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HHS sets up board to combat misuse of biotech research

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first_img To recommend a code of conduct for scientists and laboratory workers that can be adopted by federal agencies, professional organizations, and institutions Mar 4, 2004, CIDRAP News story “New board to advise on ‘dual use’ research, announces HHS” Jul 1, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – The members of a new government board that will guide efforts to keep terrorists from exploiting the fruits of federally funded biotechnology research were announced this week by Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt. “The implications for the tremendous good that can be accomplished in this line of research are mind-boggling,” he said. “At the same time, the potential misapplication of this kind of research is frightening. So we have to be very careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. We need this type of research. Therefore we must find every way we possibly can to prevent someone from using it for terrorism purposes.” Today’s session included a discussion on the chemical synthesis of bacteria and viruses, with J. Craig Venter, PhD, and other leaders in the field. Venter, founder of J. Craig Venter Institute, talked about the widespread availability of technology for synthesizing microbial DNA. “There are well over 50,000 DNA synthesizers in the world,” he commented at one point, adding that he had seen several for sale on eBay for about $5,000. To develop criteria for identifying “dual use” research—legitimate research whose results could be misused for biological warfare or bioterrorism The board will also be asked to advise the government on guidelines for publishing information about potentially sensitive research, biosecurity education programs for scientists and lab workers, local review and approval processes for dual-use research, and other issues. Venter and other speakers said that unscrupulous researchers could synthesize pathogenic bacteria or viruses and that detecting and stopping such efforts would be very difficult. He advocated focusing efforts on developing medical defenses against such pathogens. HHS officials first announced plans to establish the NSABB in March 2004. The estimated annual cost of operating the board is about $976,000, according to information on the Web site. Leavitt appointed Dennis L. Kasper, MD, of Harvard Medical School to chair the board. Kasper is director of the Channing Laboratory in the department of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. As examples of the potential benefits of “synthetic biology,” Osterholm said Venter described a project to develop bacteria that could remove carbon dioxide from the air and thus combat global warming. Venter is also working on bacteria that would produce pure hydrogen, which “could dramatically change our status as a petroleum-based economy,” Osterholm added. Jun 29 HHS news release with list of NSABB members In naming 24 people to the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB), Leavitt said in a news release, “We all realize some research that results in new medical treatments, agricultural advances, and biodefense countermeasures could end up in the hands of terrorists who could twist it for their own purposes. The NSABB will provide a forum to help educate scientists on biosecurity and a means for the federal government to receive advice on how to advance scientific knowledge without compromising security.”center_img Announcement of the members was the prelude to the board’s first meeting, held yesterday and today in Bethesda, Md. The meeting was open to the public and was also accessible over the Internet as a live webcast. Osterholm commented after the meeting that the presentations on chemical synthesis of new microbes showed that the field has huge potential for both good and ill. The National Research Council called for creation of a board like the NSABB in its 2003 report, titled “Biotechnology Research in an Age of Terrorism: Confronting the Dual Use Dilemma.” As established, the board is somewhat different from what that report recommended, but it is intended to achieve the same goals, according to information on the board’s Web site. NSABB site “If we’re not concentrating almost 100% of our efforts on providing defensive countermeasures, we’re missing the big picture here,” Venter said. “Any viral agent can be produced. We should just assume that’s possible and make sure that we have good vaccines and good vaccine development procedures to work against them.” The board is composed mostly of academic researchers but includes several private consultants, one attorney, and the head of the vaccine department at a large pharmaceutical company, Merck & Co. Among the members is Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPH, director of the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), publisher of this Web site. See also: The board’s main tasks, according to information on the NSABB Web site, are: The board will not have authority to approve or reject specific experiments. But it will, on request, provide guidance to local “institutional biosafety committees” on specific experiments or classes of research that raise complex questions. To develop guidelines for overseeing dual-use research Oct 10, 2003, CIDRAP News story “To block terrorists, panel calls for more screening of researchlast_img read more

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Conference participants visit the water play at Ji

