Stratasys seizes 3D printer from man who tried to make gun

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first_imgNo doubt Stratasys was happy when it received the lease application and $20,000 from Cody Wilson for a new professional-grade 3D printer. But just a matter of days later, the company seized possession of the device because it found out Wilson wanted to create a 3D-printed pistol.Wilson is the director of a group called Defense Distributed. He was heading up an initiative to see if it would be possible to create a fully functional gun using a 3D printer. There have been other similar projects that required numerous other metal pieces so that the 3D-printed parts only provided a partial gun.For Wilson and Defense Distributed, the goal is to ultimately provide an open-source platform where users can both upload and download 3D-printed gun schematics. The group raised more than $20,000, enough for a down payment on the high-end 3D printer from Stratasys, which has been involved in some great projects, including giving a little girl magic arms.Once that company discovered Wilson’s intentions, they emailed and informed him they would be making arrangements to pick up the device from his house. Startasys decided to revoke the lease. Of course Wilson argued, but Stratasys said its policy was to not allow its products to be used for illegal purposes.Stratasys said that because Wilson did not have a firearms manufacturing license, trying to fabricate a working pistol was illegal. Wilson argued that, in part, because he was not planning on selling the printed guns, he didn’t need a license.Nevertheless, the printer is back in the possession of Stratasys, even though Wilson says he hadn’t even taken it out of the box. He is not giving up and is currently consulting with a lawyer.via Wiredlast_img

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