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first_imgCOLCHESTER, VT-August (DAY), 2007 In a world where vegetables are a child’s mortal enemy and junk food calls alluringly from every corner, parents fight a never-ending battle to help their kids eat healthy. Problem is, what’s healthy isn’t always what a kid finds tasty. Enter and Missy Chase Lapine, author of The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals. is the web’s only retail grocery social networking website, devoted entirely to parents of young children. Lapine has become a celebrity chef among concerned parents through her strategies to get kids to eat what’s good for them and love it. Together, Lapine and are using the power of the web to bring the sneaky word to parents across the United has chosen to work exclusively with Lapine as their only chef partner in childrens health area. Lapine will provide parents with helpful recipes, tips, and advice to both help get kids the nutrition so crucial for their growing bodies, and fight the threat of childhood obesity. Through the clever use of purees, Lapine is able to sneak fruits and vegetables into the most unexpected meals. For instance, cauliflower and carrots can be mixed into macaroni and cheese, and the picky eaters are none the wiser. Rebecca Roose Marketing Manager at MyWebLink and Project Manager for, is excited about the new addition, saying, “Missy is a wonderfully inventive, enjoyable person with such a creative mind. We can’t be more excited about introducing her to retail grocery customers. They’re going to be able to converse with her, learn from her, and feed their kids healthier food as a result.”The Sneaky Chef will have its own cubby on the user’s home pages, featuring a weekly tip. Recipes will be featured in a special Sneaky Chef section. Lapine will also have her own members page where users can send her messages and ask for advice on how to please the toughest of critics, namely, their kids.Lapine, in addition to holding workshops and doing personal coaching, is on the Culinary Arts faculty of The New School in New York City. She said of the new partnership with, “I’m passionate about bringing this powerful health and wellness solution to families. Together with, we can really spread the health and get families eating better than ever.” For more information about, please go to is external) . For more information about Missy Chase Lapine, please go to is external) .About The Sneaky Chef: The Sneaky Chef is the brainchild of Missy Chase Lapine, whose New York Times bestseller, The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids Favorite Meals (Running Press, March 2007) inspired a whole new brand in the healthy eating/lifestyles category. Missy is the former publisher of Eating Well magazine and the founder of a natural baby product line Baby Spa®. She is currently on the Culinary Arts faculty of The New School, in New York City, and operates The Sneaky Chef workshops, which is a program of cooking classes and demonstrations that teach families how to eat healthier. She is also a collaborator with The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a partnership between the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, helping schools serve healthier lunches. Her highly-anticipated second book, The Sneaky Chef: How to Cheat on Your Husband in the Kitchen, debuts in 2008.About MyWebGrocer: MyWebGrocer has been helping grocery retailers find profit in the online shopping world since 1999. Based in Colchester, Vermont, MyWebGrocer is the industry leader in providing web services solutions to 80 grocery chains such as Lowes, ShopRite, Brookshire Grocery and King Kullen. “We Make Online Shopping Work” is the companys slogan. Founded by Rich Tarrant, MyWebGrocer institutes e-commerce programs, provides web site design, hosting, creates e-mail campaigns, and furnishes online circulars and recipes for more than 80 leading grocery chains. For more information please visit is external).last_img read more

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Synergy of tourist boards in action, not just on paper. Bravo for the tourist boards of the island of Pag