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first_img Conference participants visit the water play at Jinsi Garden in Suzhou. [Photo: tt & text: tt,sa] October 26, 2005 The International Conference TOWARD A SUSTAINABLE URBANIZATION in Suzhou, China from October 14 – 17. 2005, was hosted by the Conference participants at Sozhou Industrial Park. This area was originally developed by Singapore and other foreign investors and now thrives as a the city’s new economic development section. [Photo: tt & text: tt,sa] Paolo, Tomiaki and alumnus Francis Frick enjoy a dinner hosted by the owner of Jinsi Gardens [with microphone]. Tomiaki reports that every night is a series of sumptuous banquets. The lecture tour continues with a presentation at SUSTAINABLE URBANIZATION Conference at the Eastern China Normal University in Shanghai. Report and images of this will be posted 10/31. [Photo: tt & text: tt,sa]last_img read more

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Swiss service provider Sunrise is making TV inter

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first_imgSwiss service provider Sunrise is making TV, internet and call services available on the fibre optic data network in Fribourg starting today. Sunrise is cooperating with ftth fr AG, which promotes the development of a fibre optic network in the territory of the Canton of Fribourg and is a joint venture of Groupe E, Gruyère Energie, IB-Murten and the Canton of Fribourg.“In Fribourg, Sunrise now offers the entire product range of Sunrise Home for calling, internet and TV services over the fast fibre optic network. Sunrise customers in Fribourg can thus benefit from bandwidths of up to 100 Mbit/s for data uploads and downloads,” said Sunrise.last_img

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Eutelsat has partnered with CDN provider Broadpeak

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first_imgEutelsat has partnered with CDN provider Broadpeak to offer satellite delivery of live TV and VOD to mobile devices.Eutelsat is targeting content providers with the satellite-based solution, called SmartBeam, which will use Broadpeak’s nanoCDN product as the underlying streaming technology.Russian pay TV operator, Tricolor TV, is the first named partners for the service, selecting SmartBeam to deliver multiscreen video via satellite to connected devices.“SmartBeam redefines how satellite can extend access to live and on-demand content on mobile devices, enabling an exceptional quality of experience for OTT customers located beyond range of terrestrial networks,” said Jacques Dutronc, chief development and innovation officer at Eutelsat.“In combining our skills with Broadpeak we are ready to support TV broadcasters as they evolve into a multi-platform environment, starting with Tricolor TV.”SmartBeam is designed to let broadcasters and pay TV operators use the coverage of satellites to broadcast video content in IP format to any WiFi-enabled device. It supports instant channel change, DRM security, and low latency.Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak said: “Combining our nanoCDN technology with SmartBeam gives content providers and operators an opportunity to make a big splash in the OTT multiscreen environment, offering viewers a high quality of experience on connected devices, without making a significant investment in infrastructure.last_img read more

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Sky Mexico has tapped Amazon Web Servicesowned El

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first_imgSky Mexico has tapped Amazon Web Services-owned Elemental Technologies to power its over-the-top video service.Sky Mexico is using Elemental’s software-based video solutions as the processing engine for Blue To Go Video Everywhere, which first launched in 2014.Available to subscribers of Sky Mexico’s satellite pay TV services, the OTT service now has the capacity to stream as many as 30 live events simultaneously to connected devices across the country.last_img

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The show has been created by Derryborn McGee and

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first_imgThe show has been created by Derry-born McGee and her actor-writer husband Tobias Beer.It will be set in both Cambridge in England and Co Donegal.The plot centres on a young English student called Ophelia, who falls in love with her married lecturer, Michael.However, when their affair results in a shocking and tragic death, Ophelia finds herself trapped in a world where she can no longer trust her own mind. The Deceived will be produced in association with Irish broadcaster Virgin Media One, which has been rebranded from TV3.It is understood that Channel 5 will have creative control over the programme.Writing on Twitter McGee said that she was “very excited” the news about the show was “finally out there”.The show will represent a return to drama for McGee who has previously created Raw for RTE and written for Being Human and The White Queen on BBC.Derry Girls, renewed for a third series, has won international acclaim after it hit the television screens last year.The blackboard was a huge hit with fans on the differences between Catholics and ProtestantsChannel 5 orders new Donegal-set thriller from Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee was last modified: July 22nd, 2019 by John2John2 Tags: ShareTweet ‘The Deceived’Channel 5 orders new Donegal-set thriller from Derry Girls creator Lisa McGeeCO DONEGALDerry Girls creator Lisa McGee Derry Girls creator and writer Lisa McGeeCHANNEL 5 has ordered a new four-part thriller from Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee.Deadline has reported that ‘The Deceived’ comes from All3Media-owned producer New Pictures.last_img read more

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