Update on the search for Dean Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

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The advisory committee is pleased to announce the names of the four short-listed candidates for the position of Dean, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.Dr. Heather Carnahan, University of Toronto;Dr. Joanne MacLean, Brock University;Dr. Neil McCartney, McMaster University; andDr. Paul McDonald, University of Waterloo.The candidates have been invited to Brock to meet with the advisory committee, senior administration, and faculty, staff and students. Each candidate will make a public presentation to the Brock community on the following dates:McDonald on Tuesday, March 15 at 2:30 p.m.;Carnahan on Thursday, March 10 at 1 p.m.;MacLean on Tuesday, March 22 at 2 p.m.; andMcCartney on Thursday; March 24 at 3 p.m. in Academic South 201.The first three presentations will be held in the E-classroom (TH 253).The CVs of the applicants are available for review through the Office of the VP Academic or the Office of the Dean of Applied Health Sciences, and are also on reserve in the University Library. Members of the Brock community are encouraged to attend each of the presentations and are invited to make written submissions with respect to the suitability of each candidate for the position of Dean. Anonymous submissions will not be accepted. Submissions will be confidential to the advisory committee and will be destroyed on completion of the committee’s work. Please direct hard copy submissions to:Murray Knuttila, Chair of the Advisory Committee,Re: Dean, Faculty of Applied Heath SciencesElectronic submissions may be made by sending an e-mail to further information, please contact Patrick Beard at (905-688-5550 x4082) or Murray Knuttila at (905-688-5550 x4121).The deadline for submissions is Monday, March 28 at 4:30 p.m. read more

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Crowley named lacrosse player of the year

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Kevin Crowley, who sports number 21 for the Hamilton Nationals, has been named the Offensive Player of the Year in Major League Lacrosse.Crowley recorded 55 points during the regular season, tied for first in the league, and a total that is only two less than what he scored in the last 2 seasons combined. The 55 points and his 38 goals are career highs. The Nationals play Chesapeake in a semi-final game on Saturday. 00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09

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Sarcoa taking the city of Hamilton to court

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Hamilton’s Sarcoa Restaurant and Bar is taking the city and the Hamilton Waterfront Trust to court, fighting back against fines and orders to comply. Sarcoa sent out a release today saying they’ve received multiple city fines and complaints about their loud music, but argue their ‘Miami Beach style patio’ was made clear before opening, and was never a hidden intention. They say the Hamilton Waterfront Trust had approved their outdoor music concept when it was first brought up, and their recent complaints and fines are hurting their business. Sarcoa says talks with the city have been unsuccessful, and they have been left with no choice but to take the issue to court.

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Nissan paying 15M Ghosn 1M to settle SEC fraud charges

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WASHINGTON — Nissan has agreed to pay $15 million and its former chairman Carlos Ghosn is paying $1 million to settle federal regulators’ civil fraud charges of hiding from investors more than $140 million in compensation and retirement benefits for Ghosn.The Securities and Exchange Commission announced the settlement Monday with the Japanese automaker and its former chairman, who also agreed to be barred for 10 years from serving as an officer or director of a public company. Ghosn is awaiting trial in Japan on financial misconduct allegations.Ghosn and Nissan Motor Co. settled the charges without admitting or denying the SEC’s allegations, but agreed to refrain from future anti-fraud violations of the securities laws.The Associated Press

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Apple federal and Quebec governments invest in Alcoa Rio Tinto aluminum smelting

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SAGUENAY, Que. — The federal and Quebec governments are teaming up with a trio of corporate giants from the metals and tech industries to commercialize the world’s first carbon-free aluminum smelting process.Ottawa, Quebec and Apple Inc. are investing in a joint venture between Alcoa Inc. and Rio Tinto Group called Elysis, which will commercialize a process that eliminates greenhouse gas emissions from traditional smelting by instead producing oxygen.Elysis, which expects large-scale deployment of the technology by 2024, will be given a total of $188 million from Alcoa, Rio Tinto, Ottawa, the Quebec government and Apple to develop and license the technology so it can be used to retrofit smelters or build new facilities.The federal and Quebec governments are contributing $60 million each, with the Quebec government getting a 3.5 per cent stake in the venture and Alcoa and Rio Tinto splitting the remaining ownership equally.Alcoa and Rio Tinto will invest $55 million in the project.Apple, which put forth $13 million, helped facilitate the collaboration between Alcoa and Rio Tinto and has vowed to provide technical support as the project progresses.Elysis will have a headquarters in Montreal and a research facility in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Que. region. read more

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Port Dover water plant repaired

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Emergency repairs at the water filtration plant in Port Dover are now complete.Residents and businesses are encouraged to return to their normal water usage routine, bearing in mind that Norfolk has summer seasonal restrictions on outdoor watering in urban areas.“Norfolk County staff thank residents for their patience while they dealt with this unscheduled repair,” public works said this week in a news release.Several weeks ago, Port Dover residents were asked to refrain from unnecessary water use while the county addressed the problem.Before the deficiency was identified, there were already concerns in Port Dover that water use and allocation has outstripped the plant’s capacity to replenish the water tower while maintaining adequate hydrant pressure for fire protection.Earlier this year, Norfolk County imposed a moratorium on new water and sewer allocation until Port Dover’s water capacity concerns are put to rest.With the plant repairs complete, residents and businesses are reminded that – during the summer months – even-numbered addresses on even-numbered days of the month are allowed to water outdoors from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and again from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.The same limitations apply to odd-numbered addresses on odd-numbered days of the month.Bulk water sales have also resumed at the water tower east of the Highway 6 lift read more

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