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first_imgThe most important thing is that the directors of Pag’s island tourist boards agree and are a quality example of project associations that can only bring good to everyone – a satisfied guest who does not know or is interested in some imaginary boundaries, but the whole destination as the island of Pag. Such joint projects give us the wind in our sails because there are more of us with more ideas, and it is wonderful that our goal is the same: to promote our wonderful island of Pag, our moon island as an ideal destination for active vacation, points out the director of Pag Tourist Board Vesna Karavanic. Embrace of stone and wind “, a very attractive path was traced from the Pag gate to the top of Kiršin, there are also paths for Nordic walking. We have a different offer in each place and when we combine everything, we have an excellent and attractive tourist product. This project Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend is the beginning of the signing of the Agreement on long-term development of Outdoor tourism on the island of Pag, which was approved by the Ministry of Tourism and we are all happy about it.”.  And that the synergy is not only on paper, the proof is Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend !. Trainings are adapted to age groups with carefully selected concepts that will be offered by coaches and are adapted to current conditions with regard to the current situation. All participants pay a registration fee in order to have complete control and security at the trainings and records of members. “Five years ago, we started the Life on Mars, Pag Island Trail, meanwhile developed miles of new trails along the island, educated guides, organized a series of races, gained long-term sports partners such as Run Croatia, Kissa, Trekking League, extended before and post-season and jointly involve other tourist stakeholders of the destination. It is time to discover all the faces and backs of the lunar island of Pag this summer and choose an active stay in nature.”, Rizner pointed out. In the island’s tourist boards, they are satisfied with joint projects, especially this year when almost all events have been canceled, but opportunities have been opened for an ideal active vacation for which the island of Pag has phenomenal prerequisites.  Synergy of tourist boards in action, not just on paper The tourist boards of the island of Pag continue to work together on joint projects during this year’s tourist season. Bravo, bravo and bravo for the tourist boards of the island of Pag on the synergy and joint program that is certainly the motive for coming, and perfectly positions the entire island of Pag as a destination for active vacation. The next step should be one promotional platform for the entire island of Pag. Currently, the tourist community certainly has its own website as well as social networks, which is not effective in the domain of branding one destination – the island of Pag. This is especially pronounced in this case because it is an island. Likewise, this does not a priori mean that tourist boards should be shut down, it is a matter of market decision and other discussion, but outwardly they should act as one brand. Five years ago, people in Croatia laughed at him when he suggested that a running race be held on Zrće, and today the island of Pag is the first island in Croatia to have sports activities throughout the summer. ”In one day, only one sport can be held in one place on the island. In this way, active tourists are encouraged to explore the island, they are encouraged to take a dynamic vacation. This means that on Sundays Mandre have a run, and Pag kayak, Metajna SUP…. Run Croatia has provided a registration platform on which tourists register for training for 70kn. For that money, they get refreshments after training in local gastronomic centers, such as Boškinac or Na Tale. In this way, the gastronomic exploration of the island with autochthonous quality refreshments is encouraged. Records are also kept of who and where trained, so that in time in the event of COVID can react”Points out Berislav Sokač from Run Croatia. By the way, the Run Croatia platform is one of, if not the best, racing platform in the world. World, and ours. COVID19 closed festivals, so the usual summer party destination had to be quickly and deftly reoriented into a sports-recreational or active holiday destination. Thus, on weekends during July and August, a handful of sports events will be organized throughout the island such as cycling, Nordic walking, trail, sea kayaking, SUP (windsurfing), windsurfing, running, walking, quad riding (  Program active summer on the island of Pag – Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend! This time it’s about a project Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend i.e. the concept of active weeks to be held with licensed and experienced trainers in various forms of active tourism. Irena Trcol, director of TZM Stara Novalja pointed out that the Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend project was created for their island, which is so different, and yet unique that they can offer each guest a rich selection of outdoor activities. From the program itself you can see how many organized activities are offered with licensed guides so that everyone will choose something for themselves and spend, we believe, an unforgettable vacation on our island.” Namely, it was signed on the island of Pag last month Agreement on project association of local tourist boards on the island of Pag. It can be said that this is a historic moment in which all the island’s tourist boards have signed such a multi-year joint project for the first time, which is important for tourism and quality offer of the entire island of Pag.  “The island of Pag has a specific shape with many bays, fields, karst, freshwater lakes, ancient olive groves. Povljana is surrounded by stone karst, along a fertile field, near the lake and separated from the main island road and has ideal areas for sports activities such as Nordic walking. running, cycling, and due to westerly winds it is extremely suitable for surfing, sailing”, Said Neven Tičić, director of the Tourist Board of Povljana and concluded:”  That is the reason why we got involved in the project, hoping that as soon as possible the sports component will gain in importance on our beautiful and contrasting island. ” This facilitates communication, positioning and branding of the entire island of Pag as one tourist destination. That Pag is natural. We’re talking about an island. Tourism does not know the borders, especially our city, municipal or county. That is why branding of tourist regions is important. Kristina Alaburić from the Kissa Association and Berislav Sokač from Run Croatia devised the concept of active weekends on the island of Pag, which include 6 sports (running, cycling, Nordic walking, SUP, kayaking, mountaineering). He is of the same opinion Sara Čemeljić, director of TZO Kolan which emphasizes that this is the beginning of recognizing the island of Pag as a sports island. “Given that the island of Pag is known for its many gastronomic events, this is a unique project that reveals all the diversity of the island, with an emphasis on sports activities. We believe that this is the beginning of recognizing the island of Pag as a sports island, where every guest eager for recreation can find something, it was a sport on land or in the sea and introducing guests to many undiscovered beautiesSaid Čemeljić. Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend is a logical continuation of the cooperation of all communities of the island and arrives at the right time, when safety and the factor of the natural environment is first on the list of priorities of today’s guests, he points out. Marina Rizner, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Novalja and adds that taking into account the growing trend of outdoor activities, reduced number of races this year, and the desire for them, the specific lunar natural environment of Pag combined with sun and sea and excellent transport links, lead to the island of Pag. Author of photos: Posada Agencylast_img read more

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Crusader preview: Both Wellington-El Dorado will be hungry for wins Friday; JV season no longer

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first_img230 Clearwater 43 Wellington 14 62 Friday, Sept. 30 10 Varsity Football (all games 7 p.m.) Assistant Superintendent: Brad Morris Aaron Schoemann 10 W. Collegiate Tatum Witham, Tori Winger, Kayla Billington Spirit Squad: Taylor, McGothlin, Regan Pourner, 180 away Dylan Ferguson away 190 185 16 190 170 home 190 2016 Wellington Crusader Football 53 10 78 Caleb Fowler Joe Ybarra 130 1 Deyton Araujo Ulysses 66 65 15 11 Dylan Goodman 10 by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Week #1 did not go as planned for the Wellington High School football team. But it probably didn’t go as planned for El Dorado either.So Friday at Butler County Community College Stadium, barring whatever is thrown to us by Mother Nature, will be a battle of two teams hungry for victory.The Crusaders, fresh off a 43-14 loss to Clearwater, battle El Dorado, which last week succumbed to Mulvane 52-28. It wasn’t as close as the score may indicate as Mulvane built a 39-7 lead by the half and coasted to victory.It’s a game, both teams want to win just to put week #1 in the rearview mirror for good.In the first week, Wellington gave up 455 yards against Clearwater.  What is worse the Crusaders suffered a huge blow when they lost their starting inside linebacker Lukas Soria who broke his fibula and could be out at least six weeks.El Dorado did not do much better giving up 343 yards, most of that yardage in the first half against Mulvane.So Friday is a gut check for both teams.El Dorado is not a team that has realized much success in the past two years. The Wildcats were an identical 2-7 in 2014 and 2015. But during the preseason, coach Jason Nichols said it’s a team that could end up above .500.Last Friday, Cade Morrow threw for 138 yards and two touchdowns – mostly in the second half. He also had 47 yards rushing.  