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Jamalco on way to Premier League

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first_imgTwo years ago, Jamalco FC narrowly missed out on a historic berth in the Red Stripe Premier League football competition. Now, two years later, the Clarendon-based team is back and firmly on course for a spot this time around. Back then, Jamalco ended the play-offs on 10 points but were edged on goal difference by Reno FC. They currently have maximum six points from two games in the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF)/Charley’s JB Rum Red Stripe Premier League play-offs series. However, head coach Rayon Johnson, who guided the club in 2014 is fully aware that his team needs another four points from four games in order to make the step up to the nation’s highest league. “What we looked at is how we had approached the 2014 play-offs series. We didn’t win any game on the road and that was our downfall,” Johnson reflected. “This season, the plan is to win at least two games on the road in addition to wins in the home games. And, that would see us through to the 2016-17 Premier League,” he told The Gleaner yesterday. After winning on the road against Brazil FC, 1-0, on Sunday, the Jamalco team followed through with a similar score line against Granville United FC at home at the Wembley Centre of Excellence field in Clarendon on Wednesday. “The players are putting in the work. However, we need to convert the chances as we have not conceded any goal,” Johnson informed. Looking ahead, he said: “If we win the three games in the first round, we would need at least another point to be safe.” Jamalco provides funding for the team and the coach says that they are doing a wonderful job. “The bauxite company is fully involved. They really want the team to step up to the Premier League,” he disclosed. The team’s involved in the play-offs are South Central Confederation Super League champions, Jamalco; the Eastern Confederation winners, Brazil FC; the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association Super League champions, Maverley/Hughenden FC and the Western Confederation winners, Granville United FC. At the completion of the home and away series, the top two teams on points will qualify for the 2016-17 Red Stripe Premier League. Jamalco lead on six points, ahead of Maverley/Hughenden (4), Brazil (1) and Granville, who are rooted at the bottom without a point. The series continues next Sunday with Maverley.Hughenden hosting Jamalco at Maverley Complex and Granville against Brazil at Granville Community Centre in St James.last_img read more

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Response to Professor Kean Gibson

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first_imgDear Editor,Professor Kean Gibson launched yet another attack on Hinduism in her letter titled “Not a ‘misunderstanding of caste’ but how to manage ideology” (December 22, 2019).In this letter, Gibson argued that Hinduism promotes suicide because of reincarnation. According to Gibson, Hindus are more prone to committing suicide since they believe that they will return in another life. The Professor, however, failed to provide any support for her offensive claim.No attempt was made by Gibson to quote the Vedic text(s), which says that a Hindu can commit suicide because reincarnation allows him or her many other opportunities to live. In this information age, finding citation(s) is extremely easy with Google. All Professor Gibson is required to do is type ‘Reincarnation and suicide,’ and she would obtain sufficient material to advance her claim.It is not too late for Gibson to conduct this search, which will direct her to information that will easily falsify her irresponsible claim. For instance, she will find that in the Isavasya Upanishad, it is clearly stated that ‘he who takes his self reaches, after death, the sunless region covered by impenetrable darkness”. She will also find in every Vedic text the concept of Ahimsa, which encourages Hindus to respect all living things, humans, plants, animals. It would be paradoxical for Hinduism to promote respect for every life except self.As an academic, Gibson also failed to provide any empirical evidence to support her claim. There was no mention of any study that proves reincarnation is the cause of suicide. Even if there are studies that show that Hindus commit suicide, I couldn’t find any that provides conclusive evidence that the belief in reincarnation is responsible for Hindus committing suicide in Guyana or any part of the world.Any review of the literature on suicide would reveal that suicide is not limited to any religious group and is caused by factors such as depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsion, neuroticism, pessimism, and death obsession, economic distress, social pressure, family problems, access to lethal means, substance abuse, etc. Given this paucity of research regarding the nexus between reincarnation and suicide, Gibson can fill an important gap in the literature by conducting such a study. I am sure it would make her eligible for the Noble Prize since it would be groundbreaking.The fact is Hinduism does not promote suicide, and reincarnation is not responsible for Hindus committing suicide. While the suicide rate may appear to be correlated with one’s religious belief is does not mean that religious belief causes suicide.There is a major difference between correlation and causation that we teach our students in Introductory Statistics. They are not the same. Variables can be strongly correlated but do not influence each other. In Statistics, we refer to this anomaly as a ‘spurious relationship.’Another irrefutable fact is that reincarnation is meant to give Hindus as many opportunities to reunite with Gods since the supreme personality has infinite mercy and cannot condemn anyone to eternal damnation. Nowhere in the Vedic is scripture reincarnation promoted as an escape from one’s current existence. If Gibson can point me to the scripture that confirms this, I will publicly apologise to her.Sincerely,Sukrishnalall Pasha,Senior Lecturerlast_img read more

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