, like brushing their teeth, became impossible. On day three the crew were forced to attempt to outpace impending storms by racing the yacht at phenomenal speeds with 30+ knots of wind, steep waves and low tides, in order to make it to shelter safely.The team were living, sleeping and working on the Volvo Ocean 65 – a carbon-fibre speed machine that has been optimized for maximum performance. At 65 feet, and weighing in at 12,500 kgs the vessel is as long as five cars and weighs the equivalent of twelve great white sharks.The money the crew has raised will be used to help transform the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people both at home in the UK and across the world’s poorest communities.last_img read more

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