Outside one play for 24 yards from runner Hunter Hancock, he accounted for all of El Dorado’s offense.That may be a positive sign for Wellington – which for whatever went wrong last Friday – showed a balanced attack offensively. Five running backs touched the ball Friday night with Chris Kop garnering 81 yards on 11 attempts and Colton Glover getting 66 yards on 21 attempts.Junior quarterback Cade Phelps was 6 of 20 for 85 yards and two touchdowns and one interception. Phelps most certainly has progressed since his previous year as a quarterback.Problem is Wellington is young and its youth showed last Friday. There were significant number of sophomores and juniors playing varsity for the first time. Subsequently, Wellington will no longer play junior varsity games after Friday night. There are 38 players out from sophomore to senior, and with so many of them playing in the varsity role, there is not enough to fill out a JV roster. Many of the sophomores will play in the freshman games.Just for comparison purposes, Sumner Newscow analyzed the rosters in 2013 and compared them to 2016. Wellington had 51 football players out in 2013 sophomore through seniors. There were 10 seniors, 21 juniors, 20 sophomores and 17 freshmen. This year Wellington has almost the same number of sophomores – 19, the same number of seniors – 10. But there are only nine juniors this year compared to 21 juniors in 2013. All told in 2013 there were 31 upperclassmen to 19 upperclassmen in 2016.Subsequently, the Class of 2015 (2014 year in football) with its 21 players have been hard to replace these past two years. In 2015, the Crusaders still had key returners on the line and had an experienced backfield which made up for some of the huge losses from the year before. Wellington finished 4-5.But most of those key starters are gone. Wellington returns just three offensive and four defensive players with the loss of Soria – some in different positions than the year before. Wellington is sitting there with basically a new line, a new backfield, new receivers, and mostly new defenders playing both ways. To top all of this off, Wellington has a new coaching staff and is implementing a new offense and defense.And that’s not to mention that when you are playing sophomores in a varsity role, there is significant size difference compared to seniors.Time will tell how this group develops, but for Crusader fans wishing to see an instant turn around and success on the gridiron, that’s something not in the realms of reality.Wellington-El Dorado game at a glance:Road opener: Wellington (0-1) at El Dorado (0-1), Friday at 7 p.m.Follow the game: Internet: Live twitter blogs on this site, Sumner Newscow. Twitter: Follow us at Cueballnewscow. Radio: Adrian Young and Jamie Cornejo, play-by-play, KLEY, 1130-AM and 100.3-FM. Television: Sumner Cable TV, Channel 5 (audio). Photos and recaps: and Sumner Newscow.Game night weather: Oh, boy. Not good. is calling for 60 percent chance of rain at game time in El Dorado. This will be after 24 hours of precipitation. Bring your umbrella, if the game occurs Friday night.Series history: There is plenty of history for these old Ark Valley League foes. But nothing is readily available at Sumner Newscow headquarters. Wellington last played El Dorado in 2005, winning 22-21. The teams were playoff foes in 1999 and 2000 with Wellington winning easily both times in the first round en route to deep playoff runs.Game’s significance: Wellington needs a win against a winnable opponent. It gets tougher from this point forward.Injury situation: As mentioned, before Lukas Soria is out for six weeks. The rest of the team has normal bumps and bruises.•••••Competing schedules: 6 Chi Barton Winfield David Matlock 61 10 3 4 Michael Billington 150 54 12 68 Bailey Etter Mulvane 220 Friday, Sept. 23 10 270 Gabe Smith Caleb Alcorn Michael Ledbetter 5 70 10 Jack Walton 71 Rick Phelps, Tim Lira, Nick Wellington, Ryan Elder 215 51 Athletic Director: Luke Smith 185 11 220 Rose Hill 170 Chance Wilson Friday, Oct. 14 Friday, Sept. 16 8 Braiden Buresh 85 77 12 Colton Glover Scott City 10 11 11 140 Friday, Sept. 9 Friday, Oct. 28 11 Andale 11 Matthew Mason Tyler Jimenez 135 220 12center_img Braden Struble away Sponsor: Katie Franke 280 10 Ian Groom Cade Phelps Chase Pfalzgraf 165 El Dorado 190 Nic Reyes Lukas Soria 11 240 160 165 home Caleb Reichenberger Conner Burnett 10 22 18 160 150 Manager: Austin Fink 21 10 Superintendent: Dr. Mark Whitener Cody Metz Brayden Higgenbotham 11 10 155 10 84 De’ Andre Washington 12 12 11 170 25 10 10 79 33 10 home 10 160 42 140 12 Friday, Oct. 21 10 Follow us on Facebook.Follow us on Twitter. Drake Alcorn Assistant Principal: John Buckendorff 165 12 72 180 Tyler Murray 240 12 2 60 Makenna May, Cassidy Harriger, Lexi Saffell, away El DoradoMulvane 52 El Dorado 28Roster: Chloe Easterly, Andi Dry, Kelsi Haydon, 10 63 Eric Kop 50 WELLINGTON 10 Principal: Adam Hatifield Julian Jimenez Logan Jones Head Coach: Zane Aguilar away 180 Jason Jeffrey 220 11 Trayson Probst 12 Assisntant Coaches: Tony Ybarra, Ross Foley, John McComb, 160 7 12 150 24 Friday, Oct. 7 165 Chris Kop Close Forgot password? Please put in your email: Send me my password! Close message Login This blog post All blog posts Subscribe to this blog post’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Subscribe to this blog’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Follow the discussion Comments (13) Logging you in… Close Login to IntenseDebate Or create an account Username or Email: Password: Forgot login? Cancel Login Close Username or Email: Password: Lost your password? Cancel Login Dashboard | Edit profile | Logout Logged in as Admin Options Disable comments for this page Save Settings Sort by: Date Rating Last Activity Loading comments… You are about to flag this comment as being inappropriate. Please explain why you are flagging this comment in the text box below and submit your report. The blog admin will be notified. Thank you for your input. +1 Vote up Vote down Wellington Resident · 205 weeks ago SERIOUSLY! We have plenty of kids who stood and never played Friday night and who stood and didn’t play until the second half of the JV game Monday. Now those kids are never going to get playing time and become better players and in the next year or two when they have to play friday and they don’t have the experience don’t blame those kids. Blame whoever made this decision. Report Reply 1 reply · active 204 weeks ago +1 Vote up Vote down Alum · 204 weeks ago Each player can legally only play so many quarters a week. So it is what it is. We need more kids out. Those kids that don’t play on jv now will get to play with freshman is what it sounds like. Report Reply 1 reply · active 204 weeks ago +2 Vote up Vote down Crusader mom · 204 weeks ago And both our jv and freshman teams won. Freshman won 28-0 . Report Reply 0 replies · active 204 weeks ago -2 Vote up Vote down Crusader mom · 204 weeks ago How do I share this article thru Facebook? I tried and it shared the tennis and volleyball article. Report Reply 0 replies · active 204 weeks ago +23 Vote up Vote down Matt Barton · 204 weeks ago There are 4 sophomores who play enough varsity to make them ineligible for JV. That leaves 15 sophomores. Mix in the juniors that don’t play significant varsity time and you’re at 20. If we have to, bring up a 2-3 freshman who are ready to play JV. There are plenty of freshmen left to field their own, very competitive team. A lot of towns would love to have that many kids for a separate freshmen and JV team. Bottom line, we’re never going to be able to compete with the Andale’s (and even Mulvane’s) of the world if we cut 6-7 games from the schedule each year in these kids’ development years. If you’re concerned about the number of kids out for football now, cutting games when you absolutely have enough kids to field two teams, is not the answer. It will have an adverse effect if anything. Give these kids the opportunity, the development, and the reward of playing separate freshmen and JV games. Report Reply 3 replies · active 204 weeks ago 0 Vote up Vote down WHS GRAD · 204 weeks ago We need to be fully supportive of the team, and the coaches. Despite the usually quite inaccurate recollections of the “glory days”, we have had four coaches in seven years which does not help, and Coach Hibbs at the end was having difficulty winning (Mulvane / Andale etc.) if anyone bothers to go back and look. We have low numbers as well reflected in the article which adversely affects JV game scheduling / playing time; are small; and quite young, none are coaching decisions.. They will improve, and as long as they continue to be good representatives of the community that is all that matters. Go Crusaders. Report Reply 0 replies · active 204 weeks ago +1 Vote up Vote down IronDukes · 204 weeks ago The JV players are still playing the same amount of games. They’re just combining JV, which senior can’t play on, and the freshman into one team for Monday nights. Yes, there is only going to be one game on Mondays now, for the rest of the season, instead of two but they are still playing the same amount of games. And no this is not an indefinite thing. If the numbers start to increase in the years to come I guarantee the two separate games will be brought back. So what can you do? Get your kid(s) out!!! Report Reply 0 replies · active 204 weeks ago +3 Vote up Vote down Football mom · 204 weeks ago This means less playing time for each player, not seeing how this will benefit the kids. Report Reply 0 replies · active 204 weeks ago Post a new comment Enter text right here! Comment as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. Tweet this comment Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new comments Comments by IntenseDebate Enter text right here! Reply as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. Tweet this comment Cancel Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new commentslast_img read more

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